TOYGUN builds + Scrap Builds

Hi fellas!
I’m getting into GASLANDS recently. Played 2 test solo match to see if i got the grasp of the game and I have to say, so simple, so amazing.
For those who dont know what Gaslands is, imagine to put together Carmageddon, MadMax, Car Racing and Destruction Derby.
You got the idea lol

So yesterday i went to the dollar store to buy to my friends their first box of cars, 40 classic plastic toy cars for 15 euro hahahahah
In the same isle there was this 2 euro gun that got my attention, the texture was nice, crisp and well defined so i came up with the idea of create a little scenery

So After this intro, I hope you will like the following pics!

The green tubes are long lollipop sticks bought from amazon, 60 x4 euro

If someone is interested I will post how I did the paint job

Ciao belli!


That is fantastic! I really like how that’s turned out for you and I think this is my favourite toy gun challenge I’ve seen :grin::+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:


Thank you! i had no idea there was a “gun challange”
let me have a look then! gonna look for more stuff now it seems 19.1


:grin: brilliant, you nailed it without even knowing :+1:t2:

I think it it might be down as water gun challenge? :thinking:

…yep water gun terrain challenge is what I had seen before


Lovely piece of scenery. I saw a guy on YouTube make a massive nexromunda board using nearly only water pistols - a good source of industrial looking textures


Oooh, very nice! A friend of mine has proposed we get into Gaslands as well. Good use of parts! That is a great build, and I’d be interested in how you pulled off the paintjobs. :test:

Waterguns indeed have a great texture for industrial scenery.


So guys, this is a new WIP so you can all see the steps (it is really nothing difficult, only takes some time)

this is 5 euro toygun, the handle itself is quite bad, but the top part is nicely detailed

oh boy oh boy a secret compartment under that big orange top part! neat! more for next build

After playing with it for some hours i find a shape i liked and started to glue things together, this is goind to be an airship

Random Dark Brown spray paint (luckily something similar to GW Rhinox Hide) the “texture” under the coat is PVA glue and baking soda

overbrush with 2/3 layers of dark brown + metal, using little more metal each time

Sun went down and i stopped here for today. as you can see, the paint job here is quite simple, I just avoid to touch any edge of the “mini” leaving that natural chipping effect.
Here you could try to do it all with a drybrush using stipling effect, I on the other hand i did all the singolar strokes one at the time, small dots here and there to create a more uniform BUT dirty effect.
Some rusty metal and those small red parts for contrast as final touch for the day

Next step will be a gentle stipling with dark brown all over to create more chipped effect, than weathering and more or less done.
Will update more pics when i’ll be back at it

This is how it looks after the steps mentioned above: some corrosion, some details, some dirt and liquid coming out of it and this is the final look.
Tomorrow I will make the base and take some proper pics


This is the ship final result

now i’m working on the base, it will have an impact area in the left (gotta understand how to make the model stand and get the hit tho)


Ok the project is done! here in Italy it’s 11.46 pm now xD
I want to show you because this project means a lot to me, tomorrow I will take better picture (if i’m able to)

for now those 3 on my cellphone


Looks great, cool use of odd bits as well! :slight_smile:

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I would never have seen that potential from that starting piece. You have a wonderful eye for potential!

I love your paint scheme on both pieces, really dark and aged but not slapped on.

I don’t know if you’ve tried it, but hairspray coats a model in a clear layers, which allows you to paint layer over layer and then scrub back the newer layers revealing what is underneath - it might work really well in combination with this technique.

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wait, what? how?
I mean, Thanks first of all xD
second, what do you mean with the hair spray? how would i scrub it?
no i never tried it, I heard it few times as a way for protect your model once finish, but never in this layering way

for now if i wanted to make an extra chippign effect, as i did already, i stapled some brown dots, getting back (but actually on) some of the background color

PS Proper pics will be posted later today

Thankfully I had done photos saved of some Gargants I made using the technique.
Basically they are undercoated, basecoated metal, wash, rush and dirt added [photo 1], then basecoated blue and the a layer of hairspray [photo 2], finally you brush of the blue paint where you want the chips showing using a harder toothbrush [photo 3].
Be careful with that this step so you don’t scrub off too much, that’s a bit annoying…


so the hairspray goes last! I thought I had to apply it in between layers.
I will try with my next build

Anyway those are some better pics

This piece is almost an homage to my uncle who passed away this sunday due to covid.
he was the pillar of our entire family, one of the best person i ever met and i was blessed with 31 years in his presence.
I was crafting this model during this week to be able to keep my mind busy and heal the pain as much as possible.
that’s what ZP 4820 means, Zio Piero (Uncle Piero) 1948-2020
Thank you for everything Uncle

Guys, please stay safe

Cheers from Italy


I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, you have my condolences.
It sounds like your uncle was a great person, and it’s tough not to have such people in your life.

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I realise my explanation wasn’t very clear. Undercoat, basecoat metal, hairspray, basecoat blue.
Everything painted on to the hairspray can be removed again.

I love the terrain piece, it worked out looking amazing! And it’s got a lovely dynamism and dystopian future texture that oozes character.

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Amazing work here @Loidrial - very inspired to try something similar myself for my Necromunda or gorkamorka board.

I’m truly sorry to hear about your loss. This year has taken so much from so many of us. Keeping busy and channeling your energy is, in my experience, as healthy a way as any to deal with such things. Your families in my thoughts dude.

And yes, agreed, stay sensible and safe out there guys.


Great post mate.

I hope this build did everything you hoped it would, so much bad news this year but obviously so much harder when it hits you personally as this has.

So sorry to hear this but thank you so much for sharing it

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Also from my side a sincere condolence. I hope that you will find a lot of strength to cope with the loss and that you will only remember the beautiful hours together.


Very sad to hear. My condolences.

A worthy tribute. Good idea. May the best memories together with your uncle remain with you forever.

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