Warcolours “One Coat” - range review

Hello all,

I recently won some paint vouchers in a CDO competition. These were redeemable at Warcolours and donated very kindly by Poison . Regulars here know that Warcolours have sponsored lots of comps here.

When redeeming my voucher I was torn between two ranges. The classic nostalgia paints and the “one coat” range. One coat ended up winning. Im a total speed painter so if I can skip the “two thin coats” step - then I will!

The paints came in a variety of bright and vibrant colours and are supplied in dropper bottles. People that use army painter, P3 and Vallejo will be used to these. I find that you waste less with these containers but I’m not enough of a fanatic to pour all my gw into droppers like some.

At first glance these bottles look similar to army painter bottles but once in your hand a few differences become clear.

  1. the plastic is tougher. Less squeezable for want of a better adjective.
  2. the lid is not a typical screw cap, it’s more like the child safe ones you get on a pill bottle. I imagine this makes them less prone to spills.
  3. you can hear a rattling inside the bottle. Presumably it has some kind of ball bearing inside for mixing (I’ll get onto this next).

So something to note about this range. All paints need a good shake. But lazy painters like me can sometimes neglect this step. But these paints, you can clearly see the medium and pigment separate over time. These paints here haven’t been shook.

It’s not an issue though, because the mixing ball within each bottle makes this a simple procedure. You just must make sure you do it properly or you’ll end up with oily medium with no pigment within that kinda rolls off of the model.

Now once you have shaken the bottles, you can start using. And this is where the magical “one coat” comes into play. It’s not a gimmick - it works!

I have been blown away by the opacity of these paints. On a white undercoated model it does go on like an actual dream. Consistency is somewhere between GWs base and layer range but coverage is like base or better.

The only thing to be aware of is the black has a shinier finish than I’m used to.

when compared with GW black that gives a more flat finish. Combining the two has given a really nice satin finish though which makes a great base rim colour, modelled here by a little Roman unit.

The range is pretty versatile too. Aside from a little nuln oil, and some basing my secret Santa this year was painted using only the paints in this set.


(You might note the slightly shinier base rim from the black as it’s before I started mixing the two.)

All in all I’ve been very impressed with this set and will go back to Warcolours again to try other paints in their range. Would definitely recommend adding these to your arsenal of paints.

Also, they spell colour properly. Not “color” like my friends from the other side of the Atlantic :stuck_out_tongue:

And for me - that’s a selling point!


Thanks for the detailed review! I have not picked up any of the one-coat paints so I’ll have to give those a try on my next order. Paints from Warcolours range have definitely become a mainstay for me alongside vallejo. For me the regular Warcolours paint range leans toward the translucent side but the creamy consistency and working time are top notch for blending. And have had good luck thinning them only slightly for airbrush use with good coverage.

Warcolours has also helped me realize that good ol boring Grey has become my favorite color. The set of Greys has really become one of my best paint purchases.


Nice I’ll have to give the greys a look @Reaver

As I said I’m definitely ordering more at some point!


Nice review, been meaning to pick some of these up but not needed to buy anything in a while

Think I’ll be heading over on the next batch buy :+1:t2:


Hey, i know that sexy handsome christmas goblin! :18:
guys i can assure you, having that mini in my hands, it truly give it justice. 10/10 would check myself too


Thanks for the review! This might be a good option for lazy guys like me who mostly want to get their minis painted for the sake of them not being grey/green anymore, without investing too much time (I know, I know, heresy blah blah :wink:). I’ve thought about switching to contrast paints, but it seems that they are not really forgiving when it comes to mistakes (which I make often). This one-coat range might be a good solution for me :thinking:

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Yeah @Antenor personally I’ve found contrast paints to be a great tool to have in the bag but they are not really the miracle product they were advertised to be. I still use them lots, but more as heavy washes or a base layer wash combined which still needs highlighting etc

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I bought today my 1st contrast. after 15 years of not being able to use a yellow, it might be the 1st time for me.
this weekend i will give it a try, everything will be better than the poor job i always got.
always been so much let down from yellows that i entirely dropped it as a color :smiley:

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Yeah washes and contrast make yellow an actual viable colour to use haha. I’d also recommend contrast apothecary white. Really changed my painting game.

Not a contrast user myself but circling back to warcolours the “translucent” paints available are fun and almost like a glaze that keeps highlights showing through. Still figuring out how best to exercise them. The flesh translucent has been the most useful to me so far. As well as the violet translucent which I push around to integrate into shadows and tie it in since it’s my magicky color for Chaos dwarfs

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Thank you for the honest review Oxymandias!
Glad you have enjoyed the paints! At your disposal if you need any info or help.


Very impressed with the product @warcolours - I’ll definitely be back soon. :smiley:


I love contrast paints… if these work even better… sigh… I know where my hard earned money will have to go to next…

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our contrast line is known as ‘antithesis’ (gel based contrast paint). our one-coat line (heavily pigmented fluid paint) is completely different from the contrast paints.

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Now you have made it more complicated @warcolours.

So the one coat paint is just that, paint with good coverage. The antithesis paints are your equivalent of gw’s contrast?

@warcolours could you perhaps point me in the right direction?

I am not a layering kind of painter, I like the looks but it just takes too much time.

I have lots of models to paint and a lot of those have organic stuff to paint (coats, fur, pouches, hair,skin,…). I use washes and contrasts for these parts.

I use regular metallics and washes for metals.

The thing that kills my flow right now is crappy covering white paint and metallics, especially gold.

I am always looking to expand my paints to suit my fast (lazy) painting style. What would be the best range to look at?

Obviously the antithesis paints, probably some of the one coat range… any suggestions other then that?


the antithesis line will suit you better. just select the colours you like. the darker the more dramatic the effect. for an impartial review of the antithesis line you can see here:


for a good covering white, try our one-coat white


You are a champ!

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