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Remember the game Siege?

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…You know, where you shoot plastic orange balls at a castle trying to knock over your enemy’s troops? Of course you remember, you might even have a set collecting dust somewhere.

Well, it looks like they sold the molds to the pieces to a 3rd party and they have been producing Siege parts, and they can now be found at Dollarama. After thinking about it for a while, I decided I could make an Earthshaker out of the plastic Cannon.

Here you can see I dismantled the cannon and used a small saw to chip off some sections of the Cannon Base.

Cutting the Cannon in half with a small saw as well as the tip of the Cannon, I constructed a much smaller cannon. Using 5 Chaos Icons, and Round Unslotted Bases, I created the wheels and Cannon Muzzle. For the muzzle I carefully cut out the center of a Chaos Icon, and the center of a base. To sand it smooth I was able to use the pin vice, which happens to be the perfect size. I then added a ring of GS on the underside of the base-with-a-hole and pressed the icon-with-a-hole onto it, and smoothed the GS. I glued the black sling-shot looking thing to the top of the base. I also glued the Icons to the bases. (I actually used some old GW bases from Space Hulk, I think, just because I wanted to use them up)

I glued the muzzle to the Cannon and let it sit. I constructed a nice large base for the Earthshaker to sit on. Using some left over plastic, I added some extra siding on the Cannon Base so that the wheels would attach more nicely. I then added the wheels to the side. Optionally I used some leftover GS to sculpt a little skull on the shield icon atop the Cannon.

Adding a few details and gluing it all together I yield the fruits of my labour! After only a few hours, with some sleep in between, I have myself a new Earthshaker Cannon! With most of the cannon coming from the Dollar Store! While I used 5 Chaos Icons, anyone could easily use only 1, and have different wheels.

I am quite happy with how it turned out. I chose to make the cannon barrel a little longer than the original model, but such things are subject to taste and can easily be made however one likes.

Now I have to whip up some Crewman, and this baby is ready to pummel some enemies!

Comments appreciated!

More helpful pics:


Updated with Hellcannon bits. :slight_smile:

80mm Base: Glued the sides of two regimental bases and two small monster bases. Filled the gaps with GS.
The gears from the hellcannon have a bit of an axel on them, so I decided to use those. I drilled out holes to place them in the frame.

Added the Skull to the muzzle with the help of GS. Set up the wheels to test the appearance.

Removed the flash from the wheels and used GS to help secure them in place. Final product with crew.

For the crewman with no hands I am going to have him loading s shell into the cannon. Once painted, I will add chains to the sides to chain it to the ground, like the Hellcannon.

EDIT: Painted

More pics here: http://chaos-dwarfs.xandor.ca/forum/showthread.php?tid=183

Wow, big thread! Comments welcome. :slight_smile:

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Pyro Stick:

Has anyone got any finished painted pictures of one of these?


Has anyone got any finished painted pictures of one of these?

Pyro Stick
I am working on it. I flocked my base, now I need to prime it. Paint soon!

Pyro Stick:

Im only just about finished the barrel…

I dont get much time to paint anymore so it might take a while for pictures.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I managed to prime mine yesterday, but not paint it. Will show it ASAP though!


Awesome stuff! I can’t wait to see some of these!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I haven’t even decided the paint scheme yet. Probably balck barrel, metal skulls, scba red/metal/gold chaos stars and metal/gold base. At a guess.


Ya, I m not sure either. I will keep it pretty close on colours. I might paint my wheels like the [[Hellcannon]] that rusty sort of red.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, I’ll deicde whilst painting it. I have a rough image based on the rough image of the colours of my 4th ed blunderbusser.


It’s fantastic Xander, your conversions just get meaner and better.

It’s weird though that I’ve never seen any of your guys painted, I’d really like to see them painted up.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Good point hal. I’d ESPECIALLY like to see your SiegeShakers painted. (Maybe as ispiration for mine…)


It's fantastic Xander, your conversions just get meaner and better.
It's weird though that I've never seen any of your guys painted, I'd really like to see them painted up.

I've only just started converting my Chaos Dwarf army at the end of December. And I have been doing so at school, where I didn't have my paints.

Now I have my paints with me, and am beginning to paint. Additionally, I have a week off of school starting Friday. I intend to paint all of what I have converted so far in that week.

Cheers. :)

Hashut’s Blessing:

Good plan. I haven’t had the time to start painting my SiegeShakers yet. Probably not going to be able to until next week earliest.


I am so close to done my Earthshaker now. I need to add some chains and glue it down, and give it a few touch-ups. But then it’s ready to rock.

The Flying Beaver:

Can’t wait to see it! :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I have been unable to wait to see it for SO long now! It’ll be worth it, I know…


Ya, I am not a pro-painter, but I like to think I can hold my own. My brother painted a Hobgoblin today and he looks pretty nice. I am just about done a Warrior too. So soon enough I will have a little painting Blog in the Showcase section. Sorry for all the delays… my GF bought a Wii on Monday, so we have been painting and playing Wii. She has been painting some things of her own and she has quite a steady hand! She is quite able at painting, so she’s having fun. Tomorrow (this morning) we will be doing more painting/Wii. The hobgoblin paint scheme is a go, and my Warrior is almost done, so that scheme may be a go as well. If so, the painting should start ramping up.


I can believe the kind of things you can do with imagination and work. Great cannon.

where can we find “green stuff” or something similar ?


GW’s will probably sell GS, or you could try online places. I’m not sure about alternatives, but again, the net seems like a safe bet.

Hashut’s Blessing:

GS at GW is �5. Very expensive. Also, a lot of people recommend Gale Force 9 or something like that because it’s also better quality (not that I’ve ever used GS, just saying what I’ve heard).