WTS Generals Compendium Warhammer 6th Ed

Im selling Generals Compendium via Tradera in case someone here might be interested. International buyers are accepted.

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I really wanted to buy it but then i double checked to be sure… and i already own it. Good luck selling it. Shouln’t be too hard.

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Hehe, I know that feeling! :stuck_out_tongue: Its a nice book, but clearing out for a move… Its an auction site as eBay so it will get sold in a week, they usually bump towards the end. It was just in case someone was interested. Been a bit on the fence about selling my Chaos Dwarf books as well, but decided to keep them for now atleast.



@tjub what @Oxymandias said… but… DM me if you do :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, don’t sell your CD books, take it from me, you’ll regret it later.
I gave away my old 4th edition CD army book when I moved overseas (Weight limits for luggage, overseas shipping etc meant I gave up lots of stuff).
Now I miss that book dearly, and current prices are ridiculous.
6th edition Generals Compendium, go ahead and sell it (I hated 6th edition)…but sell a CD book? Hashut will not forgive you.
Neither will your wallet.


Hehe, Ill hold on to it for now. And yes, the prices are insane…