Upcoming Chaos Dwarf 3D-printable terrain Kickstarter by Lost Kingdom Miniatures

Lost Kingdom just announced that they will be launching a Kickstarter around April for fantastic terrain for their Chaos Dwarf and Lizardmen lines. It looks just stunning!



Holy cheeseballs! :crazy_face:


Wow. Seriously cool. Will add it too my wish list.


Wow, these are pretty insane!


This might be an instant back. looks great!

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Yeah, I am quite curious as to how they’re going to slice it to fit regular fdm printers. That ziggurat is massive! But oh my, Zharr Naggrund never looked so good.


Agreed, that’s all I’m working with now so I would appreciate some of that information during the campaign. Some print file kickstarters that gets pushed into the post campaign mire of comments and updates.


Wow this is amazing!! Lost Kingdom may have done the best Chaos Dwarf stuff to date

These are just WOW… :exploding_head:


These are fantastic! I love every bit about them. And they are huge! Would love to see their realm gate next to it.

Amazing stuff! I don’t really have the space for anything that large, it makes it really hard to justify buying it, especially since it is really a centrepiece rather than functional terrain.

Well, they are going to sell the stl files, I guess you can print them smaller :slight_smile:


Oh my Hashut.! These are wonderful. All I need now is a printer

Or sell a kidney and get them printed by Shapeways. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For those interested, check out today’s show on OTT/BoW; near the end there’s a segment on 3D printing and the things you can do with resizing your prints (they took a 28mm scale file and got it down to 2mm scale and it was still highly detailed and printed without issue).

Really great designs. Maybe one could slice off and print just the detail and sculptures and build the underlying ziggurat/structures out of card or foam or some similar material.

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I like that idea. I’ve had similar thoughts if I ever get a resin printer. Make structure on a cheaper FDM printer and make veneer panels on a resin printer

This is just bonkers…


By Hashut’s Beard - that looks incredible; makes me wish I had a 3D printer to print some out.

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Oh my. I have only just dipped my toes in terrain building and already I feel obsolete. These are incredible! Now all I have to do is find some non-hobby related use for a printer to sell my wife on.

Oh my!