WTB: Whirlwind Boar Centaur + Shield

Looking to complete my second Whirlwind after having it sat in a box for too many years in bits. I’m looking for the boar centaur and the pavaise shield as seen in the catalogue page below:

I’m always looking for the wheel scythes as well.


@PyroStick - good to see you here mate.

@chitzkoi often has his finger on the pulse about where to find rarities like this.

So after 2+ years, I finally found a boar centaur, only for the seller to ghost me for two weeks after paying and then delete his eBay account.


May that seller’s back be broken in the mines of your overlord.

Have you considered the Perforator being designed by Old School Miniatures for their recent evil dwarves Kickstarter? It’s also pushed by a boar centaur and might satisfy your needs.

The guy had quite a lot of oldhammer listings as well so I’m sure he’s pissed off loads of people. Seems pointless to try scam people these days when eBay refunds you instantly.

I backed the Kickstarter and pre-ordered the Perforator today but I’m still keen to complete this whirlwind with original parts, or at least an original boar centaur. If I can’t find the wheel scythes I’ll either buy one overpriced one on eBay and green stuff mould a second one or buy some chaos chariot scythes. I’ve seen the face shield come up more often than the boar centaur recently so hopefully another will pop up soon. From the perforators design, it doesn’t look like it’s going to match the style with the shield at the back.

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I have one of these for you


when in doubt, check with chitzkoi!