Uther the unhinged s legions of Hashut

Not done much hobby stuff recently. Spent April and most of pay paying my dues to Nurgles latest little pet (missed the GH as a result). Finally finished the latest heli hats, the Lovely Ladies of the Walkures. They are all above this added to my counts as beasts of chaos army as counts as Tzaangor enlightened on discs.


More heliostats infantry to follow when I can get round to it. Here is the first from my old blog




The poor guy looks a little handicapped - I hope he has no digestive problems … Joking aside, the guy looks cool, very creative and smartly implemented! :wink:

Love these, but that’s a lot of potential neck injuries though :slight_smile:

Any chaos dwarf who can not support a big hat deserves no sympathy! It is Darwinian selection for strong necks!

Oh and thanks, glad you liked them. I will get round to photos soon.


And selection for compressed spines prolapsed discs and shorter hunched chaos dwarves!

Easier to tie shoe laces while standing though :wink:


That which does not kill them Serves only to make them stronger.
They will be super dwarfs

Thus Spoke Zarathusgorth The Deranged

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Dawi-nian? Dwarf-inian?

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Helihats, hee-yah! Looking forward to see some more of these innovative and shiningly creative chorfs. :slight_smile:

A few days ago I was struck by the thought that very big and heavy Chaos Dwarf headgear might contain an inner balloon filled with some lighter-than-air gas (massive fire hazard?). I suspect that inspiration for this idea must have come from your helihats.

…which begs the question, do you have any balloon hat dwarf plans in the pipeline? Perhaps a couple of tiny zeppelin shaped balloons with the dwarf and hat suspended below it? Or even an aeroplane hat with wings? Just curious.

Keep up the great work!


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Oh balloon hats! To be honest several attempts were so bad I gave up. Maybe one day I will try again.

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Well what with COVID kids and work I have not really posted for ages. But I have finally finished painting my Great Abyssal halfbreed that my daughter got me for my 50th. He had to wait for a new rider (the hat was waaaay to small).

The photo is near the start under Legion of the Nameless City. If I can remember how to post from imgur (Something about]\and img I think) I will post some of Uthers legions from tje old site.


Great to see you back, Uther! Hope you and your family have come well through this.

That great halfbreed looks really cool (a lovely present :smile:) and the rider’s hat would make Khorne himself envious. :hashut1:

I still admire every time how wonderfully Orc faces work with curly beards. Must be the teeth. :smile:

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Definitely the teeth. Although any suggestion I only use them because tusks are too fiddly and small for my fat fingers and old eyes is distinctly libellous. I do it for purely aesthetic reasons of course.

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Dear Uther! So good to have you back. I hope your whole family has fared well despite everything.

Here is an Imgur tutorial (grabbed first on Google search, there’s a duplicate on old CDO).

But remember that you can directly upload pictures from your phone or computer on CDO Discourse. That’s the magic with this site. Click on the icon for images when writing a message, and choose file on your device. Tired at the moment, but I can cobble together a tutorial tomorrow if you want.

So it’s easier than ever to share images thanks to Discourse’s good software. You can use Imgur, but you don’t have to.

Thanks Admiral.

I have started on my Artisans entry already! However I already have an Posteripr based artillery piece so it will probably be something else.

I have uploaded my Asscanon from the old website, again under Legions of the Nameless city above.

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Artisans contest making me think about war machines so uploaded my counts as skullcrakers under legions of the nameless city above. I will eventually re photo everything and upload it…one day

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Here are my artisans contest entries. The concept was machines imbued with/ driven by daemons. The daemons being controlled by delicate science sorcery neuromodulator devices carefully integrated into the daemonic nervous systems by the use of very large spikes. The daemons themselves controlled by heli-hatted sorcerors with PlayStation-esque controller. Obviously the daemons would affect the machines and eventually break out.

So first up is my counts as cygor or mutalith vortex beast. Clearly a Tzeentch daemon.


And it’s controller

I know too many poor pictures of poor models but I have no shame

Next up the Nurgle tank/ghorgon/slaughterbrute


You should probably patent the heli-hat chaos dwarves :smiley:.
Great entry, your stuff is always a bit warped or outside the box. I think those engineer boffins of yours did well in the end

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Marvellous, freewheeling creativity as ever. True Chaos! Love the helihat controller.

Good modelling aside, I am especially impressed with how you painted the transition from metal to Daemonflesh. Simple, but disturbingly effective.

Your Artisan’s entry reminded me a bit of Helblindi’s tank, which turned out crazy once he started to listen to my mad suggestions (he brought some unhinged ideas of his own as well, so the guilt is shared).

It’s so good to see someone tackle the 40k Rhino kit and go to Chaos town with it like you’ve done here. Count me as a fan.