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I’m not really a Big Hat fan, but I have to say that the Hat came out really well.

You must be pretty happy with it, i’d imagine.


I had a go at big hats and face masks before I decided on helms.��I just preferred how the helm model turned out, my mask attempt just didn't look right, so I cut off it's head and put a helmet there instead and fell in love with it!

I have done a similar prototype - if you feel for it, you can see him here - buttom line is, that it has been a slow process - and doing a whole army of these will take me like for ever.

So yesterday I bought a box of chaos warriors, and will now try out a helmed theme - inspired by yours - because I agree that it has turned out beautifully! Love them - want them:D


Whoa - I love these. One thing I would add to your tutorial though is to inform members that, if you are still unconfident with the folds in the cloak, you can do a full fur cloak easily over the top if need be. I did this when converting some chaos knights and it worked perfectly. These models are awesome, and I was stunned by the quality of the big hat as well. You HAVE to finish him my friend, you could maybe use him as a spare hero or unit champion. One question - what are the spikes on the bottom of the champion’s beard?


Great idea with the fur cloaks. Love it, hope you don’t mind but I stole the fur idea for my warriors.


Sorry folks, I know it’s been a while but I’m settled in my new home, I’ve finally unpacked my computer and am ready to start work on my army again. At last!

First on my agenda is to finish the HG hero that was meant for the Golden Hat comp (that I missed due to the fact I had no idea it was so much work to move house!), but has unfortunately been burried along with all my other models, paints etc. in a box marked “stuff”. He will be on here in all his glory on Wednesday evening.

I will be concentrating on my hero after that. The addition of a banner, a mail sleeve (cheers GD!)

I’ve also had an idea, inspired by a picture of some ogre conversions on this forum (would post a link but can’t find it!!), to make a filler base using an Ogre as kind of like the giant thing the immortals dragged along in the 300 film. I want to make it suitably chaotic without crossing the HoC line. I’ve got a few ideas, and he will basically just ‘count as’ 6 CD warriors (as that’s how many bases he’ll take up. Fluff wise, I suppose it could be something other than BCs or Lammasus that ancient CD warriors evolve into, or maybe just an ogre slave who’s spent too long near the chaos wastes!! I’ve posted it now so I have to do it! That and a command group should finish off my first ever CD unit!

OK, bit of house keeping,

GD - Thanks man, I will do that :wink:

Wallacer - Was happy ish with the conv work, but they just don’t give me the tingly feeling I get with the mini Chaos warrior CDs!

Clam - Really like the prototype, how are the helms coming?

Agpo - Absolutely. the fur is such a simple technique, if you spend a bit of time with it, you can get some really good results. The spikes on the champs beard are off the Chaos Warrior sprue, I thought they would make nice beard ornaments.

Grunts - feel free! I hope you have as much fun as me!!


Slightly later than advertised, here is my Hobgoblin Hero:

As you can see, he’s a conversion based on the Hobgoblah Kahn DoW hero.��Just a couple of little tweaks (sorry no wip photos as I was rushing to get him done before I moved house so I could enter the GH3 comp. [never made it!]).


Hobgoblah Kahn

Plastic Great Wolf

Chaos Hound

Chaos Marauder Shield

Chaos Marauder Axe

Mordheim Beastman Shaman Trophy Rack


I cut the none furry half of the chaos hound off, marked where Kahn was going to sit on the plastic wolf and then cut that in half too.��I then stuck the two halfs together and fiddled about with the rear legs until it looked right.��The gap around the mane was really small so only a tiny bit of fur sculpting over the seam to hide it.��After checking out Kahns position while sat on his li’l hobbo, I realised that he would need a cushion so added a small (and invisible once he sat on it) greenstuff saddle.


Not having much time to spend on an eloborate conversion, I cut Kahn’s spear arm off then repositioned it (less the spear) and pinned it in place complete with axe.��I then Made a GS shoulder fur thingy (!) where his flowing fur cloak would have been.��Next, I added the trophy rack and that is pretty much it.


I had not decided on the colour scheme I wanted to use for my army yet but the GH comp kind of forced my hand and instead of trying something outlandish, I went for a traditional CD muted red and bronze scheme.��I painted the bronze with a rough (semi-drybrushed) coat of dwarf bronze and sort of stippled burnished gold over the top before picking out highlights with flat burnished gold/mythril silver.��The effect makes the bronze look like it’s been beaten into shape (you can’t really pick it up in the photos).��The red is just built up from merchite to blood red with a fine blazing orange highlight.


Having not made a lava base before, I didn’t want the lava to dominate the base incase it didn’t work out, so I used a little at the front and a bigger bit at the back.��I also dotted about some merchite red/blood red/blazing orange too look like hot coals and embers and I think it’s turned out alright as a whole.

Next on my list is going to be my CD Hero.��I’ve not decide on any names as yet.��This guy will have some wip photo’s (promise) and if he turns out how I’m planning, he’s going to be pretty cool.��Next update sunday hopefully, watch this space!


Looks great! I particularly like the wolf conversion, that was very clever. The base is cool too, it’s kind of like what I tried to do with my Tzeentch army, except yours looks good and mine look kind of off :(. Can’t wait for the hero next week!


That kicks ass I love the wolf! Should have entered him in GH#3! I would have voted for ya!


That wolf does indeed look excellent.


Great conversion on that HH he looks the deal:hat

The wolf rocks look forward to the CD hero:hat off


Man that mount is awesome! Looks really evil, another good use of the Khan model and looks in touch with a Chaos Dwarf army.

Ghrask Dragh:

:hat off very cool conversion!

Painting is amazing!! will he be leading a unit or was he just for the comp’?

Can’t wait to see that hero��:cheers


Pretty sure that guy would have come in the top 2 at least, nice one!
EDIT: Woo, my 700th post!

Pyro Stick:

That mount is awesome and i think i might steal the idea of the hot coals and embers dotted around the base. It has a great effect.


I might be stealing the wolf idea…


Wow! thanks for all the Kind remarks!

WM & AGPO - I really tried to get it done in time for the Golden Hat, but it just came at the wrong time for me really and I ended up missing it. There were some great entries on there and I’m un-believably honoured you think I would have done so well. Ishkur would always be the winner tho, pure genious, his entry was awesome!

GD, I will be (eventually) making a unit of 9 flail wielding HG wolfies, using him as a champion rather than hero. I’ve got a few more things I want to do first though!

All: please help yourselves to any of the ideas that you like, that’s why I’m sharing them with you after all!!


That mount is awesome and i think i might steal the idea of the hot coals and embers dotted around the base. It has a great effect.

Pyro Stick
Yes those embers are are lovely touch that will have to be stolen they are genius


Wow, that would have been a serious contender!

Nice work!


If you could get a few more units done I think an army gallery wopuld definately be on the cards


What are the qualifications for said army gallery?