[Archive] Artisan's Contest #2

Hashut’s Blessing:

[size=xx-large]The Artisan’s Contest: A Chaos Dwarf Online Conversion Ideas Contest[/size]

Welcome! Welcome to all! This is a contest for those that are not so inclined to paint or just like to come up with plausible ideas. It’s for those that may not be artists, but for those that wish to be artisans. This is not a modelling contest, but more of a concept contest. Good description for designs not created must be understandable. This is the second such contest and we hope it will produce many more! Either way, enjoy it!

What do I have to do?

The competition is as follows: You are to create the Prison Wagon, from the Border Town Burning Mordheim Chaos Dwarf Warband list. This can take any form, the only condition is that it must be plausible, exist within the list’s rules and, if given the correct parts, capable of being made. If you’re unsure of what to do, our friendly forum members and staff will be glad to help you out.

Why would I want to enter a Chaos Dwarf Artisan’s Contest?

Lots of reasons. Perhaps you already play Chaos Dwarfs, so this is a great reason to share some ideas. Maybe you’re getting bored of your lack of possible and plausible creations that aren’t directly playable models. Perhaps you don’t yet collect Chaos Dwarfs, but want a unqiue way to start. It’s only an idea if you wish. Entering this contest will be fun! There’s a great prize for the winner too! The winner of this contest will receive their very own Artisan’s medal. Also, the winner and runners up (if there are enough entrants) will have their concepts mentioned in the Border Town Burning booklet, without doubt and other entrants may be mentioned as well. Surely you wish to help out others and spread the Chaos Dwarf word and be published?

How does this contest work?

To enter, just register on the Chaos Dwarf Online forum (which I’m assuming you are already since you’re reading this) and PM your fully explained entries and, if you have made them, pictures to myself (that’s Hashut’s Blessing) by Saturday, the 28th of June, 2008. Entries will be posted on the website. Starting on Sunday, the 29th of June, 2008, a poll shall be created for users to vote for the winning entry. (You will not be able to vote for yourself.) You have roughly seven weeks, so if you need to acquire some parts, be sure to do so as soon as possible so you have ample time to prepare.

The run down:

- Create an idea for: A Mordheim Chaos Dwarf Prison Wagon.

- PM your finished and fully explained entries to myself by Saturday, the 28th of June, 2008, in the form of up to 4 pictures and a few sentences on how the idea is to be put into implementation. It is recommended that if pictures/drawings are included, that you take a close-up/different angle of several parts.

- Cast your vote starting Sunday, the 29th of June, 2008. Poll lasts one week until Sunday, the 5th of July, 2008, expires at GMT.

- Winner receives a medal and their idea published in the Border Town Burning Supplement.

May the best Chaos Dwarf Slaver win!

Knight Of Awsome:

Hopfully this time ill enter, unlike last time were i left it off to long and didt not get it in on time… but hey ill combind my golden hat and artisan sculpts somehow, but now to plan!


Hopefully we will see an even bigger turnout for the second installment for sure.

After all, all you really need is an active imagination… and a keyboard!


Awesome! :cheers

How about including a link to the warband rules like in the GH6 since they include the rules and description what a Prison Wagon is? You know, for those Cave Trolls who have been living inside a rock for the last couple weeks.


Wow, two competitions at the same time and a holiday in between! Good thing I already started the prison wagon! :cheers:


Yeah the site outage in December/January really wrecked our timetable. Plus we wanted to make sure we supported Border Town Burning.


Stupid question, but how does a Mordheim Chaos Dwarf Prison Wagon’ looks like? Or can I make a model just as the fancy takes me?


Pyro Stick:

Stupid question, but how does a Mordheim Chaos Dwarf Prison Wagon' looks like? Or can I make a model just as the fancy takes me?


I think the whole point of this competition is just to make something up, as long as its plausible. If there was already a set model for this then i doubt there would be a competition to design one.


Imagine what you will and do it. Along with Golden Hat VI the contest has very few restrictions.


Ok, thank you for helping. I think I will enter the ‘The Artisan’s Contest: A Chaos Dwarf Online Conversion Ideas Contest’ and

‘Golden Hat VI’. Can I also join both contest with the same model?



Tying in a theme between the two is fine and encouraged. However the focus of each contest is spelled out.


I have linked to the supplement on this thread as well!

I already have mine in the works! :wink:

To be honest, I am having a hard to making it a Daemon engine. I kind of want to have it pulled by creatures, so I wll have to work that into the Daemon theme some how. Hehe.

Kera foehunter:

well at this time i don’t know . i have a figure trade at another site to do pluss the other contest . but don’t write me out yet!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thanks, Mr. Xander. i didn’t have the time to look for the link. Yes, the model can look however you like. go nuts. Just make it possible! This contest should be easier to enter than Golden hat, but it doesn;t make it easier to win, so go all out!


hm, i cannot open the .pdf to look at the rules of a prison wagon. the link doen’t work :frowning:


Hmmm worked for me. PM sent Snotling…


It works fine here at my labtop! - so I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with the link.

Btw: Welcome back - so nice to see you’re back with us! - now get back to you work … please

Hashut’s Blessing:

I found on the BTB website that none of their PDFs work for me. I’ll type it out :smiley: NOTE: THIS IS NOT MINE. IT IS CREDITED TO THE LINK ABOVE AND IS FROM BORDER TOWN BURNING!

prison wagon

100 gold crowns

Availability: Common, Chaos Dwarfs only

The Chaos Dwarfs lock up their victims in an armoured wagon. This ‘prison on wheels’ is used to transport captives back to the Dark Lands to feed fuel to the furnaces or be sacrificed to Hashut.

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld

Prison - - - - 8 4 - - -

Wheel - - - - 6 1 - - -

Daemon Engine 6 - - - 6 3 - - -


Wagon: The Prison Wagon follows all rules for Wagons (see Empire in Flames Supplement, p. 30�?“33). A Chaos Dwarf must function as the wagon driver. No other models but captives may board the Prison Wagon. No more than six captives may be locked in the Prison at a time �?” large creatures (Ogres, Minotaurs, etc.) count as two models.

Engine: The Prison Wagon is powered by a Daemon Engine. All references to draft animals pulling the Wagon should be treated as referring to its Engine. Prison Wagon movement is unaffected by cargo.

Captives: Models become captives by rolling the Captured result on the Serious Injuries table or by being taken out of action by a Man-catcher. Note that in both cases their equipment is lost to the Chaos Dwarf warband. Some results on the Mordheim Exploration chart let Chaos Dwarfs acquire captives: Straggler (one) and Prisoners (D3). From the Empire in Flames Exploration chart: Raving Lunatic (one), Lost Children (two), Mordheim Refugees (D3), The Hanging Tree (one), Small Farm and Large Farm (two). Captives can be set free by destroying the Prison Wagon or by using the prison keys. If a model puts the Chaos Dwarf warband’s leader out of action they take the keys. A model that takes the keys may free the captives by moving into base contact with the Prison. If the Chaos Dwarfs rout before this happens or if the

model with the keys is taken out of action (losing the keys to a new keeper), the captives remain captured. Freed captives must move towards the closest board edge. Captives not from warbands use the profile for human Warriors (see Mercenary warband). Rescued captives return to their former warbands.

Hashut’s Reward: The Chaos Dwarfs may choose to send captives back to the Dark Lands after a battle. If they do, all captured models are sacrificed to Hashut. The Prison Wagon plus one Hero must miss the next battle. No models may be captured until they return. Captives must be removed from their warbands rosters permanently. After the Hero rejoins the warband consult the following table to determine the reward.

Captives Hashut�?Ts Reward

1-3 +1 Experience point for the leader.

4-5 +D3 Experience points which can be

distributed among the Heroes.

6 +2D3 Experience points which can be

distributed among the Heroes plus D6x5

gold crowns.


There are no PDF files available from the BTB site currently (they will after the release but not yet). I specifically put up the note (in the red box) saying so.

Anyways, you can download the list from both this thread’s starting post or from the GH#6 thread. (http://www.chaosdwarf.com/CD.pdf)


thanks again, Willmark.

well, now i have some questions about the contest. what do you have to do to win it? ^^ is it just a kind of a drawing contest, who draws the best looking, most authentic prison wagon, or will the person win, who creats a prison wagon, which is possible (and maybe easy) to build?