Back at it: the painted units of my collection version 3.0

So, back for “round 3” of my Chaos Dwarf force, and slowly stripping, reassembling, rebuilding and expanding on the force.

As I mentioned in my introduction post, it’s mainly thanks to the 9th Age that the ball started rolling again after years of not playing and painting (that C thing, the birth of baby Thorin and associate assassinations on free time that brings along), I completed some units in the past month, and the first is of course my ever beloved, good old Citadel metal, classic Earthshaker.

As well as a big juicy unit of K’daai (or, Kadim Incarnates). These models are the old Legend of the 5 Rings Clan War oni from the Shadowlands faction, filled out with a Magic the Gathering earth elemental and a big guy I have no clue where it hails from.

Onwards to the next units now!


I am LOVING that newly-canonical blue!

Great to have more T9A posters too, don’t hear enough about it!


Oh, these look great. Also digging that blue color, can’t wait to see more.

The next unit that has been recently completed, a Deathshrieker. The model is a resin set sold by MOM Miniatures in Spain.


Great (Re)start!

Always fun to see some new kdaai proxies floating around, with a great paint scheme too. Nice mom minis too!


For the latest completed unit, 20 Levy Archers join the ranks. Originally Clan Wars Shadowlands goblin archers, they are suitable to bump the ranks and add some secondary firepower to my force for a low points cost.

Now to begin working on some Citadel Guard


What paints are you using for the blue? It looks fantastic and I want to replicate it

I might be wrong, but i think he is using paint? :thinking:


First a layer of Vallejo Game Color “Dark Blue”
Then Vallejo Model Color “Intense Blue”
Finally Vallejo Game Color “Magic Blue”
all on a black undercoat


The next unit for the force has been completed, in the form of 20 Citadel Guard by Norba Miniatures.

Though they are a pain to line up, I`ll have to get creative with movement trays I guess. At 500+ points, this combination of firepower and close combat vicousness will be the “juicy unit” of the force when i get to the tournament.


A bit of Magical support has been added to the force with this Prophet, made by Norba Miniatures.


The work continues on the next unit, which will be some heavy, mobile punchers for the 9th Age.

Painting Desk 239

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Completed the next unit for the upcoming tournament and restoration of my whole collection, the Bull Centaurs (or Taurukh Enforcers in T9A).

At a rate of about a unit a month, and 2.5 months left to finish a further two regiments, a charactar and the movement trays, there is some deadline pressure starting to form, but I`m confident I will pull it off to get 3500 points of T9A painted up in slightly over half a year, with an average paint time of 30 minutes a day available.

Next unit to do: 30 goblin samurai to serve as Levies…


This mini is a tiny little jewel. I love it.

Great color scheme, never wondered gold and blue worked so well together!


Two and a half months to go, and with (a few for the prophet) magic items the force now stands at 2530 points.

Meaning I need to finish all this during a week left in august (as I’m leaving on holidays next week), september and the first weeks of october, as well as all needed movement trays.
Aaaah, deadlines, how I both love and loathe thee!


I did this thing, just because I could… with a new cell phone, a new cover was needed (now to learn to make decent video’s with it still) so hupsadaysie


Well, Im at about one unit per month that I get finished, so i should just make it in time for the tournament end of october, as Im down one warrior unit and one character now.

But this is the biggest block in my army, a regiment of 30 levies with spears. The models are old metal Samurai Goblins from the ClanWars range (Legend of the Five Rings) and go nicely to represent some sort of eastern (hob)goblins in the force as such.


Every army needs a commander, so my tournament force for the Ninth Age shall be led by this model from Avatars of War.

Now only the final warriors unit to do before the end of october…


Hail Hashut! Wonderful cellphone cover, sir. And nice colour scheme. Keep up the good work!

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Something I bashed together to print and take along to the 9th age tournament the end of the month.

The QR code works, so i can happily distribute this to the opponents, might even put one on a stand right next to my army during battle, as I have a lot of those mini easels still lying around from my Lego days.