Yolkstorm Legion (AC XXXVII) build log

I’ve been in love with the good old chaos squats in exo armor ever since i first saw them.


But they are so hard to find (i’d LOVE to own a set, if anyone can hook me up… ) and sculpting a set was never high prio. With this AC i figured i could maybe toss it up a bit by trying to make a fantasy version of them. In good tradition i didn’t really plan it and just let the greenstuff do the work…

Since the bodies are fairly big i started with some fimo clay eggs. Way cheaper and suited as a base.

With that done i started sculpting on top of the eggs.

After a day or 3 of on and off sculpting this is where i was at. The green egg i had no idea what to do with, the rest was getting there.

I started adding details to the other sculpts while i figured out what to do with green egg dude. I used a mix of greenstuff and miliput to get a more workable but hard sculpt. It worked great. i could sand, cut and file it to get very sharp lines!

Since i mixed WAY too much if this mix i added the beginnings of a beak to green egg dude. It started as an ode to the old classic flamers

I don’t have pics of all the steps to get to this point as this was done in a big session. Added a nose ring to porco and gave him a mohawk. I was inspired by Bebop and Rocksteady but i didn’t feel like sculpting another model to represent rocksteady haha. I was afraid they started to look too organic, so i added a lot of metal straps and rivers (SO MANY RIVETS, thank hashut for the GSW river maker). I used the greenstuff world texture pads to make fur for the green egg dude, finished his beak/mask thing.

At this point i was mostly happy with the bodies and it was time to start with the arms and feet. I intended to sculpt the entire set myself, but time was a big enemy here. I had some life stuff things to look after, so these were on hold for about 2 weeks…

Deadline aproaching i decided to cheat a little and ise some of those bits i always hoard and rarely use…

Again, little to no pics of the rest of the proces but i sculpted the arms to look like leather or rubber flexible hose.
Why? no clue, but it fitted in my head.

The exception was bird dude, he got more fur!

When the arms where done i made some plasticard weapons (which i didn’t finish :frowning: ) but this pics shows the arms in a bit more detail.

At this point i felt like doing the shields. They were also made from mainly plasticard which i cut into a rough egg shape, heat with a hair dryer and shaped to a dome with a spoon as a mold. Then i just started sculpting on top of that.

I also added stuff to the back as i didn’t want to be lazy and leave that blank

After the shields there were two more steps. Make shoulder pads and weapons. I decided to work on the shoulder pads because weapons where easier to proxy.
I used plasticard again, as that was the fastest. Made some rough shapes to start.

and started adding trim to it

With the shoulder pads done i was really getting into a pinch time wise. i did sculpt the handles and pommels but didnt manage to finish the weapons themselves.

At this point i scanned them so i could scale them a bit better and have more solid models.

After scanning and printing a set i was finally able to put paint on them. I had about 8 hours left, but i also needed to sleep at least 6 of those… so the fastest 3 hrs speed paint run started that evening!

Hope you enjoyed them as much as i did sculpting them!

Lastly, For those of you wanting your own Yolkstorm Legion → Clickety click


Congrats on the win!
I think the eye one is my favourite. Original fun idea requiring plenty of skillz. I recognised your painting style if not your sculpting (i also got 4 right).

Could be used as alternative kdaii


These were far too funny and creative. Thank you for the link, since I have just downloaded the files!


Contgrats to your worthy victory! :hatoff: Your models were my favourites! Very creative in the idea and great in the execution! :beer: Kudos! :metal:


Wonderfully creative, and excellent sculpting work! Also, thank you for sharing these great sculpts. :beer:


I’ll take your whole stock!