Warmaster Chaos Dwarfs

I am new to this forum.
A nice person from the Warmaster Facebookgroup told me about this Chaos Dwarf Fansite. :blush:

For now I am working on a Chaos Dwarf 10mm project and want to show the progress to all who are interested.



@LordKrell welcome aboard! Good to have new posters here :smiley:

First things first - wow. You have achieved a level of detail on 10mm scales models there that many people struggle to achieve on far larger scales. Outstanding work. I look forward to seeing more!

Secondly you’ve come to the right place to share content like this. We have collectors in various different scales, but 10mm is, to my knowledge, not something we are getting tonnes of content from right now. Most armies being 28 and some being 15. So I think that this project is going to have quite a unique appeal on this forum for those interested in smaller scale games and those with war master nostalgia.

I look forward to seeing more!


Thank you for your kind words.
I am glad that you like them.
I was always a fan of the Chaos Dwarfs because of there unique style.

Praise Hashut. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Some more pictures.


@LordKrell I’ve moved your second set of photos onto this original thread. I hope you dont mind. We tend to have a single thread per project and post updates and extra pictures as replies. That way people following the project can see the whole thing from start to end :slight_smile:


Oh this is awesome!!

Love these models, as has been said incredible details on these being so small, I don’t remember an official line of these though am I mistaken? Where are these from??

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Yeah I was scratching my head about this too @GhraskDragh . I thought maybe I’d forgotten them! They are lovely minis. Where are they from @LordKrell ? Are the GW or third party?

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Oh man! So great!! I never saw warmaster cd, were they official?
Your work is impressive indeed!
Kudos pal, great way to start a new thread here! :21:

Thank you,
because I am new to this forum, I am only allowed to upload up to ten photos. Thank you for moving.

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To answer the question of their origin:
I have the old armybook of the chaos dwarfs. My hobby is to make minis for tabletop games (mostly gw) and so I decided a few month ago to make the chaos dwarfs in 10mm.
The goal was, to make them as close to the originals as possible.
Short story, I have made all by myself in Zbrush because an official range never existed.

:sweat_smile: and I deleted the last photo from my little son. Even if he is a chaos dwarf I accidentally uploaded him.


A wonderful army! It positively dazzles me that you made all of these yourself - so much work executed so well. Kudos for your 3D sculpting skills! :21:


Yeah my kids more of a goblin than a chaos dwarf to be honest! Haha

You sculpted these yourself on z-brush ?!?!?! mad skills!

You considered selling or sharing designs? I think there’s a lot of people that would love to get their hands on sculpts like that.

Quite a few of us on here, myself included, are into resin printing :slight_smile:


For now I am working on support-tuning. The chaos dwarf warriors are complete support-free so you can print them, scratch them from the plate and they are almost ready to go (a little curing maybe… :wink:).
For the other units I am working on the support to make them print-friendly.
i printed them all directly on the plate.
I plan to release them when they ready to go. There is a miniature-company that is interested… We will see.


Outstanding! I look forward to seeing the progress. Support free miniatures are always a godsend! Haha

If and when the company backs this, make sure you share links and stuff here!


I will do this for sure. And I will update the progress.
I hope that I will finish them in the next 2/3 month. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Oh no, I’ll be collecting 10mm too when this hits…I can’t even finish one army let alone 2 :man_facepalming:t2: :27:


“Oh, well, you know, I just came by and casually made these super awesome detailed 10mm replicas of the greatest model line in GW history in Z-Brush, no biggy, just like anybody could”



100% this ^


wtf does that even mean?! XD you sculpted all of those?! 15
MAN this is triple A content! 13


Wow, these are ace. Really quite speechless especially now reading that they’re digital customs. I hope the company picks up this line of minis!

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