The Prominence of Shamash : Exploits in the Royal Game

Upon the table in your study sits a stack of scrolls, some ornate, others torn, still others stained with blood. How they arrived you know not. Fear grips your heart but so too does a black curiosity.

You settle into your chair and with trembling hand select the top scroll and begin to read…


Mut-Ashkur, Champion of Shamash and Slayer of Orcs, sends this news:

The orcish army of Wezbad was met on the field of battle today and crushed without mercy. We were gravely outnumbered, facing generals, wolves, and a giant; they were all scattered before us by the magic of our lord, the might of our artillery, and the will of our Hashut.

Adad-Usur’s corp did their families proud, standing toe to toe with a giant until the artillery had carved deep holes into him and he could stand no more. And our own orcs and Bull Centaurs created such chaos in their ranks that they were never even able to reach our battle line.

A train of fresh orc slaves accompanies this letter. May they please you in your forges and your fires.


System: Oathmark
Armies: Chaos Dwarfs vs Orcs
Points: 2250 (2500 being tournament standard)
Outcome: Win (margin of victory not calculated, but it was steep)



You awake with a start. You dozed off at work there for a second! What a strange dream. You decide to take a break from these expense reports and get more coffee… And stop reading so much Mesopotamian history!

Maybe another time @PerpetualCampaign!


Sorry man :frowning:


Life gets in the way man, don’t sweat it!


No worries at all! This saved Adad far more shame than it cost him in glory :smile:


I got a cool avatar out of it!! It’s an amazing idea and if I wasn’t prepping to move in duty stations soon I’d jump on it.

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