[Archive] SMM Moscals: Scibors new miniatures


The news on Scibors new Dwarf range can be found here:


I must say I find it very promissing. The weapon handles are much too thick though.


They are rahter cool, like them even better than the Lord character! :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

Some of those are very cool. Those blunderbuss models are going to look excellent. Some of the warriors look a bit thin though and the names are a bit stupid. The shields are interesting but they might be a bit extravagant for my liking. I might buy just one as a hero or a champion.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Very nice minis, and as always with Scibor’s work a lovely level of detail, especially on the shields and armour. The expressions on the faces are appropriately grim, too.

However - IMO no Chaos Dwarf with a solid amount of pride in his chest would ever keep his beard cropped that short! :wink:


Very, very nice indeed - and those shields really make them stand out. Great work. - bau like so.sad, I also find the weapon handles a bit too thick.

And those blunderbusses look so cool - but you might forgive me, as I come from a country, where the Royal Life Guard wears bearskin :wink:


I am not a fan of the hats - they just don’t look correct to me to fit in with normal big-hat CD’s - besides I prefer helms anyway.

If they had helms and where all of uniform stouteness I would consider them as good models for Immortals. Having said all of that they are still a million times better than I could achieve but then I guess thats why I don’t sculpt minis for a living


It’s certainly a welcome and unique take on Evil Dwarfs in my opinion.  It’s great that someone is finally realizing that you need a handful of warriors with axes and a handful of warriors with guns, and you can satisfy most Chaos Dwarf generals. :slight_smile:

I am interested. :)  I may very well buy something of this, just to support the cause.


damn, the news are speading fast :slight_smile:


I second Xander’s opinion - its a refreshing jolt of creativity in an old theme. I like them. They look regal, yet brutish. Like the CDs have retained a sense of pride from their former cousins, but haven’t lost their angst. If I had to criticise anything, its their static poses - still they should rank up nicely.


The legs look comically gimpy on all of them, but the armour detailing is nice if a little ostentatious/elvish.


I really like some of these! I am loving the equipment actually: the shields, axes, blunderbuss, etc are all amazingly well done. I’d like to the seem them next to a human though just so I know they’ll look short and stocky enough!

I might get some characters from them. Though if they made shields packs I’d get those in a heartbeat.


Those are gorgeous. Only a few of the weapon handles need to be thinned out, aside from that I have no criticism. I loooooove the way the blunderbussers are coming out. I might have to keep a close eye on these for a while…

Border Reiver:

I like these minis much more than the lord mini. These seem to have a more natural pose than the lord does. I still think that the shield in front of the groin looks unnatural as armour, and really spoils the look of the mini for me. The ones with the chainmail kilts look better.

I think that Scibor is a good sculptor, but some of the elements of his pieces don’t work for me.


Hahaha, they have hershey kisses on their hats… man I grew up in Hershey Pennsylvania, and used to have a ton of toys with hershey kisses for heads… I can’t get past that image when looking at them… haha …

but yeah i know it’s based on russian towers or whatnot…

I can’t say why, but I’m not much a fan of these… beards too short, and not enough character for some reason… can’t explain why.


The dwarfs themselves seem to stand too tall to me. I dunno. next to a WHFB dwarf they are probably giants.


the shields and the blunderbuss are cool,pretty well sculpted

but i dont like the hats,they just dont look right,and the beards…why are they that short

the second guy from the left in the first pic is the best one,just make his beard a little bit longer and youll have a nice character


Those are actually kind of nice. The symbols on the hats must have been frustrating to sculpt.

Not really a hat fan myself, but good news for those who are.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

That’s not hats anyway… even if you paint them red they’ll look like helmets. Maybe it’s the visors, I don’t know…


The dwarfs themselves seem to stand too tall to me. I dunno.  next to a WHFB dwarf they are probably giants.

Yeah, but so are chaos warriors next to empire soldiers. I think it's awesome.


shoot, I like 'em… Perhaps, if we messaged him or he came around more, we could bounce ideas off him.

I’d buy them depending on price of course. I’d like to see longer beards, but that’s just a small part of the mini really.