CDO Community Awards 2022 - Winners

Best hobby blog:
The winnder of this award is the much much deserving @Zoddtheimmortal. Zodd’s beautifully curated and regularly updated blog has become one of the real pillars of the website and is a resource many of us return to regularly for inspiration. Users trying out a “Zodd style” or returning to the blog to compare the various miniatures from different companies are commonplace occurances. Zodd, you are a CDO legend sir. The award is well deserved. For those who have not seen this blog…have you been living under a rock? Here it is: ZODDs Realm of Chaos(-dwarf)

Best User:
The best user is one of our most decorated veterans who has been on the website since day one. The one, the only, @Zanko . This longbeard has, for many years, updated us with his ever growing legions of evil stunties. Zanko is, on a personal level, a generous and kind member of our community who regularly donates gifts, gives positive feedback and engages in website life. Zanko, well deserved mate. For those who wish to see some of Zanko’s work, look no further than his blog! Zanko`s Army of the Lizard King


Above and beyond:
@chitzkoi , the great chaos dwarf industrialist who has worked long and hard in the forges of the dark lands to promote this website and its content over the last two years snags the “above and beyond” award. Chitz has kept us all entertained with his SPORTS commentary for the battle against the grey initiatives. This work alone has inspired scores of grognards to paint thousands of miniatures and that alone I think needs to be celebrated. Well done Chitzkoi! Well deserved!

Nothing like a bit of motivation:

Best new user: @Thom-Thumb is the winner in this catergory! Having recently begun blogging his progress in creating classic big hat dwarfs using traditional methods Captain Beefheart and the crew of the Zambezi he has captured the imagination of the whole website. We all look forward to seeing this blog progress! However…Thom Thumb is not alone…

Best new user: We have a draw! A second award for the same category… @MetalMatt has recently been impressing users with his expertly painted chaos dwarf miniatures for use in games of warlords of erehwon. (More information on this game system here: Introduction to Fantasy Battles: Warlords of Erehwon by Rick Priestley [WoE]). Matt’s painting is truly beautiful and will go on to inspire future generations of CDO users. We look forward to seeing the blog continue to grow! If you have not yet seen this blog, check out the link here: Metal Matt's Chaotic Dwarf Force

Best new hobby blog: Reclamation of Shamash Flagellants big hats

@flagellant04 is not a new user, but his most recent blog is something completely new! Flagellant has begun sharing his journey into the depths of big hat insantiy and the pictures that are emegerging are captivating to say the least. A fresh take on a classic set of miniatures. These will no doubt soon be bloodying the battlefields of 6th edition games of WHFB over the course of this year and we look forward to seeing this army grow and hearing of its exploits! Check out the progress here: The Excellence of Shamash : Flagellant's Chaos Dwarfs

All chaos dwarf users, thank you for a fantastic 2022 and we look forward to the creativity and carnage of CDO’s 15th year online in 2023!!!

Praise Hashut!!!


Very deserving winners! Congrats to all. Very much looking forward to the sophmore year of our new blogs!


Thank you very much guys. You are too kind. I havent received social acceptance for persistently mocking and hectoring people I care about by using an arbitrary ranking system since high school.


Wow, thank you very much to the members of this forum for the award. I am truly honored and blown away. I look forward to contributing for a long time to come :metal:t3:


Congratulations to all the (well deserved!) winners! You are all part of what make this community so great!


To all this year’s Winners, well earned. The effort, comraderie, and inspiration you all bring to this forum is very much appreciated!


Congratulations all! Well deserved!