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Have you missed this: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/6132

Don’t worry because if you have you’re not alone. I have never paid that particular thread much (if any) attention, but I am now. I think this is a brilliant idea that needs some focus. I’m here to provide that focus.

Here is my intentions for said webzine:

- Name YTBD, I’m leaning towards The Voice of Hashut or perhaps The Word of Hashut

- Frequency: At the outset, 4 times a year, quarterly if you will.

- Length: 8 pages (including cover) max to start, more pages can always be added but this not going to be a 32 page monstrosity, at least to start… EDIT: Looks like first one will be 16 pages… Groan 24… And that’s it! :wink:

- Format: PDF

- Hard deadlines: I will be posting deadlines (that are known in the industry as “drop dead dates”). If you say you are going to have an article in, you had better have it ready by the date…

As I posted in the thread, this is not to sound harsh. But I’m not going to undertake this if its a design by committee approach, nothing will ever get done that way, it hasn’t for almost a year.

What is needed:

- Articles

- Graphics

- Artwork

- Battle Reports

- Guest editorials

- Etc…

Post back with comments here as I want to gauge interest before launching this.

Inaugural issue #1 would be out no later then June 30th, then each quarter from there one out if all goes well, so the plan would be for 3 this year, 4 next, etc…


I’ve been secretly writing my own over the last few months. I figured that once the first issue was out it could be improved on later issues. Most of the articles were written by me, and I planned to get a few more (discretely) from other posters on the site. It is/was intended to be more of a “Best of CDO” rather than a large amount of original work, so it doesn’t rely on submissions or writers but the great stuff that people post of the forums. It is at about 10 pages at the moment, but lacks a battle report and fanfluff section to complete it. I could send it to you if you want to see the current state.


Sure I’m accepting submissions for everything, because if something doesn’t make it into the first issue there is always the next or the one after that and so on.

More ideas:

- Bloodbowl articles

- Conversion ideas

- Artwork

- Original stories

- Cover submissions

Also send in links to other’s sites fanzines that you think are good for ideas…


A loaf of bread $2.00 …

Your favorite swimsuit $32.00 …

Making Willmark a Mod of Hashut PRICELESS!

I am gonna rack my brain to think of something creative to contribute, I will keep you posted.


I really ought to bring my tablet to work and draw things in photoshop in my spare time, namely, Chaos Dwarfs…


I really ought to bring my tablet to work and draw things in photoshop in my spare time, namely, Chaos Dwarfs...

Would love to see you design the cover for the very first issue Xander... its only fitting.... If you can find the time and still pump out miniatures (the natives are getting restless!)


Thanks Vexxus that really made me laugh…

I’ve got some ideas for borders that will need to be done… I’ll PM you tomorrow with ideas.

Some of the initial work will need to be spread around to meet the end of June deadline. Let alone get submissions in. I’m going to do this in InDesign which will make it a breeze to layout, once its setup that is.

Cover submissions (along with anything else) are open for submission. Preferable all artwok needs to be high res so if people want to print it out, it won’t look like mud. So for cover dimensions of 8 1/2 x 11 maximum is preferred.


I’d be happy to do some artwork for it :slight_smile:

Some old stuff I did for Druchii.net here, (looking veeeery dated to me :))

And the Chaos dwarf one i did the other day

And maybe some sculpting bits and pieces too, if people want.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Very nifty dwarings there, Baggronor! The chrome look of the sorceror in the last picture is very special. :hat off

I’d be ready to contribute a small article, provided that it’s something I actually have anything to say about, and that someone else finds the time to read and correct it. ^^


I wouldnt mind contributing for battle reports. I pretty much have atleast one battle per week.Only issue is that my army is still in the beggining stages of being Hashut-ified. So it is not yet quite done.


Excellent stuff here guys

Baggronor- you have just been drafted for artwork. Welcome!:wink:

Ishkur- send it to me well take it from there,

Doogle- get me some info on at least one battle report.

I’m starting to line up cover art. Looks like either Xander or Lord Archaon (only fitting since he’s been involved in this for months) or Xander since he started the site. But bear in mind the goal will be to get materials for the following issues as well.

To all reading the thread a VERY GOOD Editor is going to be needed for proof reading, spell and grammar checking. I’m now accepting applications. :wink:

UPDATE Sojourn has accepted teh editing assignment! Bravo!


Now accepting submissions for Member spotlight. Send in info on who you are why you got into the hobby, and why chaos dwarfs! If you don’t make it in this one there is always the next!

Thommy H:

I wouldn’t mind signing up to do a short story or something. It’s kind of What I Do.


Wow, this is amazing!

Excellent work all! We need more artwork!!! I smell a new contest!!


yay now I feel like a true contributor! I look forward to pulling out my red pen and putting everyone in their grammatical place! bwahaha.

I swear, I won’t let the power go to my head… and if I do, it will only be a small amount that I’ll let affect me. :wink:

and PS - nice art… were those watercolour? or was it done through PS? hehe, a PS about PS. lol

PPS - my favourite bathing suit did NOT cost $32 :frowning: but good choice indeed :slight_smile:


i will do some art work and post it on here tell we if you think its good anouth =)

(soz about the spelling)


i will do some art work and post it on here tell we if you think its good anouth =)
(soz about the spelling)

Send your me a PM with your art when ready.

Kera foehunter:

sweet i even like the dark elf chick it show where to put the hook when using her as shark bate


Thommy H:

So do you want any fiction or not, Willmark?


Yes, PM me I’m accepting submissions for almost anything.