Wolfbaneart sculpt Chaos Dwarf

Hi there guys! I have the extreme luck and privilege to be friend with Alessio Cisbani aka Wolfbaneart

He’s a former Golden Demon winner (hah! Loser :eggplant:) and lovely painter, sculptor, but even more person

Here is his Etsy store on case you’d like to have some of his works in your hands as well

2 months ago at Play Modena he started to randomly Sculpt a dwarf in a dimostrative session

shortly after it became a chaos dwarf commission for myself ahuahauaus

I’ll post here below his wip with this mini he decided to base loosely on my sorcerers artwork which inspired Reaver in making the sorcerer and Djinn as well!

Next posts will be reserved for the wip themselves


Here are the WIP sculpting PICS

Here I preferred another style of moustaches, so it’s less heavy in the face and makes him even more interesting imo


Reserved Painting Post

So fat i uploaded all the pics he sent me in those last few days
he will make 1 bull head shoulder pad and 1 like the one i drawn
he added a small scale armor which fits so well on the model!

I cant wait to actually have this model on my desk! Never painted a whole sculpted model!!

I’m always fascinated at seeing step by step green stuff sculpting…everyone does it so differently, and it really shows the thought process and ideas that guide the creation.
Thanks for sharing this, even though it makes me realize what an amateur I am :wink:


Awesome sculpt! So clean and sharp, I am envious… :heart_eyes:


@Fuggit_Khan don’t you ever dare, you are the best sculptor by far around here, you arena legend from both forums, I believe you could compete with Cisbani work if you would invest the same amount of time!
@Bassman be my guest man! I could arrange directly with Cisbani a small limited edition of resin cast of this model he’s making!


The big boy is getting close to completion
I’m seriously considering to cast a dozen in resin for sale (in the range of 15/20 euros) to achieve the best quality possible


I’d like to volounteer to catch one of the twelve (depending on price of course, I’m enthusiastic - not stupid. :wink: )! I missed out on Zargod a long time ago and I don’t want to miss out on another fab sculpt. ^^


Is this where we get in line? If so, yeah getting line then.

@denelian5 I’ve got a spare Zargod if you are interested, I’d be happy to trade or sell.


right, forgot to say the price, probably it would be something in the 15/20 euro depending of shippings i’d say
but more on that once i’ll wrap my head on it


I’ll take it to PM then!

Gonna change the staff as Ale isn’t happy with what hes making, so he’ll make a bull head shaped hammer for a daemonsmith :eggplant::eggplant::eggplant:


That’s a wicked idea! Look forward to seeing the result.

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Guys! He’s done!!!

Now it’s a matter of time and understanding how many copies to make of him!! Buoooooyyyy he’s amazing
Wolfbaneart Cisbani is amazingly amazinger amazongest!


That looks great! Love the hammer.

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Definitely amazing.

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You can surely sign me up for a copy

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Simply magnificently done! :hatoff: You can also sign me up for a copy! :beer:

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Sign me up! It’s awesome! :eggplant:

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