Want to buy/print big hats

looking to buy or print hats and bearded heads only for a 40k Leagues of Votann army wide conversion. Any iconography would be great as well.

I’ve ordered the Lonely Kingdom heads that are modular and seen the blunderbuss set on this site but wondered if anybody had any other sources they know ofn(or sell)?


There are free hats on thingiverse or cults3d. You can search for the free stl thread on this forum.

Free 3D Printing Files of Interest for Chaos Dwarfs

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First prototype model


Oh yes, very nice!
I tried lots of heads with my LoV model but could make none of them fit, but this turned out quite nice! Excited to see more.

One consideration could be that the helmet is visibly more ornamented than the rest of the armour.
But overall it works.