The Legion of Karğıs Ört (Goltor's Blog) [2022-04-17]

North-east of Zharr Naggrund, Hashut’s blessed temple city, among the peaks of the Mountains of Mourn, along the Road to the east, stands the fortress of Karğıs Ört. This outpost is of utter importance as most hobgoblin’s are acquired there by trading with the many Ogre tribes of the region. The fortress also serves as a tactical asset. Sitting high on a jagged peak near the Road to the east, any troops that would like to cross the plain of Zharr is quickly spotted. The forces sent to Karğıs Ört are usually enough to keep control of the road. If they can’t, they will simply shut tight the doors of the fortress and send messengers to Zharr Naggrund.

Just like the Black fortress, many chaos dwarves are sent there as Infernal Guards to wash away in death the dishonor that befell them. Some of them can still regain their honor by accomplishing a great feat in battle in the name of Hashut and become an Infernal Ironsworn. The Ironsworn of Karğıs Ört are some of the most elite warriors of the entire chaos dwarf society. Some even eventually return to Zharr Naggrung to serve as personnal guard for the most powerful Sorcerers.

Many cursed war machines are also brought from the darkest depths of Zharr Naggrund to the remparts of Karğıs Ört to test them out. And many it takes to keep at bay the numerous less civilized tribes of ogres that try to enter the Dark Lands by force. Orcs and Chaos incursions are also common sight in the region. Hopefully, the fortress also keep an important amount of hobgoblins slaves, taking a certain amount of every batch successfully sent to Zharr Naggrund, and they usually keep the best.


Welcome all to my new blog! (the old one can still be found here :

To kick off this new beginning, I’m quite glad to show you the finished hell canon conversion I started 7 years ago!

The main body is from the Chaos Forgefiend, the front limbs are from a Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine, and the canon and furnace are from… the actual official hellcanon of course.

Hope you like it! There’s many more conversions coming this way!


Also got a special demand to post this drawing of a K’daai armor I did many years ago for an Artisan Contest. :wink:


While I’m at it, here are my entries for some ancient Golden Hats!

Enjoy! :smiley:


Glorious stuff! Love the background story and the creativity. Great conversions and drawing! :slight_smile:

Congrats on (re) starting your blog. Very nice hellcannon and kdaii. So much work has gone into those. Keep up the good work, gives me more to look at during my rather bleak almost solitary breaktimes at work :laughing:


Slightly confused… I’m not used to hearing " Hobgoblin and Best" used together.

Welcome Back.


I guess one should think of it as best of the worst, if it helps clear things out, dear Abecedar. :wink:


Let’s called them the least worst then! :wink:

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Well, now that the Golden Hat votings are done, let me present you my Infernal Ironsworn! I’m pretty proud of those boyz! Bodies are from the Avatar’s of war Dwarf seekers, the heads from the Lost kingdom Big hats elite guards and the shield and weapons from your vanilla Forge world Infernal guards. Two completed, 18 more to go (expect them completed in an unreasonable amount of time)! Enjoy!


Lovely entry and warriors! Love the headswap and paintjob. Really evocative impression. Best of luck completing their brothers! :slight_smile:


Really liked the glowing effect on those weapons. These conversions look great, I’m looking forward to seeing the whole unit!


Great work on this weapons (that effect is tough!) and the head swaps look spot on, how did they go over the sculpted beards? Did you have to scrape those away?

Thank you @GhraskDragh! Hopefully, the original heads and beards were separate from the body, so no scraping at all! The neck required a lot of sculpting to fit under the new heads though. In retrospective, I should have cut it down to the shoulders and make a new neck in green stuff, instead of trying to micro-adjust it to the head! The weapons are a bit rushed, I was trying to make it to the Golden Hat deadline. The ones I’ve been painting lately are looking way better, I might have to revisit these first ones.


Among the pletora of legends surrounding Karğıs Ört, there is one about a giant horned dwarf wielding a giant ensorcelled axe. Although not as tall as the saying go, it is true that a rather large individual often leads the Infernal Ironsworns into battle. It is the legendary Dark Castellan: Razad the Colossus.
Karğıs Ört has win many battles thanks to the ferocious Ironsworns trained by Razad. They go in battle with massive chaos dwarf shields and steaming daemon infused hand weapons.

I’m finally done with these guys I started 3 years ago! I also fitted in there the wonderful giant dward @Reaver sent me earlier this year and decided it would be a nice Dark Castellan (thank you again Reaver!)

Next steps will be all about hobgoblins, see you soon hopefully!


Beautiful work on these. The molten blades look stunning. Too hot to handle!


Nice upgrade on the blade! Really ties him in with the unit! Glad he has a great home!


The great plains far to the east are, or so it is said, the hunting grounds of the most vicious kind of hobgoblins. These wolf riding creatures are led by the meanest and cruelest of them all, the Khan. The chaos dwarves of Karğıs Ört have been trading with these for longer than anyone can tell. In exchange for weapons and slaves, the Khans and their fast wolf raiders have participated in numbers of battle for the glory of their dark employers.

Had the pleasure to give a go at the last Golden Hat. I’m pretty pleased of how my two Khans on wolves turned out (even though I did not have time to finish the bases).
The rest of the raiders are coming up nicely. So are my 30 last hobgobbos.


Very nice work on these. The color change in the fur of the wolves came out beautifully. The full unit is going to look great on the table top!


those wolfs mate… Gorgeous.

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