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So some of you may have seen my first thread with regards to 3D Warhammer Quest tiles, and I made some references in there to being interested in Chaos Dwarfs and thinking about an expansion featuring them.

Well I’ve still been working on it, but it’s ballooned from just 6 adventures and a few Monsters for the main “good guys” to fight into what can only be described as “Chaos Dwarf Quest”… while the first few Quests are in there the rest has expanded to allow players to begin with a group of Chaos Dwarfs. It’s up to 70-something pages and isn’t nearly finished… and then it’s going to need play testing.

In the meantime I’d love to get some feedback from the rest of the Dawi Zharr community on some of the things I’m trying to nail down and finalize.

I’m no good at making 2D graphics for a tile for the objective room, which is something this expansion really should have, but I have been giving the 3D version some thought. For those not familiar with WHQ the Objective room is just as it’s name implied, during each adventure there’s always a room the party is trying to get to in order to further the storyline. The Chaos Dwarf Objective Room (I think) is going to be a deamonsmith’s forge, here’s my 2D concept and some rough hacking with foam to get the ideas out in the open, sot-to-speak:

I thought the two big pillars would look great as modeled after the columns that show up along the page borders in Word of Hashut. Don’t believe what the Chaos Pillar notes say above, that’s just my word processor changing WOH to WHO… which I guess is the World Health Organization :wink:

Super rough layout with freshly cut foam (there’s been no smoothing or fastening, which it why it looks rough)

Concept with the lava flowing from the wall and down into the forge and also the blood draining from the sacrificial pillar and into the forge. I didn’t bother wrapping chains around the floating deamon stone in these pics.

Twisted deamonic portal (needs GS and some writhing souls around the opening)

Again, any feedback or thoughts are greatly appreciated. I’ve also been giving a “Dungeon room” board section some thought but am torn between a few ideas, none of which have a really inspired visual in my mind yet. Here they are in no particular order:

An armoury with a channel of lava running through a corner and racks of scale mail, scimitars and blunderbusses lining the walls.

Machine in the centre of the room that’s used for digging from underground upward toward the surface. It looks a bit like a spider with multiple legs for crawling up its tunnel as it goes. It has multiple blades for cutting through rock and making block-shaped cuts. These blocks are then stacked around itself forming a circular wall as well as a spiral staircase along the wall, so that when it reaches the surface the Dawi Zharr have a ready-made stone tower that leads from their tunnels to the surface, and all it’d need is a roof.

Mine entrance

Slave pit

I’ve been making a bit of an effort to read through CDO and related CD material so that there will be some distinctly familiar Dawi Zharr things in the expansion. I’m really impressed with the rest of the CDO community and any thoughts or suggestions any of you may have would be grand. Keep in mind that any ideas would need to be relatively easily conceptualized in 2D on a board section as my plan is to get some 2D tile art done up to release with the expansion (as I’m sure not everyone wants to be making their own 3D dungeons). Ultimately I’d like to pre-release everything to the CDO community for comments and (light/constructuve) criticism on some of the story line and adventure ideas to make sure I’m keeping on track.



The machine idea is great! I’d like to see it :slight_smile:

A forge, a mine, a underground temple, all these stuff are ok for Cds. Even an underground forge/factory with slave cages…

and yes, bull imagery, lava, metal and fire… we like to toy with fire :wink:


The Chaos Dwarf Objective Room (I think) is going to be a deamonsmith's forge

That sounds like a winning plan. In practice a Daemonsmith's forge could probably have quite a few religious elements incorporated into it anyway, so it might even be able to double as a temple (perhaps have a removable centrepiece so you could swap the anvil/forging bit for a sacrificial altar or somesuch?)
Hashut.  Don't believe what the Chaos Pillar notes say above, that's just my word processor changing WOH to WHO... which I guess is the World Health Organization ;)

This made me laugh.


Yeah which you guess is the World Health Organization the WHO…


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