[TOW] Chaos Dwarf PDF for The Old World!

Anyone snagged the various graphical assets and identified the fonts used yet so we can make up a style-matching Ravening Hordes list for friendly games?


[edit] P.S. like this:



We get all the units from the Grand Army list for Warriors of Chaos as allies. The Grand Army includes the Chaos Giant even though it isn’t in the WoC section itself.



No regular lord on mounts. Only the sorcerers. Saved you some points there

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Yes, but how the allies work we could only get Chaos giant in around 4k army if I understand correctly how allies work now.

Chaos allies to get access to cheap and fast chaos hound chaff units.

They do seem slightly more expensive than in previous editions, but it’s sort of unevenly distributed. I’m comparing to a Warhammer Renaissance (4th/5th fan update) and the 1000 point army I’m working on there comes out at roughly 1050 in TOW.

Perhaps interestingly, many of the units are the exact same price, or very nearly so (e.g. Hobgoblin wolf riders, sorcerer prophet/master sorcerer and earthshaker/Dreadquake).

Hey guys. Where are you seeing the rules for black orcs and hell cannons ? I can’t seem to find them.


They are both in the “Ravening Hordes” book, you just use the entries from the Orcs & Goblins Grand Army for Black Orcs and Warriors of Chaos for the Hellcannon.

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Thank you kindly. I downloaded the PDF and was worried they’d taken away the hellcannons. Great to be able to use black orcs as well!

Shame about no destroyer.


Yes, the Destroyer will be missed. We hardly knew ye.

Destroyer be damned, we got Sneaky Gits!


Sneaky git commandos no less!

Need a rambo one :hob2:


Am I just missing something obvious? Whats the base sieze for the dreadquake mortar?

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The biggest base size supported by the game is 100x150mm. The Dreadquake won’t fit on that, so they chose to leave off the base completely. The model looks like it would fit on something more like 60x200mm


Was planning to use the old metal one.
Guess I’ll base it same as rockets and then make an adapter if required.

Only having sorcerers able to have a mount fits the lore as tauruses and lamassu can only be used as mount under tremendous magic. Thus, it was stated somewhere that only the most potent sorcerers could ride those beasts in battle.

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Taking drilled infernal guard upgrade means you can march 9 then free reform back to combat formation. 18 inches in 2 turns…

Sets us up nicely to be charged turn 2 or 3

Its mad how cds could march x3 in wap 8th and i thought it was immoral and ignored it haha


Still not liking the missing hats, I absolutely detest the Infernal Guards’ masks and armour style. Even shelled out five warriors and five blunderbuss off Ebay just for the occassion. They should have put limits on warriors and blunderbuss based on points spent on hobo units, and move the Azogth Dwarfs to special.


I am very happy that Chaos Dwarfs have an Old World rules set. This is a great start.

That being said, is anyone else extremely disappointed that Bull Centaur Renders are so terrible for their price point? I don’t understand how this got past playtesting, or even a comparison to previous editions. If you compare them with Dragon Ogres (same price) you can immediately see how bad they are.

Dragon Ogres have +1 S, +1 W, +1 I, +1 A, and they have a better natural save with the opportunity to upgrade to Heavy Armor. It’s baffling to me that Bull Centaurs went from being a heavily armored unit to a lightly armored unit with no possibility to upgrade to Heavy Armor. At least let us pay exorbitant points for it! How does a ragtag Beastmen unit become more heavily armored than a Chaos Dwarf unit? I understand that this is a sans-context comparison, and there are flaws with that, but I think there is some merit to the comparison

As a lover of these models, I am obviously quite put out. Thankfully I also like Beastmen, and love Dragon Ogres. But darn it, I wanted my Bull Centaurs, too!