Working on 3D modelling a Blood Bowl team

Hey all. Been a bit since I showed off any of my work on here, following the website swap I fell back to lurking and other factions/projects as I am tend to do. Recently I was inspired to come back to my chaos dwarves and pump out a blood bowl team, and I’m looking for input. Here’s what I got so far in an imgur collection with notes.

Some preview images:

Again, looking for any comments/criticisms/thoughts. I like to think I’ve improved a bit, but I often overlook stuff, and modelling gets a bit same-y when trying to make how many variations of similar models. Also note - I need to figure out scale as a final thing, so ignore the overall scale of some of the models.


Welcome back and welcome to the new software @Red

Great work here! Now we have direct image upload you can put these pics directly on your post for us to feast our eyes on btw.

Okay onto the feedback you wanted. These guys look mean! I like that. They are big hats but they aint goofy. Might i suggest that the bull centaur come on a larger base or a baseless option so people could put on a larger base if they wish? I get in blood bowl you dont want bases taking up extra squares, but i worry they may tip over easily at the moment.

Your HobGobs are the strongest thing here. Simply amazing. I LOVE the headwear especially. @chitzkoi @Loidrial myself and some others have been talking about hobgoblin blood bowl players on the discord recently. They are a hard part of the team to get right and many creators dont manage it. But these…these are great!

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Hopped on the discord, though you already saw that.

Glad you like the dudes. In response to your centaur concerns, I do try to model everything with flexibility to conversions/whatever. Everything is modeled separate from the bases, which I’ll probably make a set of later separately. The centaurs also need to be scaled down to about 75-80% of what they are in those images. Also they’re actually each two pieces separated at the waist by the belt.

I’m going to add some preview images to the original post, I’m a bit more used to discord/reddit and I didn’t even think of it. I’ll probably still use the imgur for notes and random images.


Hey man! First thing first, welcome aboard! We are always lucky to get so many users interested in our shorted legs community!

Here myself, on this occasion only because you are asking for criticism, i dont find cohesion between hobs and CDs.
Hobs looks like some aztech guys, like trolls from WoW and that’s really cool
what i personally dont get are the dwarfs, they are lacking of presence. While the hars are empty with few runes, the scale armor to me looks, idk, like chocolate bars?
Again, i will never been able to model such thing, i had problems already just with a bare bust so kudos to you, i just wrote this as general impression only because asked to xD

I’d love to see where till will go from now on! :icon1:

Welcome to cdo Red. Nice take on the cd bb team. Nice hats and fierce faces. My only suggestion would be to thicken the bulls back legs incase of breakage. Great job. The hobbo is cool too

Here’s some Pics of the last 4 hobs (I figure 6 variants is enough for now):

See your points with the dwarves. The hats haven’t been worked on much since I started the project, and really should be completely unique to each dwarf, I’ll have to do some research. The chocolate bar armor is supposed to be more of a padded/layered leather, perhaps I should mix in some chain/scalemail layers for a bit more character.

Thanks, glad you like them. I’ll be doing ample testing to make sure nothing is too breakable once I get them into proper dwarfy scale.

Appreciate the feedback, helps me know where to focus on revamping most.


These are looking really great! Particularly enjoying the hats, and some of the poses are really dynamic.

Any chance we could get a picture of the bull centaur from the side? The dwarf torso looks like it might be a bit long to me, but it might just be the pose and angle that makes it look that way.

I do share the concern about those back legs on the centaur too. I think it needs some chonky ankles.

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Here you are. An orthographic side and front view. It might be a bit long? not sure. Bull centaurs vary in body size quite a lot. I did do prints of the guy at current scale and it was fairly sturdy, though it certainly could use some bulk in the ankles, especially as I’ll be lowering the overall scale about 20%.


Wow, these are great!

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Ah thanks! OK, I think the dwarf torso is fine, looking from this angle. But the bull body does look either a bit long or a bit thin; I think I’d actually bulk up the chest of the bull section, personally. Looking from this angle, those pauldrons (if that’s the right word for a shoulder harness) look lovely and chunky. :+1:

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The legs of the BC look really thin. I assume you are going for realism and based it on a more cultivated cattle breed that has been bred for food rather than on one of the more natural breeds or those bred for ploughing, but it makes the proportions look weird to me.

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Did some rough bone scaling, maybe this thickness is closer to what people expect? I think I was originally trying to have them a bit on the leaner side for the sake of BB, but it definitely wasn’t up to par for heroic scale. I’ll do a bit more in-depth work to get the bull muscle definition and some textured hooves when I’m a bit more free.


Yes, that width is much better.

These models are looking very good, I like the armour style.


That’s a chunkey mofo, love it

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Yeah that’s way better, I like it. Maybe bring it back a tiny bit, but this is closer than before, I think.

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Japp, prefer the chunky boy as well! :smiley:

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