Bring and swap 2 electric boogaloo

Had a crew of bros over today for my annual bring and swap.
Traded a heap of orcs and goblins fir two unopened blisters of hobgoblin warriors and some sealed mordheim.
Am keeping the hobgoblins but am at a loss what to do with the mordheim- anyway am happy with the trade all sealed


Damn, you lucky git.
Those are superb miniatures

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Wow! Amazing finds!

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Sounds like a blast! :skull1:
I always loved the esthetics of the Possessed Warband but since I never played Mordheim I haven’t been able to justify myself buying it :stuck_out_tongue: Someday maybe^^


The Mordheim stuff tends to go for a lot these days, so that’s not a bad investment.

However, if you feel generous these models are welcome to come and live in my little slice of Mordheim. ;p


good on ya! Can’t be too many of those blisters left in the world…

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Now swap your unopened hobbos for 10x more used hobbos haha
Some people so observed with never opened stuff. I don’t get it…at all…

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hahaha @Zoddtheimmortal youre probably right mate!

@bas_2312 they are awesome the dude did not have anything I wanted but he sold me on the interest in mordheim so I thought I could swap them for something else down the line.

All that talk of never opening the hobgoblins has got me thinking of keeping them in their plastic prison lol

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Noooooo!!! PORCO DIO, don’t do that to defenseless models…

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Also got two of these bad boys


Don’t open them @IronHaiden

They were packaged in 1990s britain. A very specific and hard to recreate an atmosphere comprised of cigarettes, constant drizzle, factory fumes and general depression. You cant hope to recreate it perfectly. Send them to me and ill open them in my depressing British satellite town. Only there can they hope to survive.


Lol but these are the US versions so come with all the hope of a soon to be elected Bull Clinton (spelling intentional)

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Dammit. I tried.

Those Mordheim Possessed remind me of my Frostgrave Cultists. What you could do, and what I’m aiming to do, is use the hooded humans as 9th Age slaves and dub them “fanatics of Hashut,” a load of brainwashed humans devoted to the great bull and sent at enemy front lines as a distraction. Those Possessed look really motivated…it might work!