[Archive] General thread of a paint-a-holic


Hey guys. Just starting a general log becouse i’m getting tired of having so many different logs for all my different things so just gonna cram them into this one. Here are the links to my other logs.

Red green clan


Dinosaur Heavy Lizzies


The Raven Host


Lets start of with somehting none fantasy. Thats right, it’s time this log had some 40k stuff. So here we are.

My first space wolf mini. I thinks it’s not bad but need to do some very special detailing to it (like the symbol on the pad).

Now here is the fantasy stuff.

Dwarf Longbeards


Marauder Horsemen

The dwarfs are coming along rather quickly. On the hammerers also have my first blond beards. Horsemen are coming along rather nicely as well. Need to look at a specific GW articale for the last horse though.

Will have more this week.

Kera foehunter:

wow i like the dwarfs bottom up


Thx kera.

Well it’s time for yet another update and I have a fairly good one( I think ).

First up is a skink priest.

Just started painting him today. This shouldn’t take me to much longer hopefully. Should defenetly have him done before the end of the month.

Next is my dwarfs.



Gonna leave these guys for a while until the swordsmen are finished. Should be done shortly after.

Now that dwarfs are out of the way it’s on to chaos warriors.

Marauder Horsemen

Feals great to be getting these guys done finally. Have a fair bit left to do on them but not to much.

And next up is my finished Rune Priest.

Shoulder pad

I’m really proud how well he turned out. Now I have to grab some space wolves and chaos marines and get to making more 13th company space wolves.

Will have more some time soonish.


Back with more stuff painted.

Skink Priest

Quick, simple, and done. Now on to finishing the engine.

Marauder Horsemen

Finally found the color I wanted to use on the horse. Coming along quickly. Just need to do more on the gold and other areas.

Deep Ones

Been a while sence I worked on these guys. Finally decided how I wanted their right arms to look sence I couldn’t find any good ones I wanted. I may change them to round bases before I paint them but that has yet to be decided.


Back with finished Marauder Horsemen.

So glade these guys are done. With them done I can now work on my dragon ogres.

I finally found a way to do the arms that I like. Now I just need to do a lot…And I mean a lot of GSing on them and find two more hands from the chaos spawn.

Another good thing to come from the marauders being done is I can work on these guys again.



Getting really close to finishing these guys. And to tell the truth it makes me smile. just have some touch ups and leather areas to do and they are done.

Will be back soon.


A very unexpected update with a lot finished.

First up I finished both dwarf stuff.



So happy these guys are finally done. But I do have to get back to the 20 dwarf warriors I was working on before I started these ones.

Also finished sculpting my first dragon ogre.

Should see this one painted up next month. Still have three more left to sculpt but they should go very qucikly.

Thats all for now. Will be back later in the week with another update.


Not very much to update on this this time. Just finished two saurus warriors over the past day or two.

And with them finished I finally have my full unit of 18 I want.

Thats all for today. Will update on Monday and the well see what happens.

Kera foehunter:

now that so cool Dino i love the Dragon ogre. Did you use the lizzardmen cold one back end for the conversion or did that the old dark elf cold one


I like the Dragon Ogre conversion, Ive always been a big fan of them since I first started with warhammer, Ill have to try it out some day… :slight_smile:


@Kera foehunter: Thx. I used lizzy cold ones for the dragon ogres.

@tjub: Be my guest.

Small update today. Just showing off my 20 dwarf warriors I’m back to working on.

Will have more stuff soon.


Been a while but back with a birthday update(i’m 22 if anybody wants to know).

Dwarf Thunderers

They are coming along quickly. Very happy witht he progress thus far.

Dragon Ogre #1

Very happy I only have to paint him this month. Now I just have to finish GSing another and then I don’t have to worry about next month.

Well thats all for today. I should hopefully have more space wolf stuff at the end pof the month.


great stuff Dino! I love your hammerers. they look awesome with the bronzes, can you lift the green on the skirts a little? it’s a tad flat compared to the pop of the rest of the fig.

the ogre dragon was mighty cool too! :slight_smile: and great colours on the skink priest, very smooth shading :slight_smile:


I said it before, but that Dragon Ogre is great!


@Sojourn: Thx. I’ll see what I can do.

@Tjub: Just wait until you see it finished.

Well here’s another update from me and thus time I have space wolves.

Blood claws

Grey Hunters

Very happy that I’m finally painting more 40k stuff. I’m starting to wish I had more.

Dragon Ogre

Comming along quickly and nicely. Should have him done next update.


Unfortunetly have been painting these guys very much. Not sure why.

Thats all for now. Will have more up soon.


Well heres another update. Space wolves are comming along really quickly.

Blood Claws

Grey Hunters

I may slow down or stop working on these guys until I get the army book and get more models.

Dragon Ogre

Very close to finishing this guy. Will have to finish sculpting the next one soon.


Really have to finish these guys soon. Kinda been slaking on thembecouse of the space wolves.

I also have some news. I’ll be putting up the swordsmen on ebay. I’ll have updates on how they are selling.

Will be back sooner then I have been.


Definetly has been a while sence I updated this log. So lets get on with it.

First up is stuff i’ve finished.

Dwarf Thunderers

Dragon Ogre

Space wolf Grey Hunters

Space Wolf Blood Claws

Now for the stuff i’m wotking on right now.

Dwarf Thunderers

Dwarf Hamerers

Of to a good start with them. Also trying a new way of taking pics. Let me know what you think.

black hammer:

Great painting! I’m especially loving the marauder horsemen and dragon ogre conversions.


Thx black hammer.

Well it’s been longer then I ment it to be. Well camera broke so it couldn’t be helped. But I have my camers back and I have pics of stuff. So lets get to it.

First up is what i’ve been working on for my own stuff.



Pip cannon and crew

Pip dwarf bolt throwers

Pip Runesmith

Pip Dragon ogre

The dwarf thunderers and hammerers have been finished for a while now but like I said I had no camera. The cannon and runesmith are repaints that i wanted to do in my new colors. The bolt throwers are actually hobgoblin bolt throwers I made a while back. Sense I’m not planning on making chaos dwarfs for a while I converted them into dwarf bolt throwers. This new dragon ogre i’m painting up is the second. I shoulod have wip pics of the other two in the comming weeks or so.

Now on to the commission work stuff.

Warrior priest

Arch Lector

Knights of the blazing sun.

Well i’m back at it again as you can see. The warrior priest and arch lector just about done and the knights are comming along nicely as well. I have a fair bit more to do though. Hopefully Dragon Age Origins wont soak up most of my time.

Will be back with more dwarfs, empire, and the dragon ogre soon.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I LOVE the tratan on the dwarfs, excellent decision and well pulled off. I’m guessing it takes VERY careful application :smiley: I also am incredibly impressed with the standard-bolt thrower idea, good choice to have it coming out of the mouth :smiley: I also really like the runepriest conversion: similar in principle to my Chaos Dwarf sorcerer: just use plastic bits :stuck_out_tongue: I like that you used some greenstuff to make the scarf-vestments thing that priests have. Helps him to stand out: maybe add runes to the scarf and/or make it a different colour? Obviously, you’ve finished it so it may have changed, but still :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the commision work, it’s coming along brilliantly. Are you going to paint litanies onto the warrior priest’s scrolls? Also, witht he arch-lector, I love the scheme and application. I have one problem: it seems to meld into one a bit and I think it needs a contrasting colour or another small patch that stands out (like his beigey robes). I figure out the sensible, easy and logical way to do so: give him white/grey facial hair. The brow seeps into the bronze a little too much to give him the snap that such a prestigious character needs. Do that and he’ll be perfect, IMO. That’s obviously my taste, not the client’s though :wink:

Keep up the good work and don;t lose the camera this time :smiley:


Thx Hashut’s Blessing. I was actually planning on the adding runes to the runepriest. See below. And I have actually taken your idea on the archlector and like it.

Back with more.

Well first up is the finished dwarf stuff.


Cannon and crew

Dwarf Bolt Throwers

Very happy how these guys have turned out. The runesmith is one of my best charaters i’ve converted and painted. Now I just need crews and engineers for the bolt throwers.

Dragon Ogre

Comming along slowly but shouldn’t take much longer to paint.


Warrior Priest

So happy these are done. I know can move on to the other empire stuff and zombie’s.

Was wondering if I could get some help with these zombies. My client wants desert themed undead. Looking for very dried look for them. Any ideas guys?