Warhammer Total War III - Immortal Empires Trailer


I watched this in the hopes of seeing some evil stunties, and I’m uncertain. The very end of the trailer has some hints at what looks like an underground forge with some “prisoners with jobs” (maybe gobbos?) working with some clearly CD-like chaos symbols from their LoA war machines with someone laughing at the end. The laughing bloke has scale mail closely resembling LoA infantry…so thoughts?


Chaos Dwarfs have been teased for a very long time now. Plus, the blog post specifically says that “a fiery Chaos” is coming. It is official, CDs are going to be next campaign pack dropping fro Total War Warhammer 3, somewhere in April or May (although I believe April). Look forward for a trailer next month.


holy shed :shed: what a trailer!! got me so in hype! and defenetly at the end it’s just us laughing underground!

so many iconic characters shown in this video, damn!!

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I’d heard about the tease a while ago as well. Its just nice to see it get delivered!

Looks very cool

Yup, those are definitely the nasty stunties.

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Just saw the trailer for the 1st time and nearly fell off my chair in excitement!! Came straight here and realised I am a bit late lol

That’s defs a CD watching over his hob gob slaves


Wow… you’re back! Haha


Yeah been spending too much time in the shed building up my old car :wink:


Yeah, i saw. Its coming along nicely according to your fb hehe

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(21) Total War: WARHAMMER III - Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs - YouTube

Gave me joyous chills! Hashut be praised! :hat:
For the Dawi Zharr!! For Zharr Naggrund!!


we should save all those pics in some thread with all the CD pic related


I’m wondering how long it will take for some enterprising individual to export the 3d models of the CDs and convert them to STLs.

I neither support or don’t don’t support this…just saying it’s happened to all of the other games. :wink:

And they always look like shit. For a little money you can buy high quality 3rd party sculpts, or even get free ones, that are waaaaay better.


No doubt they aren’t meant to scale up that much to 32mm/28mm size so it won’t turn out well.

And they sre covered in textures.

I just saw that this little pop-up is all the acknowledgement the trailer and Chaos Dwarfs got on the Warhammer Community page. That’s significantly less than Cathay got. I don’t like that.

Plus: Dwarves??? Really GW?

Another teeny tiny mention on the Warhammer Community page.
I really have to say: It worries me a little that there isn’t a real blog post about it. Hard to view that as a particularly good sign overall.

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The latest underwhelming mention of the DLC on Warhammer Community.

Why isn’t this front and center? :rage:

no jasko you dont understand because https://www.warhammer-community.com/2023/03/30/who-are-the-ossiarch-bonereapers-and-what-do-they-want-with-our-skeletons/ it’s raelly important to sell copies of battletome bonemen