Artisan's Contest XXXV - Winners!

“Woe to the longshanks!”

Shef, Zanko & Antenor Presents: The winners of the 35th Artisan’s Contest!

We had a fine turnout of entries, with submissions spanning from merchants and cultists to thralls and mutants. It was great to see all these treacherous and marvellous Hobgoblin creations!

And the winners are:




1st Place - Golden Hat Winner: Entry #11 - @Loidrial
2nd Place - Silver Hat Winner: Entry #9 - @Zoddtheimmortal
3rd Place - Bronze Hat Winner: Entry #4 - @Admiral

The entry key!

01 - @Reaver
02 - @KhamdrimSkyMaster
03 - @Shef
04 - @Admiral
05 - @Hashoooot
06 - @MichaelX
07 - @Styrofoamking
08 - @Zanko
09 - @Zoddtheimmortal
10 - @Kuanor
11 - @Loidrial
12 - @Vapo

Medals are incoming, thanks to the sterling efforts of @Oxymandias who carried over old CDO medals to CDO Discourse badges! Should you have earned a new Veteran’s Medal (gained at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 main contests entered), please contact us and link us all your entries in all previous Golden Hat and Artisan’s Contest competitions on both old and new CDO (note: Scribe’s Contest does not count towards this purpose, but have its own Veteran Scribe’s Medal).

And now for the prizes!

First off, @Loidrial with his marvellous slave market diorama will receive a regiment of Battleforge Hobgoblins with hand weapons, courtesy of @Shef :

Second, @Zoddtheimmortal wins an unpainted miniature of Evil Dwarf Line Infantry, sculpted and donated by @Antenor and cast by Hagen Miniatures (both variant build options shown in the picture):

Third, @KhamdrimSkyMaster wins this prize donated by @Zanko and @Clam ! He gets to carry home this unpainted painter miniature:

And finally @Styrofoamking wins the randrom draw prize, namely a kit of 15mm Tjubgob Command #1 from @Tjub and Admiralty Miniatures:

A big “thanks” to everyone who participated and voted, as well as a big thanks to our sponsors @Zanko , @Shef and @Antenor !

And that’s it for this round of Artisan’s Contest. All entrants are encouraged to post their work elsewhere on the forum and present it, whether in army logs, a story & background thread (if the artwork have accompanying writing), an art thread or some other thread they might conjure up. :wink:

Next up, Golden Hat!

The Staff


Congratulations Eddie, great diorama, love that goblin particularly!
Thank you very much to those that voted for my entry :grinning:

Im looking forward to seeing the background thoughts of the creators behind these entries. Some really interesting stuff here

Cheers everyone!


Congratulations to the winners! It must’ve been a very very tight race. I really liked the variety of submissions and the creativity displayed. You know what, congratulations to everyone who entered! Y’all are all inspiring to me!


Wonderful turnout of entries, folks. And thanks to everyone who voted for my doodle. That bronze was a surprise!


You should stop drawing as every time you do, you snatch a prize shahuahs it was so good!
Also zodd entry, I spotted an helmet I sculpted time ago ahhaha that model already won my heart xD

Nice work everyone indeed! We constantly have so many different entries! So happy to be a part of this forum xD


Wonderful entries all! Well deserved winners. Always look forward to seeing what gets cranked out for these contests!


When I started running contests in 2014, I at first abstained from entering. That soon ended after people started to call for my entries in writing contests after they were over. So blame the crowd, good sir. :wink:


My biggest congratulations to the worthy winners. :+1: This is so cool stuff what you deliver here so! Kudos! :hatoff:


Congrats to the winners, and to all who entered. Absolutely Brilliant pieces from all of you. You should be intensely proud of your work, as this was an extraordinarily difficult choice.


Some very worthy winners here out of some quite incredible entries, love how varied they all were, it was a great theme.

Congrats @Loidrial @Zoddtheimmortal @Admiral :beer:


I’m surprised that two of my votes made it, with the third winner being my second runner up choice…I can’t remember a time all of my votes came so close.
Damn, I should’ve bought some lottery tickets too.
Oh well, congratulations to everyone, it was a wonderful turnout of entries!


A belated congrats to the winners! Some stunning, beautifully rendered models and artwork. Well deserved. Lovely entries throughout as well!