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Father Grumpmas:

Every now and then a topic pops up about Chaos Dwarf style figures from other companies. I have been nosing around the net and complied a list of the examples I have seen of potential Chaos Dwarf figures. I would encourage others to post any others they know of as well.

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Possible Chaos Dwarf


Definite Chaos Dwarf


The Rackham range has two lines of Dwarfs, both of which have figures that could pass as Chaos Dwarfs - the scale is odd i.e. the dwarfs are big and quite wide but a lot of the figures are quite cool and the Prowlers of the Abyss minis could act as Bull Centaurs

DWARVES OF TIR-NA-BOR (the good guys?)


DWARVES OF MID-NOR (the bad guys!)


There are also the Degenerated Dwarves in the Limbo of Acheron range


The Twisted Tales Dwarves of Myth


The Heresy Dark Dwarf (tee-hee)


Fenryll has Mutant Dwarves and Chaos Dwarves



Ral Partha has some evil looking Dwarf types


Mirliton Miniatures have some Grenadier re-releases under their Chaos heading - the Dworgar look like they are supposed to be evil Dwarfs of some sort - not overly Chaotic though

Mirliton SG :: 25/28 mm miniatures for collectors and wargames

The Dwarf on Giant Bat from the Mirliton Dwarf range is interesting?


Westland Miniatures have their Dwarf Wars range - nothing overtly Chaotic to my eyes but a wide range of styles that might be what you are looking for


The Dwrowgrim are supposed to be the evil ones in this range



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Very nice compilation! Well done. :slight_smile:


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Father Grumpmas:

Mars Ultor has the ARRASADORES DEL APOCALIPSIS in their Chaos section - these guys could double as Bull Centaurs - they do have a mask thing going on rather than a big hat.


The Dwarf section contains a great figure to use as a Kolossus, assuming that is a 40x40mm (or bigger!) base it is pictured on


The Grendel Leviathan range also has some Kolossus style figures



Well, I use these guys in my CD army:

Maybe also these guys (not sure what scale they are):








ceraintly some really cool ones. I think some of the mid nor dwarfs wold make really great sorcerers


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The Ral Partha Dwarfs may well find themselves into my army as Immortals…

And the Kolossus is awesome, if a bit too Dwarfy.

Father Grumpmas:

Thanks to Styroform King for pointing out these miniatures that would make good Hobgoblin figures: Forest goblins from Heartbreaker

Available here


The spearmen would need converting to hand weapons but if you wanted fully amoured foot hobbos then these guys look good

Father Grumpmas:

This website appears to still be under development but check out the WIP greens for some interesting CD designs


A couple of examples


Nice work grumpas (saves us the trouble :))

Don’t forget pulper’s chaos dwarfs though.

Father Grumpmas:

Got them up there in the first post, under Twisted Tales - rather nice miniatures on the whole - have been tempted :slight_smile:


Whoops, didn’t see that!

Ghrask Dragh:


Also some VERY good Orc Boar Boyz and Goblin Wolf Riders!!

Father Grumpmas:

This mail order-only Rackham Dwarf looks a bit chaotic (something nasty seems to have happened to him :P)

Ghrask Dragh:

More miniatures can be seen here…


Ghrask Dragh:

:cheers to Warlord for introducing me to Chronopia Dwarfs! the rest of them can be found here…



In this compilation of alternative Chaos Dwarf figures - I think there should be room for this Trollkin Thumper (From PrivateerPress):

Could be interesting as artillery in a CD army - perhaps as a Death Rocket or even a Bolt Trower conversion. (and if you read No Quarter Magazine! I can tell, that issue #15 has a very interesting painting article (with detailed photos) about this cannon.

I also quote this post about alternatives for hobbos - as it should all be in one thread!:

Don’t forget Olley’s Armies. They have some tribal looking Dwarfs, Samurai Orcs that can pass for Hobbos and some cool monsters. If you dont mind cutting metal you might be able to use his scrunts to.

Olleys Armies Wargame Miniatures Home Page

We won’t forget Olley’s :slight_smile: Think the Nemesis Goblins (or some of them) would be great hobbos to:

Together with these 2 new releases (acc. to Harbringer no. 36)��

I’ll consider using them in my army when they are released.

EDIT 12-14-2007: The rest of the new 16 Nemesis Gobbos can be found here

Kera foehunter:

those are some sweet cd but i like the Kera Foehunter

Wow we have the same name. ha ha

Omg flying monkey chaos dwarf !!!wow that omost like cussing. thats a cool figure