Who told you I was grey? 2023

Let see if I can even break 100 with what I have left just in chaos dwarfs. I’ll have to either dig out the Valhallians, the dwarfs (mainly slayers left),

Good chance I either paint to a +10/-10 situation or end up in the positive just to have something done. Either way we will see when I update this going forward.


First 5 of the year down. I’m not going to post them just yet as they could do very well in a future golden hat/artisan contest. And I want to keep them as a ace in the hole.

I did get them late last year but wasn’t going to do anything with them till an appropriate contest came up, but I just couldn’t wait anymore.

So going to count this as acquired 5 painted 5


0 score


Kevin adams goblins finally finished. Had them towards the end of last year wanted to do them the but lost the will in the fall. Take another +31/-31 on the score

Grand total

Added 36

Painted 36

Score 0


Why is it +36? you bought them before january first right? they should have been added to last years batg score.

January 1st you have 0 added, 0 painted. Everything you buy this year is added to “added”, same for painted. End of the year you want to have painted more then you bought , for this year!

if you do that every year your gray pile shrinks.

your score should be -36 if you bought them before jan 1st and painted them after jan 1st.

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I was out of the batg around august as I lost the fun of it for reasons. so started collecting again. Joined this years batg but wanted to keep it on the level and would rather just count them now as added as the original plan back when I was hunting for them is acquire them all paint then in one big block and drop all the old orc and goblin goodness in one big swoop, basically staying neutral. Didn’t work out so doing it now.

But the rules are all counters are reset every year. Stuff doesnt carry over…

I’m fine being at zero. I feel this is fair and they way i should do it going forward. I bowed out last year cause people changing my numbers and add/subtracting to what I was doing. Left a real bad taste in my mouth when I was up front on what I was doing and how. Especially since it wasn’t like who ever had most done got money or something. So I quit as it seemed to be a issue for some or someone.

After I quit, I chased the models I was looking for to complete my collection and did. No reason to update as I was out. I had zero intentions of doing this again cause of it, but I felt the painting bug coming on so I figured why not. Since I jumped back in for a new year I would like to treat those models as just acquired for counting purposes. So why not just be at zero, it’s only affecting me. Not counting them as just acquired and counting them in a negative number just doesn’t feel right.

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17 more classic orc models including the rock lobba. Funny thing is is that I got to the rock lobba crew members from an online deal not knowing that they’re rock labor crewmembers thinking that they’re just rank and file and then when I realized my mistake, I ended up getting a duplicate and the Boulder guy and the rock labor for just like five more bucks with the goblins. Over all a killer deal from the guy.



Total +53 overall

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