3D Printing Files For Sale of Interest for Chaos Dwarfs

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Some time ago someone around here asked for such a compilation thread. Let’s share links to all 3D files for sale that is of interest to Chaos Dwarfs. Later on we’ll list them all in this post.

Post away. :smile:

@Deebo and @MichaelX may have a lot of juicy stuff to share right away.

Note that free 3D printing files for Chaos Dwarfs can be found here.


Here are couple I find on Cults

Download STL file Chaos Dwarf Softener • 3D printer object ・ Cults (cults3d.com)

Download STL file CHAOS DWARVES WHIRLWIND • 3D printer design ・ Cults (cults3d.com)

Some more I found on CGT
Chaos Dwarves Collection 3D print model | CGTrader

Scatter Chaos Dwarf BloodBowl 3D | CGTrader

and some I found on MMF
3D Printable Sons of Kashan Vra Gunners by Titan Forge Miniatures (myminifactory.com)
from TitanForgeMiniatures who do a few CD models, worth looking through

3D Printable Chaos Dwarf by Crosslances (myminifactory.com)
another from crosslances
3D Printable Chaos dwarf by Crosslances (myminifactory.com)

3D Printable Infernal Dwarves Immortals by Raven Twin Miniatures (myminifactory.com)
from Raven Twin Miniatures who also do a few worth looking at


@Deebo You forgot the current creme de la creme… Lost Kingdom Miniatures

Other then that you made quite a comprehensive list and ill have to check to see if i have others myself…



Cool potential hobgoblin ^


Ooh I like that one. I’m digging his little Hun skullcap.


I did get the patreon for the Dumlock Flame Seekers:

I also got some Sons of Kashan Vra before:


I really need to lay off on buying miniatures for a few months so I can buy a 3d printer, don’t I?

Maybe that will also let me get through my current pile of shame without constantly adding to it. There are just so many STLs around that I really need in my life these days.


I’m doing my best to resist. If I ever paint all my minis… then maybe it will be the way forward. But with new Chorfs coming for AoS…

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See, I just came back to the hobby after a 20ish year hiatus and I started again with nothing…so at least my pile of grey at the moment only consists of 4000 points or so of 6mm squats I’ve picked up over the last few months. But this does mean my grey makes an achievable target, and once it’s done I’m tempted to pick up the 3d printer before I start on the next project, the Chorfs. Going to spend far more on them than the cost of the 3d printer anyway so I can’t talk myself out of it on financial grounds lol.


I actually finished all my Warhammer minis a few years ago. I haven’t been playing as I hate AoS. I’ve moved on to other games, but still have all my stuff. I just saw the Chaos Dwarf stuff and wanted it.

As for a printer, I bought mine for $180 last summer. I then spent about $50 more to get resin, tools, built my own light box, and alcohol (during a pandemic!). I’m sure you can either get a better printer for the same price or one that I got for even less these days.

A bottle of resin costs about $20 if you pick the less expensive brands that are just as good (if not better).

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Yeah, at the moment I’m trying to get my head around a lot of new information that I haven’t yet managed to process; layer and bed size, curing processes, and a hundred and one bits of terminology that I’m looking up one word at a time online lol.

I think I’m falling into my usual trap of over-analysing. Obviously these are consumer products so the manufacturers are going to make things as simple as possible in order to appeal to the biggest possible market, I just need to take the plunge and get stuck in and learn by messing stuff up the first few times.

I’ll probably pick one up in a couple of months and immediately wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.

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I noticed that Heroforge have a centaur option. I was able to put together something not unlike a Bull Centaur:


Share your wisdom @groznit

I’ve been using the any cubic grey with my photon to great effect. But always willing gentry something cheaper and better!

For what it’s worth, I bought the Anycubic Photon last year. It’s bed size is 115 x 65 x 155 mm. It’s big enough for me to print almost every mini I have tried. Oh, it won’t do terrain, but that’s where you find a friend with a filament and trade print jobs. Most of the time if you pay for a STL file for some big mini, it’s broken up into chunks that are easy to glue. They are mostly pre-supported, which means it’s super easy to print without weird conversions.

As for post printing, it is actually pretty easy. Dunk the minis into a tub of alcohol and swirl it around. Dunk it into the 2nd tub of the same to get even more of the run off resin off the mini. Now, I’ve found that it’s better to take the minis at this point and wash them in the sink with warm, soapy water. It will really really get off the left over resin. I use an old toothbrush.

After that, you just need to cure the resin. You can buy light boxes for a crap ton of cash, but I just got a card board box and put some UV light strips into it. Cost me $20. If I could change anything, I would’ve gotten a light that is more like a spot light. I saw some “how to” that suggested it. You cut a hole in the top of the box and tape the light to it. It blasts the light better than my light strips do. Leave it in for a few hours and flip them every hour or two. Oh, check the UV rating of your resin and get a light in that frequency. Most are about 403. Get anywhere within 20 of that and you are fine.

You are done! Don’t drop them, as they are brittle. I’ve busted too many minis due to clumsy fingers.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I have been using Reprapper 201 3D Printer Resin. In the US, it’s $16.88 for a 500ml bottle. I like it better than Anycubic.


I actually had a bad batch of resin from Anycubic. Took forever to troubleshoot the issue as it’s actually pretty rare to have a bad batch. Anycubic tech support spent a couple weeks with me on the phone, but that’s what it was. They sent a new bottle.

Heroforge is OK, but you pay how much for one mono pose? Without any sale, the Artisan Guild guys have 3 poses and can be bought for $10. Just wait for one of their many sales and you can get it cheaper.

If you need some guidance we can always have a chat on the discord…

As always, the kindness and patience of the people here blows me away. You’ve managed to explain more in a few posts than any of the convoluted articles I’ve slogged through online.

Thanks guys!

How come?