Uzkulak's big hats vs The tuskeaters ogre tribe [1500pts]

Hello folks! In this battle report, a 1500pts chaos dwarf army will face an angry ogre tribe in the northern darklands! We’re playing WHFB 8th edition, and the battle features the ruins of a temple of Hashut, giving the army who control it 200pts! You can find my list here : [WFB 8th] Tamurkhan "Legion of Azgorh" army lists - #7 by saurus91590
In terms of magic, my level 4 sorcerer-prophet started with Breath of Hatred, Burning Wrath, Curse of Hashut and Ash Storm. The ogre Slaughtermaster started with Spinemarrow, Bonecrusher, Trollguts and The Maw.

Turn 1 Ogres
The ogres advanced on the eastern part of the map. The leadbelchers took cover behind a stone wall, while the ironguts marched toward the temple of Hashut.
Magic phase Rolling a 1 and a 2, the slaughtermaster tried to cast Trollguts, but failed, as he rolled a 9 instead of 12+.
shooting phase The Stonehorn rider aimed his harpoon launcher on a running hobgoblin wolfrider, but failed to touch him.

Turn 1 Chaos dwarfs
Most chaos dwarfs marched to join the Temple of Hashut. The hobgoblin wolfriders placed themselves on the flank of the first unit of ogre bulls.
Magic phase Rolling a 8, The prophet-sorcerer casted Breath of Hatred, granting both the warriors unit and the blunderbuss unit the Hatred rule.
shooting phase The dreadquake mortar aimed at the stonehorn, but the shell scattered and exploded at 6" of the beast. The hobgoblins aimed their bows at the first unit of ogre bulls, hurting one and taking away one wound.

Turn 2 Ogres
The ironguts claimed the Temple of Hashut, while the second unit of ogres reformed to face the bullcentaurs unit.
magic phase Rolling a 3, the slaughtermaster failed to cast Spinemarrow
shooting phase All shoots were failed, nothing to see here!

Turn 2 chaos dwarfs
The infantry units continued to march toward the temple of Hashut, while the bullcentaurs timidly advanced 3" to avoid being charged by two units of ogre bulls.
Magic phase Rolling a 8, the sorcerer-prophet casted Curse of Hashut with 3 6’s on the ironguts. With luck, nothing happened to the sorcerer, who thanked Hashut for not turning him into stone (for now).
shooting phase Rolling a 2, the dreadquake mortar failed to shoot at this turn. The hobgoblins didn’t get any wounds either!

Turn 3 Ogres
The first unit of ogre bulls charged the bullcentaurs, while the Stonehorn charged the hobgoblins (which ran away inside a forest, but nothing happened). The Stonehorn failed to reach the laughing greenskins, who knew what would happen next. The second unit of ogres failed to charge the bullcentaurs, and marched 4".
magic phase Rolling a 8, the slaughtermaster launched Bonecrusher on the blunderbusses, failing to wound them (thanks Hashut, they were T4). Furious, he casted The Maw on them, rolling a 28, but fortunately, it scattered away from our bearded hunters.
shooting phase The leadbelchers loaded their cannons with 17 shots, wounding 3 infernal guards, but as Hashut blessed them, they all saved it with 3 5’s (they had to roll 5+) !
close combat phase The bullcentaurs unleashed 7 attacks, wounding the ogres 4 times, while the ogres and their 19 attacks only took away 1 wound. Failing their Ld test, the ogre bulls fleed, but rolled 2 1’s, and got crushed by the pursuing bullcentaurs.

Turn 3 Chaos dwarfs
The bullcentaurs charged the second unit of ogres to avoid having them charge first. The hobgoblins, sneaky as they are, rallied and faced the stonehorn, ready to shoot. The blunderbuss unit walked 3" to be at shooting range of the ironguts, while the infernal guards continued their march toward the temple of Hashut. The Prophet-sorcerer, trustful about the dreadquake’s ability to not fail, joined the unit of infernal guards.
magic phase Rolling 5, the prophet casted both Curse of Hashut and Ash Storm, both being dispelled by the slaughtermaster (who had a dispel scroll).
shooting phase The dreadquake mortar aimed at the stonehorn, counted to 3 and exploded (Poor lads rolled a 3 on the blackpowder chart, but with their -1 roll, it counted as a 2). The hobgoblins failed to hurt the stonehorn, and the blunderbusses wounded a irongut, despite their 14 shots.
close combat phase The bullcentaurs wounded an ogre, who wounded and killed a bullcentaur in return. Having to check their Ld at 3, the bullcentaurs rolled 1, letting them fight for another round.

Turn 4 ogres
The Stonehorn reformed to face the bullcentaurs right flank. The ronguts charged the blunderbuss unit, and despite 28 shots, only 5 wounds were suffered, killing 2 ironguts.
magic phase Rolling a 9, the slaughtermaster granted the ironguts with the Stubborn special rule, and casted The Maw on the infernal guards, which scattered into the marshes. Having rolled 2 6’s, the slaughtermaster lost 3 levels of magic.
shooting phase 11 shots from the leadbelchers killed one infernal guard.
close combat phase The blunderbuss unit rolled a 2 on their fear test, then wounded 4 times the ironguts unit. Killing 4 blunderbusses, the ironguts won the fight, but the blunderbusses rolled another 2 on their Ld test. The bullcentaurs and the ogre bulls wounded eachother once, with no real winners for this round.

turn 4 chaso dwarfs
Against all odds, the hobgoblins charged the Stonehorn rocky flank, to avoid a charge on the bullcentaurs. The infernal guards failed to charge the leadbelchers, marching 3".
magic phase Rolling a 8, the prophet saw his ash storm dispelled, but unleashed the Curse of Hashut on the slaughtermaster, wounding him 4 times and letting him with one last wound.
close combat phase The Hobgoblins wounded the Stonehorn once, suffered 2 wounds and yet, managed to win the fight, 4pts to 2 pts. The stonehorn failed to rally, went away but got killed by the pursuing hobgoblins. Yes, the hobgoblins wolfriders killed the Stonehorn. Meanwhile, the remaining bullcentaur held his ground against the ogre bulls, managing to make the fight continue for the last turn. The blunderbuss unit did the same, wounding the ironguts 4 times, but getting 2 chaos dwarfs killed.

Last turn Ogres
The slaughtermaster charged the blunderbusses. During the magic phase, with only one spell left, he tried to cast Trollguts, did it, rolled a 1 for the Bloodgruel rule and lost his last wound. The Slaughtermaster killed himself, thanks to his gluttony.
shooting phase The leadbelchers killed 4 infernal guards with 11 shots!
close combat phase The bullcentaur ba’hal, with only 1 wound left, managed to take down another ogre and keep the fight for another round. Both the blunderbusses and the ironguts wounded eachother 3 times, with no winners. The fight would continue for one last round.

last turn chaos dwarfs
Once again, the infernal guards failed their charge on the leadbelchers. The hobgoblins galloped to the east to aim their bows at the leadbelchers.
magic phase The sorcerer unleashed another Ash Storm on the leadbelchers, followed by the Curse of Hashut, killing 2 leadbelchers. As he rolled 2 6’s, he lost 3 magic levels aswell.
close combat phase The bullcentaur ba’hal died after keeping the ogres from charging the infernal guards. The remaining blunderbusses tried to run away but got crushed by the irongut’s champion, leaving the temple of Hashut.

With 863pts to 610, it’s a close victory for the chaos dwarfs! Thanks to some tanky bullcentaurs and surprising hobgoblins, the chaos dwarfs reclaimed the lost temple of Hashut!


Excellent battle report, thank you, and well done on a hard fought victory.