[Archive] Khan!'s army thread updated July 13, with new and exciting things!


Its relatively easy - you just have to make it simple. Add a couple of tusks by adding a new lower lip with two points. The hat is added by adiding some extra GS to the top. Practive on the standard top if you’ve still got it

Hashut’s Blessing:

I really love the standard bearer’s mask, but I also agree with your favourite. I like the sorcerer(?)'s beard and that minotaur model is awesome with a cool flame fur colouring. Kudos.


Right, I finished the blunderbusses last night. They look like this:

And with these guys finished, the entire army now totals 1000 pts! Horray! The entire army:

The warriors:



and Helcannon (earthshaker):

And that is essentially it for the moment. Comments and criticisms are welcome! In the near future I would like to actually paint that kroot-based hobgoblin (how many months later now?) and I have a unit of ironbreakers/immortals based and with new shields that need to be primed and painted. I might also do some more orcs, as I have 25 that could fit into the army with a quick repaint (purple tunics!).

Thanks to everyone who remains interested despite that long drought of no-painting on my part :slight_smile:

Ghrask Dragh:

Love this army!! great addition with the BB’s, have you seen this thread for your Hellcannon…




That purple almost makes me want to repaint my Chaos Dwarfs… :frowning: that makes me sad…But really awesome job with the skin tone and the beards are particularly flamboyant…

Kera foehunter:

great army love them beards . cool purple orcs


Congrats on the first 1000 pts. Let us know how your first games go


I love the way you painted your beards, the look awsome


Echo the sentiment. Excellent job on the army thus far particularly the beards.


Thanks all for the kind words! Work continues, although I don’t have anything new done at present. It’s been a very long time indeed since I actually played a game of warhammer at all (since release of the current edition I think), so I dunno if I will have any reports to make on that front… If time allows I may head down to the GW here and have a go.


This looks totally awesome, thanks for posting all the pics, time for a medal!

I would also like to get this into gallery form. You should try to take some pictures with more plain backgrounds, so there is less glare.

Totally amazing work so far, like truly enviable progress. Makes me really want to buckle down and get working!


Horray for medals! My photo-taking skills/environment are not precisely conducive to good gallery shots, but I will see what I can do in that regard. Probably just taking my time would help, I imagine :slight_smile:


Nice work on getting them up to 1,000pts, they look great as an assembled army. Really nice colour scheme.

Plus the static grass makes them look that bit better :wink:


that is awesome

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Pyro Stick:

Those beards work so well with the purple. Your army is turning out awesome. The hellcannon is amazing!


i like the privateer press troll


His army definitely has a unique color scheme that is for sure.


very impressive! well done!


Mild threadomancy:  although there have been recent comments…

I painted this guy here a wee while ago:

Sorry for the kind of wierd pictures, I tried to crop them but my editing software confuses me so I gave up.

Also this fellow:


With what bits did you make the first guy there? You’ve given me an idea.