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The Flying Beaver:

Project Name: Warhammer Armies: Chaos Dwarfs

Project Leaders: Minty, The Flying Beaver, Crimson Prophet, Uzkul Werit

Project Goal: The aim of this project is to create a NEW list, fair and balanced, but also a fun to use army list that the whole forum worked on

This project will require the following: Rules development, Background writing, artwork, and playtesting. These will be divided into departments each with their own head responsible for maintaining progress. (I will be taking the rules development, but the other three departments will need volunteers. Interested?) Obviously, anyone can be involved with as many departments as they wish.

Rules Development

Department Head: The Flying Beaver

This department is responsible for creating a balanced Chaos Dwarf army list that is agreeable to the majority of players. The head’s responsibility is to start discussions by proposing his/her own rules and allowing others to criticize them and add to, integrate with or replace them with their own ideas.

Background Writing

Department Head: Crimson Prophet

This department is responsible for developing an interesting and complete background of the Chaos Dwarfs as a race, and also the various units in the army. Individual fluff pieces can also add to the races character. The head’s responsibility is to ensure that all units created by Rules Development have an accompanying fluff description if it does not already. He/she must allocate tasks among volunteers and ensure that this is done in a timely fashion.


Department Head: Available

This department, obviously, is responsible for creating artwork to accompany the fluff and rules. An army book cover is mandatory. A balance between old style hats and the newer daemonic/mask style must be met in the art as to satisfy as many people as possible.


Department Head: Uzkul Werit

This department is for ensuring that rules made by Rules Development are balanced and fun to play with. The head’s job is to play as many games as he/she can with trial rules, gathering opinions from his/her opponents, and also encouraging other members to do the same.

Crimson Prophet:

I volunteer to add fluff to Background Writing.



Well, as leader I reserve the power to boss you around about the project, beaver, But crimson Prophet did voulenteer for background wrighter

Uzkul Werit:

Oh, I’ll do some playtesting. Sounds fairly easy.

The Slaver:

Id be willing to work on some fluff, dont know exactly how much, but i definitley contribute!


I could work on some fluff or artwork, I already have some cd sketches with hats/masks :hashut

The Flying Beaver:

Care to share them Gilgaramesh?


Just a question. Are you going to try and balance the already existing list, or do that and add new units? IMO you shouldn�t add too many new units (Hellcannon, Immortals and maybe 2 more would be more then enough in my eyes).


Make a new army book, but Now I can’t add to this thread at the top because of the beaver:~


Edited for you;)

Quickly mention as well that you only want ‘project members’ to be allowed votes on certain issues (like the armylist content).��So make this 100% clear who is a project member so you know how to decide things without polls.

Polls may be good for getting the overall picture of CDO, but I’m sure a few who vote won’t be discussing why they think this way, or presenting ‘complete’ alternative solutions.��So its best to decide things without open polls IMO.

That was what I found on my project group.��People were happy to say ‘NO’, but were not willing to put forward viable alternatives.��At the end of the day you are interested in solutions, not problems.

On a side note, from my experience you should be deciding the fluff for the army first.��This drives the armylist content, the nature of gameplay, and ultimately the rules.

So a few things to get you started:

Why do they go to war? (the most important issue IMO)

How do they fight (defensive/ offensive/ shooty/ elite/ capable of anything etc)?

Overall themes (highly industrial? slaves? Eastern/ babylonian?)?

Built in weakness(s)?��Have to have something.

Access to mercenaries (greenskins, multiple slave options, or nothing)?

If hobgoblins are in the list (you need to think long on this one), are they slaves or mercenaries?

I have pm minty I think it was to say that I will do a front cover ONLY. No concept art. I left instructions with him.


you make some good points grimstonefire

as far as hobgoblins are concerned they are slaves, but are an upper class of slaves, being used more like mercenaries than your general pit mining slaves.

the egyptians used a lot of black african slaves this way, treating them rather well, feeding, giving them rights etc, and in return they fought of their own (sort of) free will. that is how i see hobgoblins.

we also know chaos dwarfs, unless marching for chaos, go to war to capture slaves. they dont go to war for moral issues. because they are their for capturing they have to be pretty offensive, although that is just my opinion as i dont really know how an army captures slaves.

i can say for sure that although they have an assyrian/persian/babylonian look to them, army composition wise chaos dwarfs are nothing like them. those middle eastern states relied on chariot and horse archery, as well as slingers and other lighter infantry, with the only heavy infantry being a hoplite type, of which their was a real regiment called the immortals.


Looking at the way I wrote it above it made it look like I was saying ‘take a long time to think if they are slaves or mercenaries’.

I think this wasn’t written clearly looking at it.��What I meant was that you all need to think long and hard on whether hobgoblins should be in the list at all.

If they are in the list, then look at whether they are slaves or mercenaries.

If you are really going for a NEW book, stick to the bare essentials on fluff and work your way up from there.��Virtually all the fluff and armylist can be built up from this, in the way you all decide. That would be a very good starting point actually, as it gives you all a framework to work within.

IMO we shouldn’t be constrained by what has come before, and should really try to come up with novel ideas (balanced of course ;)).


I’m willing to play test.


im willing to take a stab at the art… im not to much of an artist but my roomie is… and im a photoshop guy (good with stock images to work with) I have made a cover template that matches seamlessly with the rest of the range.


hehe, people helping.

melic: where sorta thin on things to playtests at the moment but when we at least have a hero’s point value set i’ll let you know

servirus: cool, want to try on the front cover, and please try and include hats and masks since diffferent people have different veiws


Ok i have a Preliminary Cover for the Play Test i took the inspiration from the Chapter Approved books. i think it would be great for a playtest… BTW i have started on a template in Pagemaker already which i was using to make some of the WD lists look better… I would love to Compile the book if i could…


It looks really good


I can help with the fluff, I’m generally real good at creative writing, whoever is at the head of that jus PM with what sort of stuff you got and what you want an i’ll see what i can do. If your intrested tha is :smiley:


Since i’m pretty poor at drawing, and haven’t played a ame of warhammer in months, i’d like to help out with rules development and whatnot, I have a few ideas of stuff, and would like to contribute to the project :hat off.


Ummm, I know I’m late to seeing this thread… but I do have a bit of experience writing army lists guys :wink: