[Archive] Ishkur's Bull Centaurs WIP - ideas / feedback needed

Ishkur Cinderhat:

OK so here is what I have been brooding over for the past few weeks… having missed the last opportunity to purchase bull centaur bodies from the GW online store, I have finally decided to build them from scratch.

This is my most extensive GS work so far, and while some details on these miniatures may not be entirely correct, I think they get the idea across on the battlefield. ^^

Some detail shots of the heads and bodies:

I made all the parts interchangeable to allow me to build a full unit of 10 (at least) with as little sculpting work as necessary. The examples shown below are just two possible combinations.

The most obvious difference to the GW bull centaurs is the size - mine are quite big monsters now, and stand about twice the height of a Chaos Warrior. :o This was not entirely intended, but the height is kinda dictated by the size of the toy bull that I used for the body.

I have yet to finish sculpting the hands and adding some finishing touches on the weapons. Before I go about making moulds and casting these in resin, however, I want to know what you think should be added or modified. Any good ideas and feedback will be much appreciated and rewarded with a) being made manifest in my miniatures and b) eternal gratitude by the House of the Cinderhats! :hat



Flawless work as always!

However. Dude you are skilled enough, your work on your Taurus proved it. Why not do a full sculpt of the body too? It would help with the size issue as well. Barring that I have BC bodies to sell, 12 of them in fact, just all the left sides…

Kera foehunter:

I like them thats a cool idea !!

Pyro Stick:

What you have sculpted already looks great but you need to either do something about the size of the bull body (downscale it) and make the CD torsos larger. But that might make them look un naturally large for a chaos dwarf so the best thing to do would be to find someway of making the bull smaller.


Very awesome sculpting work. Oddly the sculpting of the Dwarf bits greatly overshadow the toy bull, which looks silly by comparison.

I, like Willmark, believe you could do a better sculpt yourself. Have any other knights they could stand next to for comparison?

Bloody brilliant work overall!

Thommy H:

Yeah, sculpt the bodies yourself.

Then, since it will all be your own work, cast them and sell them to us… :wink:


Another option I might try would be to shorten the legs, make it more stout!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Well, sculpting a believable bull body is quite painful - I still believe how the Taurus turned out in the end was more thanks to luck than skill.

I also pretty much adapted the proportions of the bodies to the size of the toy bulls now, so making smaller bull bodies may make the rest of the pieces look weird…

Shortening the legs a bit is however indeed an option - but then the back would probably look to long. But I can try that one out.

I’m not in a rush to finish this project anyway :wink: so I think if I can produce a ‘stuntier’ bull body and still keep the other parts, it would be the best solution. Would be a shame to have to redo the torso pieces, as I am quite fond of them!


Ya, the torsos rock, but I am sure even those could be shortened up a little.


I trust your end product will marvel us all!


Yeah! those CD torsos really rocks - they are absolutely brilliant :hat off :hat off. Love them and want them. And please pos it next to a warrior - and show us the scale.

About the cow-body (sorry to say - can see it’s a male - but it still looks like a cow/calf)??

I think you should lower the legs a little bit - and a bit more on the hind legs than the forelegs - and then build up some more muscles on the bull torso. I would try to picture it more as a Bull Fighting bull - like this one:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

The toy bull was a indeed a calf, as I had to go for the smallest they had. That might be why the legs look a bit longer. I might actually try to sculpt the bull body myself now. :slight_smile:


Go for it Ishkur, then cast em and SELL SELL SELL!! (God I sound like a Tory)

Ishkur Cinderhat:

OK folks since I want to make all of you happy (and become hideously rich doing it) I have made a draft with a ‘theoretically rescaled GS bull body’ - proportions would then look as follows if I keep the torso without much changes:

The dotted line shows the current height.


Ishkur ftw. :wink:


If you are to go of the trouble of casting I think you will have to be happy with what you’ve done. If you think the scale is fine then keep it as is.

The armour on your bull parts would be fine for a frontal charge, but after that they would suffer a bit at their rear…


Bull centaurs would never need more than a frontal charge to finish their enemies off Grim! Where’s your faith?!?


I think the bulls at the top are a bit too realistic for warhammer, which tends to be on the side of short and stocky for war-animals. Looking right good tho, I’d almost forgotten how well you could sculpt

Grongi Blackbeard:

very good! :smiley:

are you thinking of making any thing for a command group?

Ghrask Dragh:

I have problems with Bull-Centaurs that I have mentioned before so won’t go into again.

The sculpting however is nothing short of extraordinary!! your work on the buckles on the shoulders and chaos star details on the armour in particular. I also think the lower torso armour on the plastic cows are very good, a nice design that fits the old style but looks new - thats hard to do.

I don’t think I’ll like any of the ideas for these guys but I’m sure your sculpting will continue to impress!

Cool sketch too!! :cheers


Those are awesome man. Do those cow bodies have a felt fur?

Like others have said, I definitely think you should make them shorter and stockier (is that a word?) I think you have the skills to scratch sculpt it, especially with reference in front of you.