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how can i make really easy chaos dwarfs without green stuff?



you can just paint normal dwarfs in a dark colour, dark reds are good for this, start by removing as much of the standard dwarf signs as possible ie the designs on the shields, the runes on the weapons.

If you want to do some converting with out using green stuff some simple axe swaps with warriors of chaos work really well for this and you can create blunderbuss buy gluing the small round shields that you get in the standard dwarf warriors box on to the end of the thunders guns and bobs you uncle a great looking unit of blunderbuss.

Here is a link to my army blog, https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/9189 near the bottom of the 5th page is what the blunderbuss look like, all on the 2nd pages are my unit of warriors and you can see the basic axe swap, the miners from the bfsp set make great warriors with great weapons :slight_smile: Hope this has helped


Very blurry pics of my “evil dwarfs”. Basically older dwarf plastics with chaos weapons and a mix of other stuff, such as chaos helmets.

And here’s a Dwarf Lord painted as evil, and minimally converted. Mostly its just plastic components added.



The safest bet would be to simply add chaos bits, primarily shields and weapons, to regular dwarf plastics. Marauder shields and hand weapons alone can go a long way if you paint the Dwarves in dark colours and pale skin. I do recommend you learn to use GS though, it allows so much more flexibility when converting.


You could make it with other shields and a special colour scheme like I did it with my Immortals:




no replies about big hats plz


I sort of assumed you didn’t want it, mostly because big hats aren’t easy to convert unless you use Tjub’s method. Do you have any notion of what style you’d want your CDs to have?


Wiki attack: [[Chaos Dwarf Hobby Articles]]

There are a few in there that use little to no greenstuff.


its because i dont like big hats

Kera foehunter:

well get verion 6.5 dwarf warriors and put the long beard mask on them

that a simpest non green stuff i can do