[Archive] Clam's Garage (WIP Chaos Dwarf Grenadier)

Kera foehunter:

That is a cool place thanks for the link clam


Glad to hear there’ll be more bull centaurs!



With Christmas coming up, a heavy work load and the fact I’m in lack of bits for the warriors (need Chaos heads, shields and weapons badly), more BCs ect. - there’s not much news to bring you my friend.

But I have had time to finish the Bull Centaur (I think - if the leather strap on the axe handle will ever dry up:P) - still greens though!

- and now I’m just waiting for a box of Silver Helms and some appropriated shields to arrive.

I’m still working on my BB-unit - the Mortar is almost finished and I’ve also been working on a Swivel Gun (some may have seen it in Kera’s Swivel Gun Thread)��

The chain will be attached to the gunners handle, when it’s painted:)

And then I have been playing with some balsa wood - and have come up with this idea for a first slave. The idea is, that he is carrying Rockets for the Death Rocket Crew - even made an open box:)

I’m not felling for “the fitting slaves” approach to CDs, but hard labouring slaves are welcome - also at Zhurak’s raiding Party -��but I’m in now way able to come up with 4 more ideas within December 16th - so you won’t see my in GH#4 - but I’m looking forward to see your entries - good luck!

Merry Christmas

- Clam


Love the bull centaur Clam, one thing I’d say is you want to get shot of that saddle!


REally cool so far clam!

I especially like the BC, i have never been able to sculpt chains, how do you do it?

One criticism though, i think shortening the bull body of it would make it look better, it looks a bit elongated

Kera foehunter:

great job i love your bullcentaur. i was thinking how to make chains yesterday. You just made my day clam simple chains!!! thanks Kera

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Very nice job, a lot of creative energy there… and the GS chains are simply impressive! :o


if you chainmail over the sadle completely, that will look more brilliant than it already does, great looking chains :cheers

the whole army is looking really good, keep it up:cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

I would only say that you need to sculpt either scale or ringmail onto the horse body just behind the torso’s back. Then, it’ll be perfect. I’m going to steal this idea, still. Must practice GS skills. Damnit…

Also, swivel gun is looking very good.

Unique slave idea and shows the point of them perfectly. I especially like the open death rocket crate thing :smiley: Kudos! Slave-o


Great stuff as always Clam. However there is something awkward about the height of the torso in relation to the bull body.

Kera foehunter:

hey clam what are the icon you use on the ammo boxes or are theythe handels??

Hashut’s Blessing:

They are handles, Kera. I never mentioned how much I like the swivel gun guy’s helmet. Also, can you do a tutorial on sulpting bull legs and doing the ringmail and chain parts when you next make one, pleaase? It’d be excellent if you could. Video would be preferable, pictures and text will suffice :wink:


Thx! - and very constructive criticism - always nice to get feed back - and you guys are the best :cheers

First of all I would say, that I - myself - am quiet pleased with the BC - and will definitely do more.

But yes! - I have to do something about “the saddle impression”. I think the front armour needs the “saddle” to look natural - just have to make it look “less saddle” and “more like armoury and harness”. I’m thinking of more chains and some spikes perhaps!

As said earlier - I was very much in doubt about torso. The problem is the angle of the steeds head attachment don’t fit a normal “human” torso. I had - from the start - decided on the head, so the proportion of the model was given - had to use a human torso, and human arms (though I’ve also tried with Blorc’s - but the the head turns out wrong).

Perhaps a pic explains better though:

Front side is - to me - perfect. He has the right height - but yes - the side view shows a compressed body - as I had to remove a little bit from the back of the torso and fill the small gab in front of him. If not, he would have looked to tall (The gab before cutting was 6-7mm, now it’s only about 3mm) - and the shoulderpads don’t help eighter -so I had to compromise. This is the resulte! But then again - it’s a dwarf - he should look compressed:)

So - WarplockM -��maybe shortening the legs could do the trick! I’ll think about that!


It’s handles as HB said - made from wire.


I’ll let Xander do the video-guides :hat off - but I have used this tutorial about chains - I’ve also use it for the ringmail. Very straight forward!

And nothing special about the legs then. Just pined and two layers of GS (first form - second details) - but I’ll think about a thread in the “conversion forum” - when I’m doing the next Bulls!

Kera foehunter:

well i had the same problem on 2 of my guys i had to put a spacer about 1/4 "

I think a chest from a black orc may be just right with that beefy guy.And the black orc mask would look cool.


Very nice work Clam, I would have never thought of using a High Elf steed.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Cool cool. I was just wondering if we could get some close ups on the leg detail, like where to put muscle curvature etc…


great job on the bull centaur.


Get painting this army already! :wink:

Ghrask Dragh:

Very impressive chains clam :hat off

I also really like the helms (on the swivel gun gunner in particular!). Looking forward to the rest!



First thx for all the nice comments (again) - and for being patience with my :slight_smile:

As so many others here - my project was put on standby together with CDO.

My excuse (this time :)) was IA volume 3 and some greenskins from a far, far future - and the fact, that I’m in lack for useable bits. But with another BFSP-boxset, a SCM Rhino (just the spiky bits :)), a box of SCMs and some helpful friends at powerfist.dk that problem is solved for now - and I’m now back on the road to evilness.


No not a single drop is spilled - and why? Because I can’t make the bases work out the way I want to. I want dull cracking rocky bases (like Bjorni’s I think) but haven’t figured out how to do them yet. Anyone with a good idea or maybe even a tutorial.

So what have I done?

I have hacked up a dozen more warriors and given them a proper head, started the standard bearer and the champion for the HW warriors. The musician (see earlier in this thread) still needs a lot of GS-work. But I’m - now - concentrated on finishing the first of two BB unit of 18 (Working on the Bazooka-team and mortar crew).

And a Metal Sorcerer “stollen” from Border Reiver:hat off

I’ll soon bring you a picture update.

Cheers Clam:hat