[Archive] How many Armies do people have?

Captain Crayon:

At the risk of making a “mine’s bigger than yours” thread I was curious as to how many armies everyone has…

I’ve got…

Around 5000 points of orcs painted and another 2000 or so unpainted

a 3000 point 40k Daemon Hunters army (in the process of being painted)

2000 Points of big hat Chaos Dwarfs (unpainted and some still in blisters)

And not really an army but almost Every model for every Necromunda gang (missing 1 Scavvy and 1 Scummer)

And I found an old metal catachan heavy weapons platoon last night I didnt even know i had.

So yeah…

Basically I was wondering if i was normal or if i need to go to warhammer anonymous or something :stuck_out_tongue:


I have currently,

1,000 points of Ogres

1,000 points of Night Goblins

1,000 points of Lizardmen

500-ish of Dark Elves (current project)

500-ish of Chaos Dwarves

1,500 points of normal Dwarves

2,000 points of Chaos Marines

some 40k orks


lets see

8,000 points in orcs and goblins and 2,000 leant out to a friend(needs it for a huge game he is playing)

5000 in skaven

2500 in chaos dwarf

4000 in chaos deamons

2000 in dark eldar

yeah lots of models xD i had more but I recently sold some it at an auction.

going to eventually start a new 40k army. maybe a dark angels or necrons not sure


Zero. but I have painted 4 wood elves for Xander, and 1.5 faeries for what I hope will eventually be my 1500 pt faerie army. I’m not holding my breath until it’s done though.


Cutting and pasting from my other post a moment:

Skaven for WFB - around 4k

Orks for 40K - around 3k as I re-booted by orks for 3rd+ editions, putting my old, poorly painted RT minis away.

Squats for Epic - around 5k these days if counted as IG

Van Saar for Necromunda

Undead for Mordheim

High Elves for Man O War - Around 500 pts IIRC

Tyranids for Space.Fleet - No clue, I’ve not used them in a looooong time.

Chaos for Battlefleet Gothic - around 25000 points (don’t ask)

Chaos for BloodBowl

Xanthists for Inquisitor

Imperial Navy for Aeronautical Imperialis - around 500 pts

Empire for Warmaster - around 10000 points (again don’t ask)

Dark Elves for Hordes of the Things - around 80AP

Alliance (with a lot of 105th!) for Flintloque - no points in this game, but it includes a full platoon of the 105th, plus squads of everything from Algarvey foot to KGL troopers.


don’t know the point values right now, but I have the following armies:

- warrior of chaos

- beast of chaos

- deamons of chaos

- dwarfs

- chaos dwarfs


4 warriors of chaos armies (ranging from 500 pts to 3500 pts, together about 7000pts)

1 Goblin circus army (about 2000 pts i guess, most of it WIP)

side projects: skaven, Daemons of chaos (really not much)


Aiming for an 3000pts Chaos Dwarf army.

As well an combination of Traitor Guards & Orks (with some Demon Boyz)


6000 pts naked cds

3000 pts naked wood elfs (mmmh, naked:o)

3000 pts tau

Lord Archaon:

I have about:

8000 Orcs and Goblins

2000 Horde of chaos (but with the new army list for Warriors of chaos i have only 1 core unit :~)

1000 Deamons of Chaos

2000 Chaos Dwarfs

1500 Ogre Kingdom

1 Possesed warband

1 Reikland warband

1000 Space marine mix of Black Templars and Imperial fist


about 4000 points in CDs, mostly unpainted or in need of repaint

2000 daemons of chaos

some VC leftovers


3,000 points assembled/paint (2,000 unpainted) Empire
2,000 mix of orcs and Gobbos
6,000+ of VC. Two different themes too. Undead Empire and Undead Chaos.
3,000 of Nurgle Mortals
2,500+ of Chaos Dwarfs (fully painted within the week)… points not including any Orcs.
3,000+ Brettonians
1,500-2,000 Tomb Kings mostly unpainted.
2,500 Lizardmen Saurus are fully painted. I have over 100 of those alone!
2,000 points of Ogres unassembled.
3,000+ points of Dwarfs
1,500-2,000 of Nurgle Demons.

I might be forgetting something. Chaos Dwarfs most recent, Nurgle Demons are my next project.

For 40k I have ~2000 pts of Vostroyans (I love those figures and I like Guard).


Empire - 2,000pts Middenheimers

Orcs - 2,000pts

Dwarfs - 1,500pts (previously more, I scrapped some for Chaos Dwarfs)

Dark Elves - 1,250pts

High Elves - 1,000pts

Skaven - 1,500pts

Chaos - 20,000+ points under 6th edition rules

Khemri - 1,000pts

Lizardmen - 2,000pts

Beasts of Chaos - 4,000pts

Bretonians - 3,000pts

Wood Elves - 4,000pts

Ogres - 1,000pts approx

Chaos Dwarfs - approaching 2,000pts

Imperial Fists - 1,000pts

Eldar - 3,000pts

Tau - 1,000pts

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

  • Dwarfs

    - Chaos Dwarfs

    Hmm. No White Dwarfs, unfortunately, as they’d make my collection about half as big (pointwise).

    I guess, with all special characters (yes, I have thorgrim) around 4000 to 4500 or so. But that’s loads of characters and not much of troops. Perhaps even more, I have no idea how much each of my character costs on average :slight_smile:

    And Chaos Dwarfs? I think I could manage to gather a Border Partrol, so 500 pts at most.


for 40k…

Black Dragons

Word Bearers


Sisters of Battle/Witch Hunters

for fantasy


Chaos Dwarves

Dogs of War

Beastmen army (mostly minotaurs, 32 minotaurs to be exact)

Orcs and Goblins

Other games

spryer gang

scavvy gang

redemptionist gang

sisters of sigmar warband

skaven warband

and the rest are bitz and peices of many armies that over the years I ahve started and stopped. I really need to clean out the basement and get rid of some excess…


about 1000 points of CD (some painted, some not)

2000pts of Ostland Empire (all painted/based)

1000pts of Dogs of War (odd regiment done…needs painting)

About 1000pts (when i last played it 4yrs ago, still has a netter/clubber unit :frowning: ) all Goblin horde

1000pts of Imp. Guard. (5 odd figures to paint)

Digga gang for GorkaMorka

Gorker gang for GorkaMorka

Reiklander gang for Mordheim

Skaven gang for Mordheim

Orlock Necromunda gang

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i have: *=new armys




and in 40K:


*dark angles-110


Kera foehunter:

well i have a few

i have a 2000pt dwarf pirates

still building a cd army

10 ogres


Chaos (4k), Empire (2k), Skaven(4k), Lizardmen (3k), Orcs & Goblins (2k), CD (4k), VC (3k), Tomb Kings (2k) and the beginnings of a Daemon army (maybe 1 or 1.5k).

So, I dunno… 8.5 Fantasy armies?

Also, Chaos 40k, BFG and Epic forces.

and 2,000 points Teutonic Knights for Warhammer Ancients.

I also own risk :stuck_out_tongue:

Father Grumpmas:

Painted Armies

3K Chaos Dwarfs

3K Vampire Counts/Army of the Cairns

2K Zombie Pirates

2.5K Tomb Kings

3K Chaos Beasts/Mortals

3K Chaos Beasts (The Black Sheep:rolleyes:)

2K Ogres

2.5K Thunder Lizards (don’t ask!)

1K Orcs and Goblins

I also have 350+ painted 54mm American Civil War figures for real wargamng :stuck_out_tongue: