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OK, sunday’s here and as promised, I have the WIP shots of my CD hero!

I decided I would go for a low level sorceror, as I want to have a sorceror lord on a Lammasu when I’m finished.��To that end, I’ve keept it really simple but effective as I have done with my other conversions.

Firstly, take your stock BFSP Dwarf engineer, introduce him to your friend ‘Hobby Knife’ and the result should look a little something like this

(I realised after taking this pic that I hadn’t removed the imperial dwarf trim so shaved it off afterwards)

Next, stick on various gubbins from the Chaos warrior sprue to get a little something like this:

(The single horn idea is a throwback to the old dungeons and dragons cartoon for anyone old enough to remember!)

Add the usual fur collar and cloak, and stick on a beard (not too elaborae remember, he’s just a low level foot wizard) like this!

I also made an alternative larger base, for iff I was going to have him stand alone instead of in a block of warriors.��It’ will eventually look like a rock in a lava pool:

OK, that’s the WIP, should have him painted by Wednesday evening where I will post the final pic and let you know what’s instore next (I know I should really be finishing that warrior unit I started, but I’m just too excited!!), depending of course on wether GW can get the parts I ordered here on time!

Kera foehunter:

i love the big hat and the mustace rules!!


What a great Hobbo leader you made there Hammerhand :hat off - sad we didn’t saw him at the GH #3 - butter better late then sorry.

I love how the CD Hero is coming along - looking forward to see the final pics later on. Would you reveal how he will be armed ? - or will he be fighting with that standard? :wink:

In reply to you question about my own work - I can tell that I have worked on some prototypes - and have an idea for how to do my army (thx!) - but havn’t produced much lately because of poor health in the family (Cold season and two little boys are a bad cocktail) - but we are all back in business - so I’m hoping for some quiet nights at my desktop again!


He is just armed with his standard (sorcerors staff). Every weapon I tried with his other hand just looked wrong. I’ve tried to make it look like he’s grimly holding his staff, surveying the battlefield, weighing up his next spell.

I am now considering a new top for the staff though!


More looks like he’s POed about something, which is way cool too. Love this army there Hammerhand.


Very nice he looks mean even naked�,�however im sure you will remedy that soon enough:hat off


What are the qualifications for said army gallery?

I think you just need a certain ammount of completed stuff which Xander thinks is worthy of a gallery to inspire prospective slave-lords


(The single horn idea is a throwback to the old dungeons and dragons cartoon for anyone old enough to remember!)

Yep Vengar! :awards Slave!:


The throwbacks! A subsect of the offtopic clann - SPLITERS!


Here is the finished Lv 1 Sorceror.

I didn’t want him to stand out too much so made him as plain as I could.��This is also why I chose to do him first.��By the time I get onto the main characters, I will hopefully be a little more adept (and confident) with using greenstuff to get them to the outstanding level others post on this forum.

I think, though, he has turned out a little bit too plain.

He is not fixed into that base and has another one that is the same as the rest of my regiment, so I can use him as stand alone or hide him in some warriors. (inter-changeable bases are the future!!)

There are a couple of things I’m not happy with, I’m not keen on the gold band at the bottom of his cloak, I will probably redo this and just make it plain black.��The base could do with a little more work also.

I think he has turned out quite well though, even with his over-sized staff ornament (which would bloody hurt if he hit you with by the way) and his plain garb.

Kera foehunter:

GREAT JOB Hammerhand!! i like it

Ghrask Dragh:

Looks great!! :cheers

If you are worried about it looking a bit plain you could try adding some ringlets to the beard or maybe some minor trim at the bottom of the cloak. I don’t think it needs much though.

The lava looks nice and I like the alternate silver and gold on the staff ornement, but the skull is just awesome!! love the painting, makes an excellent mask, and the Green Stuff work is again very good.

:hat off Hammerhand


Wow, great stuff! Love that Sorcerer.


The sorcerer himself looks great! However the lava, while very well blended, looks a bit like soup. He’s kinda like a scary cuisinary taskmaster, overseeing the simmering of his giant cauldron of slave-and-sweet-potato puree. So yeah, maybe the base does need some work, just to do justice to your excellent conversion. :hat off


Nice work there Hammerhand:hat off ,i love the skull mask very fitting.I dont think hes to plain just subordinate:hat


Great model, but the lava looks bad IMHO. Not knocking your work, but I think that you’ve proven your skills and the lava is worse than we’ve come to expect of you. Anyway, I think it’s too light- it looks like soup, not molten rock. If you don’t want to re-do it, then a few heavy red ink washes will do the trick.


Yeah, I’m not entirely happy with te base, although it looks a lot worse on the photos. I think I might just scrap the idea altogether and put him on a base similar to the HG hero one.

Thanks for the tips guys.


Yeah, I'm not entirely happy with te base, although it looks a lot worse on the photos. I think I might just scrap the idea altogether and put him on a base similar to the HG hero one.

Thanks for the tips guys.

I think the basic idea for the base is fine, its just needs to look more lava(ish).

Pyro Stick:

@Hammerhand: Do this for your lave. Right now. Rad Gore undercoat, Blood Red highlights, Blazing Orange highlights, Firey Orange Highlights, Sunburst yellow highlights and finally Bad Moon Yellow highlights. Thats what i do and it works fine.


Firstly for those who have not read my Sorry thread, I will apologise for my idiot brother posting an offensive comment on this thread. It had been spotted by Cornixt and removed but I am sorry for anyone who read it and was upset/offended by it.

As for the CDs, I’ve now scarapped the sorcerors base and just kept him on a normal one. I have undercoated my warriors, but I’m waiting on parts to finish this unit. In the mean time I’m ashamed to say I’ve been painting my Star Elves again, only for this week tho! I will have something new on here at weekend…Promise!


Thanks dude, that’s kind of the method I use but I start at merchite red (foundation) and blend up to skull white which is probably overdoing it. I’ll stop at BM yellow in future, thanks!