ZODDs Realm of Chaos(-dwarf)

Hi. So i was going through all the blogs on your old website and i was inspired to start my own army. Only problem is i have 0 of the evil stunted ones. I do have a bunch of chaos bits and a few sacrificial dwarves… ill try and post my creations in chronological order. Ive been painting about 1 chaos dwarf a day. My 1st attempts were…


Love your use of the old chaos bits. These are coming out beautifully! You might consider trimming down the arm length a bit if feasible. Looking forward to seeing more. Cheers!

Cheers. You are totally right on the armlength. It is one of the 2 biggest issues ive encountered. The other being getting them to rank up.

The blue guy with the daemon sword is probably the best conversion ive ever done. Not that i do thst many ambitious ones.


I figured i didnt have hobgoblins so i used gnobblars with helmets as chaos goblins. I always wanted to use that little dwarf pony cart for something, never could work out what for…until now, a unit filler.


Your conversions are cool, and I like your painting style a lot - I feel that those old-time Chaos Warrior bits really want to be painted in bold colours like you did, it looks awesome. Feels like good old, classic Chaos! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, so cool use of bits! Love your conversions, really original. Dont think Ive seen “old school” Chaos Dwarfs converted in this way before. Even a Blood Bowl Goblin… :heart_eyes:

Thankyou v much tjub. These next ral partha

models i cant recommend enough. I think they are lovely. My only criticism is the sculpter didnt make a whole army for me to buy!


Finding a std bearer model the same size and theme might be tough


And the characters…
(Pretend you didnt see the norse dwarf and the throne bearer) i read somewhere norse dwarves basically join chaos dwarves anyway. I guess they are new recruits


So i spent the day trying to build mantics bull centaurs. The weapons come bent but were easily magically straightened in boiling water. The parts also leave pretty noticable gaps when i tried to build them. Initially i was pretty disappointed in the kit. But once built and some tlc applied i like them much more and now think they are pretty nice. I guess you have to be prepared to put in a lot of effort…the guy on the end is a new mantic c.d. with arm and head swap.


The unit looks great! I like the variety of parts used again. :+1:
Too bad about the poor quality… I haven’t got any Mantic models myself, but as far as I can tell it differs alot between their kits. Some are good and some pretty bad, both design and casting. Which of course were okey when they were cheaper alternatives, but not so much with their later kits which has been pretty expensive. Lets hope for better products in the future…

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Well im v happy with their abyssal dwarves sprue. Its easily up there with games workshops plastic kits.


Glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

Wicked project, loving the head swap idea!

Thankyou v much nergling. Ive been working on this regiment the most lately. Still a couple more to add. 1 small regret i had after viewing someones blog here (b4 i joined) added little axe heads to the guns-wish id thought of that, but probably wont change them now. The very last one will have it at least. Models here are titan wargames, dwarf hand gunners and my 1st painted mantic abyssal dwarf-added for useful size comparison.


Great stuff. Your paint scheme is unique and well executed!. Really liking the Mantic Bull Centaurs with the head swaps. Makes the models so much better!. I may have to borrow that idea if I ever get round to Bull Centaurs. Look forward to seeing them painted :+1:

Loving the blast of colours, very Marauder mini which is always great :+1:t2:

Thanks v much jackswift and ghraskdragh. : )

So too dark and a few too many drinks to paint, so messing about instead…

Chaos goblin spotter/hero on 1 of the new abyssal dwarf hounds. Just a tincy bit smaller than tjubs hobbo heroes on massive wolves.

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1st bull centaur finally finished. Took me ages.


That green armour is really good, with the pink too it’s a nice mix. Are the others going to be the same colours or are you mixing these up too?