Uther the unhinged s legions of Hashut

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The legion of Unknown Khazath
Steam punk LoA AoS

Legion of Kilain
CD Counts as Horde of Tamurkhan

Legion of The Nameless City
CD counts as ‘organic’ LoA AoS

Legion of the Harbingers of Hashut
CD counts as Maggotkin AoS

Legion of the Children of Hashut
CD counts as Beasts of Chaos

Legion of Daemons of Hashut
CD counts as Daemons of Nurgle
(Admittedly only one unfinished project but one day…)

Legion that has not been decided on yet but that I am sure I will want to make at some point so am going to put a place holder in for.

Now for place holders…


Place holder
Legion of Unknown Khazath

Place holder
Legion of Kilain

Place holder
Legion of the Nameless City

Place holder
Legion of the Harbingers of Hashut

Place Holder
Legion of The Children of Hashut

This legion is based on Counts as Beasts of Chaos, and for those who have seen my old blog Heli hats.

Anyway any BoC army needs a counts as Herdstone. So here is my Great Fane of Hashut

Any CD legion needs it’s sorcerors to command it. In heli hat society (much as in many CD cultures) social importance is directly related to the size of headgear (or size and number of rotors).

These count as Tzaangor Shamans and are my Stormcrow Sorcerors.
The chief is Dawvred Frorn Khriktoven
The Bloody Red Sorceror

He has two under Sorcerors (with only two rotors, Still lightning bolt shaped (this is important to sorcerors) but still with big hats are:


The one whose photo I can’t access at the moment.

And all three

The Helihats, or ‘Children of Hashut’ as they style themselves, are regarded askance by other Dawi Zharr. At best they are thought of as a bizarre sect, at worst a dangerous heretical cult. Their origins are not well known outside the ‘Children’ themselves and they are a secretive society. That they arose in Chamon, the Realm of Metal is known as is the fact that they were founded by their revered Sorceror Scientist Prophet ‘Khurtz’.

They describe their sect as being ‘born into war’. This possibly explains some of the differences between them and other Dawi Zharr. Lacking the security of mountain holds or great citadels the ‘Children’ developed a guerrilla style warfare, characterised by rapid moving forces. Their speed was enhanced and facilitated by the techno-sorcery they developed, notably their iconic Helihats. However they do share some similarities with their slower, more heavily armed kin. There is a reliance upon ranged weapons. Not the fireglaives of the earth bound, rather the Skybolt Carbine. These are powerful weapons of medium range but with incendiary ammunition which renders them quite deadly. More so when the accuracy is enhanced by the Stormcrow Sorcerors that accompany these agile Helihat artilllery units.

The Stormcrow Skybolts are the artillery of the ‘Children’s’ legions. These aerial sharpshooters often form the backbone of their legions. Each unit is led by a Crow Master who wields two carbines with apparent ease. The Crow Masters are easily identified by their larger double rotor helihats (notably smaller than the sorcerors).

Here are my Crow masters and their units

Like all duardin, the Children were plagued by low birth rates. This was an even greater problem for them as a small breakaway sect. Part of the problem is the low ratio of female duardin born. Initially, raiding of their despised kins’ holds for captives was sought as a solution. This proved both costly and yielded poor rewards. Therefore, their founding Prophet, the Sorceror Scientist ‘Khurtz’, attempted to address this problem directly. Quite what dark rites and twisted sorceries he used to meddle withe the very nature of his subjects none know. However he was successful… up to a point. The ratio of female duardin born to the Children increased dramatically. However, many proved incapable of bearing children. These became the ‘Handmaids of Hashut’. This devout order of female Dawi Zharr dedicates itself to the service of the Father of Darkness and his chosen representatives, the sorceror scientists. They renounce allegiance to family or clan . As a result they are highly valued by Hashuts’ priesthood. The ‘handmaids’ fulfil many roles in the Children’s society. Most of these are religious and confined to the temples. However there is one order that regularly operates outside the holy enclaves. The ‘Walkures of Hashut’ are a military order each chapter sworn to their particular sorceror scientist. Carried far across the field of battle by their heli hats they strike the enemy with a mixture of hand weapons and their feared heat lances. These wicked pole arms are powered by a mixture of magic, faith and engineering, ensuring their blades pulsate with the infernal heat of their dark god. Though they lack the stoical staying power of some of their more heavily armoured kin, woe betide any foe that makes the mistake of viewing them as members of ‘the weaker sex’. There is a reason many sorceror scientists choose to use these ‘handmaids’ as their shock troops!

Each squadron of Walkures is led by a ‘Hildar’, identifiable like their crowmaster kin, by their double rotors (Hat size is important to Handmaids as well!).

My Handmaids are arranged in squadrons of 3. Each squadron is identified by the colour of their stiletto shoes. Here are my ‘blues’ led by Clothilar.

ClotHildar Closer

Walkures of the blue squadron

Walkures of the yellow squadron

And BatHildar

Lastly Walkures of the ‘reda’

And GunHildar


Place holder
Legion of Daemons of Hashut

Legion that has not been decided on yet but that I am sure I will want to make at some point so am going to put a place holder in for.

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The Helihats are awesome!

Glad you like them.
There are another 3 units of counts as sky fires awaiting painting, 3 units of counts as Tzaangor enlightened on discs awaiting painting, one unit counts as Tzaangors awaiting re photo and one unit counts as enlightened. Then two units hobgoblins/ungors needing touching up to complete the legion.

Well I say complete…er… there is a steampunk Doombull and 3 giants under construction.

Obsession is a terrible thing.

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Due to start painting my 3 units of Stormcrow Walkures of Hashut (counts as Tzaangor Enlightened on discs). These are helihatted female warriors with big spears/bill hooks. The problem is whether to keep them all red robed (with red stilettos), or, to go for one unit red, one blue and one yellow for the whole flying circus vibe. What do you guys t to think?

I say go for red robes for everyone but with a different coloured trim for each unit.

Trim! Great idea. I will try it but my skills may let me down.

Blue stuff and milliput. A steampunk dream.


Briefly distracted from my steampunk obsession by the thought that I had been sadly ignoring my slaves. So… had a go at a slave hero (will count as Grashrak Fellhoof , a great bray shaman in my counts as BoC army)

Oh dear another mini on the painting list

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Cool, but Id put them on the same base. To make it a bit more sturdy? :slight_smile:

I plan to do that but after painting. Wow, forethought from me, I must be ill!

You still have the most bizarre, odd, confusing, thought provoking and outright creative miniatures. And that good sir, is a good thing.
(Big) Hats off to you

Unhinged as ever. As is right and proper. Hat off to you! Great stuff as ever.