Unreleased 5th Ed Book

Heya all,

I’d heard rumors that there was an unreleased version of Chaos Dwarves for 5th edition floating around on the internet.

Does anyone know where I would be able to find a copy of this?



Here it is!


Is what you mentioning there Admiral the same in what @Wandering_Dawi is mentioning?
I have not heard of any unreleased 5th ed book… The only “dedicated” (official) book I know of was the White Dwarf Presents book. All other mentions of CD’s were in other books like for instance, 2nd Ed - as I saw the other night flicking through, Ravenous Hordes, Tamurkhan etc…

@Wandering_Dawi Could you reveal the source of this rumour please? I am very interested if there is an unreleased official 5th ed book that I do not know about - I must have one!! lol

@Admiral PM incoming!! haha

It’s up in the Library now. :smile:

Check out this 2009 thread by tvandyke on old CDO for more details: tvandyke received an E-mail from Tuomas Pirinen in 1999 and later shared his copy in old CDO’s exclusive Library (a section for veteran forum members away from prying eyes of lawyers, for instance). Ten years later in 2019, @PyroStick reformatted Tuomas’ playtest into a more readable format, and we used it as bait to get people to sign up to old CDO.

Now that we have Discourse and no dearth of new members, it should be safe and fine to put it up in our public Library section. It’s been 22 years after all.


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:shock: OMG So this was the unreleased book mentioned!! It did exist! Oh wow mind blown! :skull1:
Thank you for sharing!!! :hatoff: :beer:


So, how does one access the Library? Was interested in Pirinen’s CD army for 5th edition and it says “it is private or moved.”

If moved, please tell me where to find.

Thanks in advance.

Ah yes. You may have to make a few posts to gain access to the library.

Try this one: Formatted Toumas Chaos Dwarfs Playtest Draft


well, thanks. appreciate the help.
Now I have to figure out how to increase my dropbox file size without paying an arm and a leg. I can access the first half of the first page, but not sure if I can access the full file as it only shows me that much.

You should be able to just download to straight to your hard-drive.

It says it was “shared with dropbox” and with right click, download is not an option. Left click and it shoots it straight to dropbox which will then not open it past that initial part and says “out of space.”

Added a Google Drive alternative.

got the file. thanks for all the help.

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Its nice to see more are learning of the unreleased Army Book, a shame it never made to the light of day, makes me wonder if GW would use any of it for either the Old World or allow CA to use it to fill out the upcoming Chaos Dwarf DLC for Warhammer III Total War.