ZODDs Realm of Chaos(-dwarf)

Thanks : ) i’ll mix them up. I went through google looking for non -metallic armour ones as a guide without success. I can see why most go for gold. There are a load of details that i only worked out what they were after a wash. At about £1.80 a model these guys are a bargin

That is a beautiful Bull Centaur, well done.

Love it! It goes to show how profoundly a mini‘s character may be altered by the right paintjob. This really feels like the good old days of Chaos. Makes me want to tackle my own Halfbreeds right now… but alas, other stuff to do first :smile:

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Thankyou v much antenor. How long before im allowed to motivate(shame ) you into painting one! : p
So my chaos goblin on his hound(hobbo on wolf) im finding the centaurs take a lot of effort…


Can anyone tell me how to bend gnobblar plastic legs? Boiling water didnt really work

All right, that settles it! You’re on! :smile: Right now, I’m in the process of painting another miniature that I particularly don’t want to mess up, but after that… bull centaur! However, the first one I post will be an unpainted conversion. That might take me long enough, as there’s a certain amount of sculpting involved in my plan. Not all that much, but I’m a slow hobbyist even at the best of times :upside_down_face:

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Sweet, any centaur endeavor you complete i can now claim an assist

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Just caught up with this blog
Conversions are class and really capture that old school RoC chaos dwarf look.

Impressed with the paint scheme too - bold and beautiful

Great work :slight_smile:

Thankyou v much oxymandias.

So until 2 days ago i didnt own a single real gw classic chaos dwarf. Made me a lil sad…
But i got this lovely model (chaos dwarf swivel gun) from ebay and painted it up asap! Now im a real cd general. Got no strings to tie me down…
Definitely went for a slanesh theme here.


Finished these guys. So much details on these guys that i only worked out what stuff was after a wash. Its nice tha mantic did lots of scary faces and animals as decorations instead of the ususlly gw skulls everywhere ( their armour on the bottom half of some of them is in the shape of a bull head)


Beautiful work.

Really nice Chaos Dwarfs! Lovely work with conversions and paintjob. :slight_smile:

They look awesome, fine work! Love the painting, it suits the models really well. And you‘ve been quick about it, too! :smiley: I’ve only started with my first halfbreed yesterday, and will get to the fun part this afternoon (i.e. the part that does not purely consist of clearing mould lines and filling gaps :smile:)

Thanks v much guys. I dont think ive ever put in so much effort into a unit as these. Antenor- i was painting 8hrs a day but back to work on monday so itll be slower from now on. I found the worse part was base coating each model, going through minor urges to bin it as it looked bad. I only saw it come together after washing it. So keep the faith ! I am interested on how you interpret your centaurs.

Trying to build a lovely demon ass cannon but ive messed it up. I dont know whether to cut away the back of the head or use a prop to wedge the demon into correct position. Ill post it here. Any1 thats built 1 please advise

So there is a gap to the wooden board. The head doesnt go back enough but i fear cutting away the head might be rubbish…

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The business end…
I took similar colour schemes as clams on a couple of the chaos dwarves.
Painted the chef too.


Lovely model! :slight_smile:
I really have to do an asscanon in 15mm as well.

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Maybe the 1st time you will have to sculpt genitals in 15mm eh?



Fantastic post which I saw with no context.

Ass Cannon or “Bumbard” as one guy I follow on twitter calls them looks brilliant btw!

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I’ve beaten him to it! (See pack mule) :stuck_out_tongue:

Glorious asscannon. Lovely palette.