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Hi all,

over at carpe noctum the have a sort of role playing game called Vampire among us.

I was thinking about doing something similar here. Would that be something worth looking into?


Huge-o hard on ? Surely not…

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What type of “roleplaying” is this.

Right, Here is my CD version draft.

Treachery in the ziggurat

TitZ is an online text based roleplaying game to be played on our Discourse forum. It is a way to keep the forum alive, to get to know other members and maybe even lure some folks out of lurker status and into active membership. It might even produce the basis for some lore, a competition or who knows what. I have not organized something like this before, so there might be a few growing pains.
The idea is borrowed from our undead friends at carpe noctem.
It is a roleplaying game where each player makes up a character. The characters would be the inhabitants of a sorcerer prophets ziggurat. The setting will change between games (being optimistic there will be more than one!). There will be some kind of betrayal, a rumored green skin uprising instigated a player, a plan to overthrow the prophet that needs to be thwarted,…
Players, called Loyalists, try and figure out who the Traitors are during the roleplay, in character, by speaking to one another, reading their responses and so on. A key point is that you can only post what other characters can see, unlike other RP’s you cannot post any internal monologue etc.
The Games Master will create some scenario where your characters are in danger, and your only chance is to vote someone to death at given intervals, hopefully correctly selecting the Traitor(s)!

The Traitors will be trying to waylay distrust, make others look suspicious. Usually Traitors will be working solo or, should the group of players be large enough, in groups of Traitors.
The Traitors, and some other special characters, get special abilities that can influence the game.

So how does this work in practice?

The game consists of days and nights, where every day and night can take several days. How long a day will last in real live will be determined by the number of players in the game.

Day Cycle
All players can post and speak to one another. By the end of the Day Cycle, characters must have cast their vote for someone to die, or lose their vote. Not voting can end up casting suspicion though! There must be a minimum of two votes for a person to die, with the Games Master having the deciding vote in a tie.

Night Cycle
All traitors and players with abilities must PM the Games Master with what actions they are taking this night.

The game is over when all the non-traitors are dead, or all the traitors have been found!


Characters will be assigned via PM, if you have not received a PM from the Game Master by the time the game starts, then you are a normal human.

You cannot reveal who you are to another player, with the exception of traitors who are in the same group. Anyone spoiling the game in this fashion will be excluded from future games.

Refrain from posting your character’s thoughts. You should only post what other characters can actually see/ hear/feel etc. It would be great to see a diary at the end of the game, so keeping a sort of log is encouraged, both for playing the game and fluff creation afterwards.

The Characters

Depending on the number of players we will decide how many we use.

Game Master
Does not take an active part in the game apart from narration or to stir things up. Does not vote at all, except when the Host’s Ear power is used or in the event of a tie.

The bad guys. A number of players will be these, based in the total number of players. If more than two, they will normally be organized into groups. Groups are allowed to coordinate via PM. All traitors/groups can choose to kill any one character (except the host) during the night. The Game master decides how and in what order kills happen in case of more than one traitor/group.
When choosing someone to kill, they must nominate one traitor player to be the killer for that night. Traitors may be given hidden powers, however they will also be given a tell, something small that if other players are reading carefully may give them away.

Most players will be these. They can be of any description. They have no powers except the ability to vote for someone to die at the ends of the day.

The allies
Two random players will be chosen to be allies. They could be possibly even be a traitor and loyalist. They must try and keep each other from being voted for death / or killed. They can not PM each other about this. They have the need to protect the other at all costs.

The Spy
One player will be chosen to be the spy. Once per night he is allowed to PM the Game Master and either investigate or kill another player.
If he investigates someone, he will be advised if his target is a traitor or not. If his target is a traitor he may then use this to vote the next day, and try and convince others, however, he cannot state how he came by this knowledge. However, the traitor is now warned and so in following nights, the spy may not select to kill him.
If he decides kill someone that player immediately dies. If the player was a traitor there are no consequences. If the player is a loyalist the spy is punished by the sorcerer prophet and can’t use his abilities any further in this game.

The Deamonsmith
The deamonsmith will use his magical powers to try and protect other players. At any point before the night ends (before theGame Master has written up the death), they can choose to protect someone. They do this by sending a the name of the person they protect via PM to the Game Master. If they successfully chose the same person as the traitors, that person is saved from death. The traitor is also revealed to the deamonsmith. He may then use this to vote the next day, and try and convince others, however he cannot state how he came by this knowledge.
The deamonsmith may choose to protect themselves, but they cannot protect the same player twice in a row.

The reluctant slave
This character is being used by the traitors to do their will, though he does not know who his dark masters really are. All the traitors will be told who plays this character, however they cannot reveal this to anyone else. Once per game, at any point during the day, the traitors may choose to make the slave accuse another player and cast a vote against him. This can be done via PM to the Game Master.

The slave cannot do anything to show he acted against his will, nor can he change his vote.
As there are groups of different traitors, it is first come first serve. Therefore the traitors will have to be careful not to let another use the slave, but also not use him in waste.

The chosen one
This character has secret connections to the Sorcerer Prophet, and thus is trusted. He can if needs be, call on his lord’s favor if the need arises.
Once per game the player can PM The Game Master and ask for the Prophet vote, against a player of his choosing, effectively giving him two votes.


i never thought about Lupus in Fabula (this is what the game is generally called) via chat/forum
could be an interesting take.
My character shall be known as LAME-ASS-US :lammasu1: :shed:


This sounds like the tits!

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