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[[Chaos Dwarf History and Fluff]]

What this thread will be is a collection of mentions and refrences to Chaos Dwarfs in current GW publications. This was started on the Wiki, but since more people are familiar with the forums I feel this topic will help.

Seen below is the current Wiki page in it’s formatted code.

==Chaos Dwarf References==The Chaos Dwarfs are refrenced in many current [[Games Workshop]] publications.  Below is a collection of references made about the Chaos Dwarfs.===Warhammer Rulebook: 7th Edition===Page 202, Paragraph 1:* This paragraph details the industrious nature of the Chaos Dwarfs.  It mentions [[ziggurat]] temples that exist throughout [[Zharr-Naggrund]] which are dedicated to the bull-headed god, Hashut.  It also makes mention of “daemonic forges,” and “diabolical furnances.”  And that the Chaos Dwarfs labour to make great machines of destruction by binding iron and flesh with daemonic spirits.  Chaos Dwarf artisans also make armour and weapons which are traded with [[Ogres]] of the east and [[Marauders]] of the north in exchange for slaves.* An image of what appears to be a Chaos Dwarf Slaver is also pictured here.  He bears an axe and a whip, and a tall hat of skulls and spikes.===Warhammer Armies: Ogre Kingdoms===Page 15, Paragraph 3:* It briefly states, that Gnoblars are enslaved by “Chaos Dwarf raiders” and that Gnoblars are “deathly afraid” of them with good reason.Page 32, Paragraph 1:* The Leadbelcher cannons are either made from the scraps of artillery on the battlefield, or made in “the great forges of the Chaos Dwarfs” and "earnt as a reward."Page 52, Paragraph 1:* This describes the Plains of the Dark Land as being “ash-choked” and containing “oily quagmires” and “crackling rivers of lava.” Hobgoblins and Goblin wolf riders are said to roam these parts. It goes on to say that beyond the Howling Wastes lies the Chaos Dwarf citadel of Daemon Stump.Page 54, Paragraph 1:* There exists a trade route called the “Ivory Road” that is considered to be the only viable passage to the East and to Cathay. Great caravans of nomads seek protection the protection of Ogres while traveling upon it. Caravans are attacked by a list of threats including wolf riders, Chaos Dwarves, Skaven, Giants, Goblins, Ogres, Black Orcs, cave-beasts, Hobgoblins, giant scorpions and "dark things that stalk the shadows in the moonlight."Page 54, Paragraph 2:* Here it states that in order to reach the landmark known as “the Sentinals”, one must pass through the "industrial wasteland that are the Chaos Dwarf realms."Page 75, Paragraph 1 - Braugh Slavelord:* The Chaos Dwarves refer to one Ogre, Braugh Slavelord, as “Ghrask Dragh” which means “corpse-slaver.” An encounter with a Necromancer caused his slaves to continue serving him even in death.===Warhammer Armies: Orcs & Goblins===Page 20, Paragraph 2 - Black Orcs: * This explains the origins of the Black Orcs may lie in the hands of the Chaos Dwarfs as they tried to breed a hardier race of Orcs to serve as slaves and warriors.Page 21, Paragraph 1 - Metal Working:* This briefly states that when the Orcs came north in their earliest waaaghs, the Chaos Dwarfs taught to them metal work.Page 44 - Magic Item “[[Ironback Boar]]”:* This mechanical boar is engineered by the Chaos Dwarfs.
Currently missing is the excerpt from Warhammer Armies: Dwarfs, which I should be adding shortly. If anything else is missing, add it to this thread in the format shown above and it will be added to the Wiki as well!

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I’ve been slowly reformatting and adding correct dates to my list of all the CD articles since time began. It should be ready to be added to the wiki by this weekend. I’ll put it on a separate page though since it is long and not directly related to the fluff page.


I think we may have a page like that, let me check…


Are we including mentions from the Nemesis Crown reports & Black Library Books (i.e. Tome of Corruption, Grudge Bearer and Maelstorm is it?)?��These aren’t army books, but could be seen as ‘official’???


I think yes, perhaps on a different Wiki page, but anything from GW is a mention. So this past newsletter is a mention! I think we can count anything post-Hellcannon as a mention, when the new image began.


Grudge bearer is definatly offcal, it’s written by the head of the design team:0 and what he says goes

The Flying Beaver:

From Liber Chaotica (Specifically, the Khorne one):

One little known theory of former years was that the juggernauts may have found their origin in the east, in the workshops of the renegade dwarves of the Skull lands. There the beasts were supposedly a hybrid taurus altered by their armourer-sorcerors to take grafts of iron as skin and molten rock as fuel, designed to be a living battering ram and constructed for the legions of Khorne as part of those renegades’ unholy pact with the ruinous powers.

Such a theory was dismissed as patent nonsense to the relief of many as it had been most often used to persecute those imperial dwarves that had settled within our own borders rather than to encourage our greater crusade against the darkness and its allies.

What cannot be denied is the resemblance between the juggernaut and their bovine forge-god, Hashut, as a bull of flaming eyes and burning blood. Rather than endorse this theory I feel that this may prove the reverse, and speak towards the origins of the renegade dwarves, a subject on which their imperial cousins feign ignorance.

There is some deeper truth in this identity of Hashut, but as yet my mind cannot grasp it.


What page number is that, Beaver?

The Flying Beaver:

I actually don’t know. My Liber Chaotica is with a friend- I only got this excerpt because I had posted it on another forum prior to it being lent out. :~ I’ll get you the page number when I get the book back.


It’s pretty much finished: [[Chaos Dwarf References]]


Kudos to you for fixing that Cornixt!

I guess we can remove the references section from [[Chaos Dwarf History and Fluff]] now, and replace it with a “Relevant Links”.


Kudos to you for fixing that Cornixt!

I guess we can remove the references section from [[Chaos Dwarf History and Fluff]] now, and replace it with a "Relevant Links".

Yes and no. This references section is pretty bare-bones. I think we should also have a page Post Hellcannon References that has more paraphrased wordings like those above. I am off to my brother's wedding so I will be back later on Sunday!


I agree with Xander, the references page I did is more to help people looks for CD articles whereas the more detail about the 7th ed fluff is still better related to the current history.


I don’t know if this is the right sort of thing, but the Warhammer General’s Compendium has race specific rules for chaos dwarfs, although to be fair, they are pretty much the same as imperial dwarfs. Although written for 6th Ed, GC contains generic campaign rules that can still be used with 7th ed.


The wiki is open for you to add the relevent refernce if you like, or you can post the details here and someone will add it for you.


Rugluds armoured orcs mention a great battle against the chaos dwarfs which his army was destroyed by massed firepower and that later on he came on a battle site with the bodies of dwarfs and chaos dwarfs which were stripped of thier armour by ruglud boyz

Hashut’s Blessing:

Also, in WHFRP, the Old World Bestiary (pretty sure it’s that book) has a mention of all the stuff of a CD army (except bolt thrower, death rocket and earthshaker).


I posted this in the discussion section of the Chaos Dwarf History wiki page (The idea was brought up about getting a new map):

The Warhammer Armies: Dwarfs (The most recent one) has a map in it detailing the Dwarven Kingdoms and holdings (Roughly pages 20-21). In it it also has the western portion of the map of the Dark Lands.

Now, on page 52 of the Ogre Kingdom’s army book, there is a map of the Ogre Tribes and sacred places. Also in there is the Eastern Portion of the Dark Lands.

Now, about the only thing missing is a sliver of section in the middle which would contain Zharr Naggrund (Each of the maps has an arrow pointing off page “to Zharr Naggrund”). This section of the map is filled in by the map of the Old World provided in the BRB on page 141, however it is slightly less detailed and annotated than the map provided by each race…

Additionally I’ve found some other references to the Dark Lands, or simply well based assumptions we can make about the Homeland based on maps provided in other books. However I feel anything we could make like a comprehensive map of the Dark lands would end in litigation via GW’s legal assassins.

There are also portions labeled with notations on page 9 of Warhammer Armies: Skaven which are positioned within the Dark Lands.

I could imagine a good amount of chaos incursions occur in the Dark Lands as it is the only connector to the Empire for around 70% of the tribes of chaos, Mainly the Hung and Kurgan. As shown by page 7 of the Hordes of Chaos army book.

Somewhat oddly, the only place entirely clean of beastmen according to page 17 of Beasts of Chaos is the Dark Lands, which has zero presence of beasts in or around it’s area.

The Orc and Goblins book adds some new names to previously unmarked landmarks in the Dark Lands as well.


I found something on GW UK’s site concerning Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins in Warhammer skirmish, I dont think its recent but is a mention non-the-less,

heres the link :hat off


its in using alternative armies. :cheers


There is about 2 pages of stuff in "WFRP: Old World Bestiary.

I assume it would be a breach of copyright to post a scan of it here.

I could type it up manually, but that may also be in breach.

Perhaps with a proper source reference it would be alright?