What was the most popular Fantasy Faction?

By looking at the original Age of Sigmar Grand Alliance books, the ones compiling all the units upon the migration to AoS, there is a comical difference in thickness between them.

Chaos is 1.5x the thickness of
Order, which is 2x the thickness of
Destruction, which is 1.5x the thickness of

In my mind, though biased, Dwarfs were the most popular player faction during Fantasy but of course the thickness of the books doesn’t lie, so it was presumably Warriors of Chaos or something similar.

What are your thoughts?

Chaos for sure, orcs and goblins are always popular, vampire counts maybe

Dwarfs definitely were always pretty popular.

In my area during 6-7th edition, there were so many Dark Elf armies. I don’t know if it was because they were one of the few armies with female warriors, or the models got such a big refresh.

Well, they were one of the best armies at the time, that probably played a part :slight_smile:

I think the economic aspect is quite important here. I can remember Warriors of Chaos being very popular (late 6th / early 7th ed) as they were cheap to get into (low model count). Dwarfs for the same reason as they were one of the BFSP factions.