[Archive] Clam's Garage (WIP Chaos Dwarf Grenadier)


Did I hear anyone scream necromancy here? :smiley:

- yeah, I migh have. As you can see I haven�?Tt overran this blog lately. It�?Ts not that I haven�?Tt been building and painting anything in the past many months - but it�?Ts has been more true scale projects that I have attended.

Wife ordered me to rebuild our house �?" as I promised her back in 2006, when we bought it. Therefore, since September, I have been using all my spare time tearing down large parts of our house �?" to build her a new kitchen and dinning room. But I can see an end to it all, now. Still need to restore a few walls and to do a new floor in our utility room �?" but with Easter coming up �?" I think I could finish most of it by then.

And that means more hobby time for me :smiley:

Some might have seen that I�?Tve changed the title a little bit �?" this blog is no longer about scratch building an entire Tyrant Zhurak CD army.

When I started out �?" back in 2007- I never thought that I - 1½ year later - would have been able to collect an entire classic CD army �?" but here I am. So, I�?Tve boxed quite a few of the scratch build projects �?" and will (from now on) focus on building a complete 3rd-ish army.

This blog will (the next many months) mainly be about the progresses I do in my CD army building. Focus will be on building those Chaos Dwarfs that the 3rd edition range doesn�?Tt provide me with �?" but, I will also come and show you some of the other stuff I�?Tll be working on as well. So it will be more like shots from my workbench (Garage) from now on �?" so that should explain the new title…

As all warriors will be unconverted standard 3rd ed-ish/Marauders �?" there is really not much to show here �?" but to bulk up the units I plan on doing a few unit-fillers �?" and then there is the Lords/heroes and rare choices - all these should find there way in here.

First, an overview of what�?Ts in the Garage right now:

And for those who might ask? The answer is: �?~yes�?T, I�?Tm starting out Blood Bowl too :smiley: (and ‘no’ it’s not a april fools joke)

�?" hopefully my box set will show up tomorrow or Friday. I�?Tm really looking forward to build a few Blood Bowls teams as well - and start playing. I�?Tll start out with Orcs �?" and haven�?Tt decided the 2nd team yet �?" but I�?Tm leaning towards a 2nd Ed Chaos Dwarfs team

�?" but these upcoming female dwarfs

And the Impact! Dwarfs/Chaos Dwarfs are rather tempting too :smiley:

- But, let�?Ts make this more into chaos dwarfs �?" shall we?

Some might have seen my asking for wing sizes (here - and I still need wings for the count as Lammasu - so would still like some help) - but for the Taurus I went for the old 4th Ed Taurus wings.

So here he is - my WIP Taurus/Iron Bull:

The Skullfaced mounted Lord:

The Taurus and Rider:

It still needs quite a lot of GS work to do - but it should give you a picture of what I’m aiming for. The Lord is nearly done - still a bit cleaning up to do, but that’s it really.

The Bull still needs a lot of GS on wings - and I�?Tm also thinking about adding some chains and perhaps a few spikes �?" but not that sure where or how - so please come forth with any ideas you might have.

That’s it for tonight.