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Hello to everybody,

Xander and Pyro Stick eventually convinced me to join CDO.

I would like to show Zharr-Ngrund’s Bluebeards Clan!

Why bluebeards, you’ll know later :smiley:

I start with my (in)-famous Sorcerer of Death Magick:

and sorcerer of Fire Magick:

Is it clear I am a big hat lover? :o

My entire army is 4/5th edition style!

Hope you enjoy. :hat off

More pics are coming as soon as possible.

Bassman :cheers

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Ghrask Dragh:

Hurray! I’ve been waiting for these guys :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard :hat off

For those who don’t know this guy can green stuff with the best of them :smiley: I like your army theme too, always good to see a change from the black beard. Stunning big hats here, the death sorcerer is amazing, still not painted though?

Can’t wait for the rest Bassman! hope you like it here :cheers


Oh, thank you!

It’s just a couple of minutes and I get a reply… cool!

I’m really busy in this period but I wish to give you some nice surprises very soon. :hat

See ya soon :wink:


Goodness gracious! Your sculpting is quite remarkable, now where’s the painted stuff then?


Hurrah! Bassman!

Welcome, and an excellent first showing at CDO. We await your entire collection of pictures. :wink:



The Pyromancer’s staff was obviously ripped streight from my head, as it’s an idea I had Monday night…


Hello to everybody :smiley: thank you for the warm welcome to this website.
Khan: something painting is going t arrive very soon, be patient, in other forums I’m famous because I’m slooooooooow :h
Hi Xander, thank you. New pictures are coming very soon.

The Pyromancer’s staff was obviously ripped streight from my head, as it’s an idea I had Monday night…

Hey, these minis are many moths old! :smiley: and still unpainted :sad

In the meanwhile read this:
See ya soon

puppet gathering:

wow great conversions i love those big hats and also welcome to the site


The Pyromancer's staff was obviously ripped straight from my head, as it's an idea I had Monday night...

Hey, these minis are many moths old! :D

Time travel AND psychic spying

The "Fire Staff" rules (Need a better name) will be in the next revision of my army book. It's basically a two-handed, strike last weapon with +1S and flaming attacks. Only a few units can have them.

This reminds me of seeing my favourite band perform a new song for the first time, and pointing out to them after the show that my band had written the exact same song a week earlier!

Great minds think alike.
Fools rarely differ.


Ah, been waiting to see your face/modles on here! Now get cracking and paint those cool models! :cheers:

Kera foehunter:

Bassman what they give to join the site

cookie and punch!!!

well those are some nice cd great job btw

well welcome to the site Bassman hope to see you around

Pyro Stick:

Im always amazed at how awesome your scultps are everytime i see them! Glad to see you finally got round to joining CDO. Cant wait to see a lot more of your stuff. You should go through your HoH blog and just post every picture from there here.


Awesome work Bassman - so glad to see you here, finally :smiley:


Zharr-Ngrund speaking: "No one tremble with fear? Ahrrrr, we are really between good old dwarfs that fear nothing! Not like sissy elves on Druchii.net! Ahahahhahah :cheers "

Something painted? Here they are:

A bit old stuff but still OK. There is also a super rare 5th edition blunderbusses standard bearer! :slight_smile:

Kera: thank you and, yes Xander and Pyro offered an huge amount of slaves… :smiley:

slev Really? What is the name of the band? Do you play music?


your two sorceror/wizards are amazing. I am just curious, what do/would you charge for something like that for a one off model?

Kera foehunter:

Nice!!! like the banners and the Blunderbuss great colors!!


Great bighats! I love the blue beards and the banners are very cool too. Your greenstuff skills are something to be envied. Can’t wait for more :slight_smile:


Well done you have pulled off the blue highlighting technique well.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

very very nice work and nice to see you round:cheers


Very nicely done!

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