Antenor's Flintloque Adventures

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been slowly drawn into the world of Flintloque lately. I found myself toying around with some fun ideas for characters and stories set in that world, and what with one thing leading to another, I decided to set up this thread to document my doings in this little niche of my hobby – a catch-all for painted models, writings, scenario ideas, and everything to do with the system.

Of course, my shenanigans are centred around the concept of “evil dwarves”; to be precise, the dwarves of the City State of Stoutgart. From official sources we do not know much about them, but what we do know sounds interesting enough. For everyone who didn’t read it in the more general Flintloque thread, I’ll just re-post the relevant snippet from the “Bier & Bones” rulebook:

I’m fairly certain that we will hear more about these wicked dwarves soon, as AA is currently working on a campaign focused on the Monich Bier War. For the time being, I’ve used the great liberty granted by lack of official information to cook up some headcanon for myself.

As Stoutgart is part of the Confederation of Finklestein (the in-lore version of the historical Confederation of the Rhine), I used Finklestein Infantry models with some small-scale conversion to represent my Stoutgartians. In order to keep everything consistent with Flintloque’s peculiar style, I tried not to bring too many Evil Dwarf tropes into play. I did use skull badges, but these were used by military units of various nations in the 18th and 19th century, so do not mark their wearers as “evil” in the classic sense (although I do have an in-lore explanation for them, see below). The red-and-black I used for plumes, straps and the officer’s sash may feel like good old evil colours, but are actually also rooted in history, as red and black were the royal colours of Württemberg, whose capital was and is real-world Stuttgart (@Border.Reiver has already suggested this connection; also, a small nod to your home @Anzu :smile:).

But enough with the preliminaries. Let’s get this thread started. I hope you have as much fun reading and looking as I have writing and crafting! :hatoff:


So let’s meet our first protagonist - Colonel Diddik von Biern!

The Von Biern Dragoon Regiment

Driven to financial ruin by the loss of his slave-operated brewery in an embarrassingly small-scale revolt, former businessdwarf Diddik von Biern cashed in his last remaining favours among Stoutgart’s high society to obtain an officer’s commission in the army. Many were in fact relieved to see him change profession, his beer having generally been considered outrageous even by Stoutgartian standards. As an officer, Diddik could at least hope to retain his societal status as a gentledwarf; and considering that politics had been comparatively quiet in recent months, he was looking forward to receiving his pay while running only a small risk of seeing action. When the Monich Bier War erupted, his superiors were still much inclined to grant him that wish – mostly putting him on garrison duty in unimportant villages, preferably a long way from the rest of the army, where, so their reasoning, he could do no damage. But in the event, this sort of task served to bring out the very worst in Diddik’s already bad character, and the former slave owner proved to be exceptionally efficient in the handling of civilians and the troubles they occasionally cause.

Pleasantly surprised, Stoutgartian High Command decided to make the most of his obvious talents and tasked him with organising a new special force designed “to facilitate cooperation between the civilian population and our armed forces by such means as are deemed appropriate”. Diddik stipulated that a regiment of dragoons would be best suited to this task. High Command agreed – nothing but a regiment of dragoons would do, obviously, it stood to reason – but very regretfully added that with the price of war-pigs being what it was, the military budget did not allow for a new cavalry unit; and Stoutgart being only a moderately sized city-state with not much to go around in terms of manpower, the designation as “regiment” would have to be purely honorific, too.

Consequently, the Von Biern Dragoon Regiment is in fact a rather small body of infantry, and not one with a dashing appearance either – Diddik’s stubborn insistence on a custom variant of the standard Raupenhelm, featuring a skull badge for increased intimidation value, unfortunately did not leave much of a budget for the rest of the regiment’s uniform. Of course, any allegations that the Von Biern Dragoons are actually clad in “cheap raincoats with shoulder straps sewn on” are nothing but vicious slander. In any case, the zeal these soldiers display in carrying out their duties does make up for their lack in mounts, numbers and uniformity: Under their Colonel’s ruthless command, they variously act as garrisons, pressgangs, tax collectors, or simply a means of punishment for troublesome settlements. Diddik boasts that he has never yet failed to collect Stoutgart’s due – and some little extra for himself, of course.

To be continued.