Warlords of Erehwon - Chaos Dwarf fan army book

Hey all. I rarely play AOS anymore but my gaming group is really into Warlords of Erewhon by Rick Priestly (of warhammer and 40k fame).

The game is fantastic and captures the best of old school warhammer whilst utilising an alternate activation mechanic borrowed from Gates of Antares and Bolt Action.

The rulebook has army lists including a list for dwarfs. However, Rick has released his methods for calculating points.

A mate of mine has used this and written an army book for chaos dwarfs and their allies! It’s loosely based on the old “white dwarf presents” chaos dwarf army book.

If you’re interested in Erehwon- feel free to use this.



Great initiative! I haven’t used the rules myself, but seen them mentioned a few times so they are on my “oh that looks interesting”-list. :slight_smile:

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I’m really into it man.

I may have written an entire campaign supplement with heroes levelling up, injury rolls, developing special units, sieges, maps and the lot…:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Happy to send anyone a copy of it if they are interested


Awesome. Thanks for this. Always looking for alternative games to try. This goes high on my list the next time I am actually able to game with someone.

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Got a good crowd of us playing in my area (Essex - England) dunno where you’re based but if you’re ever in my neck or woods happy to play! (Obviously once world is back to normal :roll_eyes:)

Appreciate the invite. I’m Chicago, USA based so not terribly close. Was in England/Wales for three weeks last year, but unlikely to be back in the near future.

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Yeah that would be quite a trip for a game :joy:

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The Army Book looks cool. Sadly, I’m stuck in Ohio, so no chance of joining you fine folks in a game. Building an army with these rules should be easy, and fun.


Just had a proper read through for the first time and I’d love to build an army with this book, looks like great fun.
One of my favourite rules of all time was when the earthshaker canon hampered movement for everyone around where it hits and I like this take on that rule, the misfire rule also helps even that out

I’m looking forward to building a list with this :+1:t2:

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A lot of us are stuck without options to get some games in.
So get some modelling done. And don’t miss out on the latest Golden Hat Competition.

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