Base Adapters

Hello, folks!

My brother asked me about base adapters, something which I had mentioned I had seen on CDO (old forums). Before I go digging through our archive section and go on a Google spree, I’d better ask:

Do you happen to know of good base adapters? Ones that will allow you to put square bases onto round base adapters, but any shape and form is of interest.

3D-printed or cast, any finds are most welcome.

We are especially interested in bases that take 20mm squares on 25mm and 32 mm round base adapters.

Thanks in advance!


Here is one shop, select from the drop down size to convert, and two STLs that are the same, just on different sites.


20mm square to 32 mm circle. Mdf ones from eBay

I’ve also converted my 32mm circle to 40mm square to use my AoS fimir as warhammer ogres but that’s the opposite of what you need haha

@rollforwounds has cool ways of making models detachable from their base and seamlessly magnetise to new bases whenever the need arises


Thanks @Oxymandias

Here you are @Admiral . Works a treat if you’ve yet to assemble the model. Otherwise I use the base converters as described above.


Thank you for this! :anvil:

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Thank you kindly, everyone! Lovely helpful of you. :smiley:


@Admiral if youre looking for digital files, i can design any size to any size you want in minutes, as long as the base size is smaller then the adapters end size… haha

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You’re a Hashut-send and a great kind soul, @MichaelX ! My brother and I were actually planning through this today, ending with “we’ll have to check the links on CDO”, with poor hope of finding perfect base adapters for the niche thing he had in mind. I’ll inform him, and we’ll go through all the necessary bases and hammer out a wishlist soon enough.

Thank you so much. :smile:

My mother’s fiance has recently acquired a new 3D-printer. Not resin, so it’s not good for miniatures, but it might still work for base adapters and paint pot holders. So digital files will be splendid.


Its perfect for those! If its dialed in right its also very usable for semi detailed bases!

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