[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs Online Magazine Project

Crimson Prophet:

Project Name: Chaos Dwarfs Online Magazine

Project Leaders: Crimson Prophet and Co.

Project Goal: To provide better access to Chaos Dwarf material and information

Here is the Plan for Issue One:

Zharr Naggrund Magazine

Chaos Dwarfs Online

Page 1

Table of Contents

Page 2

Coronation of the Chaos Dwarfs Online Magazine

Special Thanks to All Involved

Letters to the Editor

Page 3 - 4

Messages from the Overlords Xander and Co.

Page 5 - 7

Advice Columns: Uzkul Werit (Army Lists)

������������ Are you a first time Chaos Dwarf player and wanting to know how to get started? Look here.

Page 8 - 10

Conversion Article: Kyte and Xander

������������ Convert a Battle for Skull Pass Dwarf into a Chaos Dwarf

Page 11 - 12

Painting Guide: TBA

������������ Need some tips as to paint your models? Look no further.

Page 13 - 18

Army Showcase: Kyte’s Kings of Pain Army

������������ Interview

������������ Army List

������������ Tips

Page 20 - 21

“7th Edition” Chaos Dwarfs Unit - Immortals: TBA

������������ Rules

������������ Background

������������ Short Story

������������ References to Real-Time Persian Immortals

Page 20 - 24

Short Stories: torn


Page 25 - 27

Battle Report: TBA

Page 28

“Divining the Darkness” Horoscopes : Uzkul Werit

Page 29

* Nemesis Campaign: TBA

��������������Champion of Zharr Naggrund

Features his rules and background for the Campaign and advice as to his use.


Blood Bowl/ Mordheim/ Warmaster

Page 30

Map of the Chaos Dwarf Empire TBA

������������ First Issue. Second Issue > Will contain fan-made maps of Chaos Dwarf locations

Page 31

Next Month Preview:


*Counts as Advertising for Games-Workshop Campaign


Sounds really neat!

my only suggestion would be to move the map of the darklands to the back of the magazine

Sorta like the ‘how to contact us section’

Crimson Prophet:

Indeed. Thanks for the complement. Alrighty, map to the back. Oooo. That rhemes.


I’ve added the Project header to the top feel free to update it by editing your post.

Looking forward to this!


i can get started right away on a short story if you can give me a word count to aim for, or if you dont know a page count and a font size will do :stuck_out_tongue:

Crimson Prophet:

sure, um a page would do, with about size 8-10.


Uzkul Werit:

I’ll do the Advice bit and if no one else takes it, the Horoscopes.

The Advice column should be like a tactics article right?

Crimson Prophet:

sure man, advising on specifics, like army composition, using artillery, etc. I’m sure we could just reference the new “army book” that is building built by CDO. So, yeah. I need content so I can properly plan things.

When you have something, email me at cam-il33tecadre@hotmail.com



You can do the army feature with my army, and feel free to use any of the pics in my blog, along with my bolt thrower and bfsp dwarf making toturials.


- Kyte

Uzkul Werit:

For the first advice column, I’ll just run through simple army composition. Starting at 500pts, then working up in 500pts blocks to 2000pts. Should be handy for all the new arrivals we’ve had recently.

Crimson Prophet:

@ Kyte: awesome. I will compile some questions as to your army and your inspirations.

@ Uzkul Werit: ok. Will you use the official list, or the “unofficial” one?

At this rate, my assignment, and de facto this website magazine are going to be awesome. I thank you all in advance.

:hat off


Uzkul Werit:

The Ravening Hordes one. But once the unoffical one is complete, I could always rattle off a few articles about that.

Crimson Prophet:

Ok, I’ve edited the first post to encompass who and what people are doing. Ok? Sweet.


Uzkul Werit:

I’ll be on holiday in a week or so guys. And soon after, I’ll be moving house. So my stuff might be just slightly later in that I would’ve liked.

Crimson Prophet:

Please private message me when you have content and I will provide you my personal email address. Thanks.

Uzkul Werit:

It’s finished! Expect it to be sent on Sunday.

Crimson Prophet:

Excellent, keep them coming people. Please. As soon as possible.


Any progress on this? :slight_smile:

Crimson Prophet:

Any progress on this? :)

A little bit, do you have any colour schemes in mind? Like your username background pic? Something that can remain coherant through the magazine. Each page is A4 in size, so something like that would be good. Currently, I have it just purple, to gauge the colour and the text.

I have about 4 weeks to finish this, so please, if you have content ppl, nows the time to PM me and I'll give you a proper email address to send it to.

Thank you all.


Do I have any colour schemes in mind??

Um? What program are you laying out the magazine in?